Christians are 7% of population in Pakistan, analysis report of international forums on PCC claims of 13%.

ICC in a communication to Christian well-wisher in US, working on this census issue of Christians in Pakistan confirmed after their independent sources in Pakistan said that "Here is the response we got from our contacts in Pakistan:"
"This information is not correct and based on exaggeration. Acco


Heavy fire around Jesus' birthplace

BETHLEHEM - Heavy gunfire broke out early Monday around Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity where some 200 Palestinian fighters have taken refuge from Israeli troops, Palestinian lawyer Tony Salman said from inside the church.

The bells of the basilica rang out as the shooting erupted at around 5


Int'l HR groups express grave concern about HR crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

The organizations included Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), International Committee of Jurists (ICJ), World Organization Against Torture (OMCT), Europe- Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EHMRN), Reporters Without Borders (RSF), and Medicin


The Church of Nativity: Palestinians using innocent worshipers as human shields.

The ICEJ statement condemning "the deliberate and provocative exploitation by armed Palestinian elements" quoted the embassy's executive director, Malcolm Hedding, as saying, "As a voice for millions of Christians worldwide, we cannot accept this transgression on the sanctity of the Church of the Na


2 Christians martyred, 57 injured in Indonesia - Involvement of Laskar-e-Jihand feared.

The blast occurred in the late morning, sparking panic and anger among Christians and prompting thousands to converge on the nearby governor's office, torching parts of the complex. The crowd was dispersed when police fired warning shots over the heads of the protestors.

While there is no clear c


Nigerian Government Calls for Repeal of Sharia Law.

In the letter dated March 18, Agabi writes, "Individuals and states must comply with the constitution. A court which imposes discriminatory punishments is deliberately flouting the constitution. The stability, unity and integrity of the nation is threatened by such action."

He states that this a


Cannon, Rt. Rev. Patrick Augustin message to Pakistani christians on Easter. Religious and political christian leaders around world pray for Pakistan.

On February 23, 1998, we flew with Marc Nikkel and Bishop Nathaniel Garang from Lokichokkio by small privately chartered plane into the village of Yomcir, Southern Sudan. The Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) controls this area. A joyful crowd of Christians singing, clapping, drumming, and bea


Dr Qadri was and is very bitter against Christianity. <br> Bishop Nasir. Message on Easter greetings.

Now this man is showing love for Christian minority to get their votes in forthcoming general elections. The Catholic and Protestant Bishops without knowing the back ground of Dr. Qadri have fallen in love with him. I really do not know where these people are going and what are they doing? The so-ca


Revival of Liquat Nehro Pact demanded. bhatti <br>Press Release.<br>New York. March 29, 2002

Nazir Bhatti added that in Pakistan, one ruler imposes Joint election system and other imposes separate election system for Christians, one government introduces rational marriages bill and other irrational marriages bill to cover the forcible marriage of Christian women to Muslim individuals. He sa


Delegation of Christian Muslim Coordination Commission Calls on PAT Chairman Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, Delegation offers prayer in PAT 's mosque.

Addressing on this occasion, Bishop Andrew Francis stressed upon the Muslims and Christians to promote peace, tolerance and tranquillity in the light of the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible.
Bishop Francis said that Dr. Tahir ul Qadri is the leader and torchbearer of a great mission of peace and tole


CLAAS conveys concern on church attacks to MP Peter Pike.

Mr. Saeed raised number of issues with Mr. Peter Pike and briefed about the situation of Christians in Pakistan, in particular about the attacks on the churches.

He also discussed about the persecution faced by Christians due to several discriminatory Islamic Sharia Laws, such as Blasphemy law s


Memorial service of Church victims at residence of J Salik. Clergy hesitation to perform rituals in any church.

The fear among Christian clergy can be easily viewed by this hesitation. The church representation was present in this memorial service along with Muslim religious leaders but any notable Muslim religious party leader was absent to condemn this terrorist act of militant. Memorial service for those w


Five christian worshipers Killed by Bomb at Islamabad Church. Christian Leaders condemn terrorist attack and demand arrest of culprits.

Durrani said one or two men tossed the grenades into the main place of worship for Protestants in Islamabad's expatriate community Police cordoned off the area but broken glass and splintered wood could be seen on the front steps. It was not immediately clear why the church was targeted but many har


New world 777 Peace and Justice Organization launched in Pakistan. Malik Iftikhar elected first chairman.

The meeting adopted a resolution to the following objectives of the organization as the guidelines.

1) To make life harmless for others.
2) To establish peace &justice among the new Generation.
3) To make this land free from all kinds of violence.
4) To struggle and teach against un-natural Se


J Salik Urged President to move resolution for Indian Muslims at UN.

J.Salik said the world peace might be jeopardy if the rights of minorities were not properly guaranteed in India and some other country.

He said Pakistan is the only country in the world that came into existence to protect the rights of a minority. Hence it is its bounded duty to raise voice for

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