Punjab police arrests alleged killers of church carnage from Karachi. Militant group, Lashkar e Omar claimed responsibility of massacre.

A member of a militant Islamic group was arrested Thursday in connection with the weekend massacre of 18 people at a Protestant church service, police said. Shafiq ur-Rehman, a member of the extremist Sipah-e-Sahaba, was believed to have provided unspecified support to the six masked gunmen who mass


At least 16 dead in Pakistani church shooting.

The Rev. Jim Nuttle, a Catholic priest at the church where the shooting happened, said about 50 people were in the church when the attack began at the end of the first service at 9 a.m local time. The men rode up on motorcycles and shot a police officer who was a church security guard, Nuttle said.


Killing of Christians in church is barbaric act of Terrorism, government urged to arrest ulprits.

It Can be viewed in connection of "Fathwa " a decree issued by Muslim religious leaders in Friday prayers since Oct, 7 in mosques throughout pakistan " of killing two Christians on one death of Muslim " in Afghanistan by the attacks of allied forces, massacre of christian is identical to incidents o


Afghan Conflict Triggers Backlash Against Christian Minorities.

In recent weeks, Christians in Nigeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia and the Palestinian self-rule areas have come under attack from Muslims, in incidents often believed to be linked to the events in Afghanistan, the Barnabas Fund reports. "Christian minorities across the Islamic world are becomin


Vietnam Sentences Catholic Priest .. October 19, 2001

His harsh sentence could speed up U.S. Senate action on a separate Vietnam human rights act that Vietnam's Communist Party has severely criticized. The act, already passed overwhelmingly by the U.S. House of Representatives, would halt future U.S. non-humanitarian aid unless Vietnam's government imp


8 Die in Indonesia Religious Fighting.

Security forces opened fire on the attackers, said Pamrin, who goes by a single name. Six unidentified corpses were later brought to the town's main hospital, witnesses said. Shortly after, police shot and killed two members of the Muslim paramilitary group Laskar Jihad who were traveling toward the


The Pope, neither condemning nor approving the Anglo-American military action. Anglican Bishop, questioned the morality of bombing of Afghanistan.

Bishop Foster said that "However justified it might be, we ask the same question, where will it lead - will it put an end to terrorism, or just encourage more of it?" "God is present in New York and Washington, but also in Afghanistan. He's with a wealthy and sophisticated Western society which has


Christians attacked and threatened to leave Pakistan in Quetta and Peshawar.<br>CSW and BF report.

There have been isolated attacks on Christians in Pakistan, including an attack by extremists on the Christian community at Quetta on the border with Afghanistan.Islamic extremists told believers at the Christian Colony University in Peshawar to leave the country and beat several before police inter


Khadim Harman Sharifan King Fahd, Pope of Rome, Bishop of Canterbury and Imam of Kaaba urged to play role on Bush's offer on second chance to Afghanistan. J salik.

The letter said "the World Minorities Alliance looks upon you as Khadim Harman Sharifan the Holiest places of the entire Muslim world for an initiative to snatch the signal given by the US President George W. Bush in the shape of offering a second chance to Afghanistan, as an opportunity to help end


Imam e Kabba, Mufti e azam Palestine, Pesh Imam Shahi Masjid Delhi and Other Muslim leaders shall clarify concept of Jihad.

He expressed his grave concern on loss of lives and property in wave of agitation after the 'Fathwa of Jihad ' by the religious leadership of Afghanistan in Pakistan, where Muslims are killing in the name of such decrees from decades by killing their fellow Muslims brothers of different sects in Is


U.S. reports heavy strike on Taliban.


Oct. 7 - The first wave of military action against Afghanistan's ruling Taliban regime has begun, President Bush announced to the nationSunday at 1 p.m. ET. "The Taliban will pay a price" for harboring terrorists, the president vowed minutes after explosions


Riaz Mash Killed, Sadeeq Mash seriously injured by Muslim protestors in favour of Taliban at Rawalpindi.

Sadeeq Masih residence of I-9/1 Essa Nagri Islamabad, 30yrs of age, married, was beaten by some Muslims. According to him I was on my way, few Muslims gathered round me and asked. Who are you? I told them I'm a Christian. Are you sure your are a Christian? Yes I'm Sadeeq replied. After that they st


Christian killed in Rawalpindi, Church set on fire in Shakargrah, homes attacked and families beaten in different cities of Pakistan by fundamental Muslims.

From Quetta date line (AP) have reported the fear of attacks by Christians from Muslim groups when social boycott from their Muslim friends is signal of dire consequences during attacks of allied forces against terrorism in Afghanistan.

According to Post correspondent from Lahore, Muslims set on


1940 resoulation of Pakistan was treaty among Muslims and Christians. Islam guaranteed safety of Christians and Jews under Medina treaty, recent decree of killing two Christians to one Muslim deplored.....New York. Oct.01, 2001.

He further added that Prophet (PBHU) entered into two treaties and six pacts with Jew and Christian tribes of Bani Auf, Al Harris, Sa, Ida, Jusham, An- Najjar, Amr, Al Wabiyyat, Al-Aus, Jafna, Al Shotaiba, and Hashm to defend Medina. In the same way the Christians of Pakistan have fought three wars,

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