CHRISTIANS REJECT "JOINT ELCTORATE SYSTEM" IN PAKISTAN.<br>Two churches to meet on March 9, to launch struggle against JES. Bishop T. Nasir.


Gujranwala. February 22. (CNI). Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir, Presbyterian Bishop of Pakistan, said in statement that Majority of Christians have rejected "Joint Electorate System" recently introduced by the government of Pakistan.

Two major churches will meet on 9th of March 2002 to decide the future strategy that will include boycott of general elections to be held in October 2002. The Christian community feels that the government while abolishing the "Islamic Theocracy" has imposed "Christian Theocracy" on Christian community in Pakistan. It has also note that by abolishing the Christian representation on national and Provincial level under the pretext of 'Joint Electoral system" has introduced "Separate Electorate System" for women and technocrats by giving them 60 and 25 special seats in National Assembly respectively, while the Christian and minority representation has mercilessly been abolished. This has silenced the Christian voice on national and provincial level. It must be remembered that the government of Pakistan took this action on advice of 8 Protestant Bishops and 12 Catholic Bishops, without consulting the Christian political leadership. Most of the Christians of Pakistan have protested against "Joint Electorate System" but the government of Pakistan has so far not paid any attention to the "just demand" of Christian community. Some Christians are seriously thinking of requesting the government of Pakistan to abolish their "Pakistani Nationality". It also must be remembered that it was "Joint Electorate system" that resulted in "separatist movement" in East Pakistan in 1970/71 that resulted in creation of Bangladesh. More over after 16th December 1971,the "remaining National Assembly" of West Pakistan had no legal status, therefore any or all action taken by "half national assembly" headed by Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhuttu, a self imposed President and a "Civilian Martial Law Administrator" had no legality and right to make "the 1973 Constitution" and impose it on the people of Pakistan. According to "Legal Framework" as promulgated by General Agaha Muhammad Yahaha Khan in 1969, a complete national assembly could constitute a new constitution and not the "left over assembly". As a matter of principle, after 16th December 1971, Mr. Z.A. Bhuttu should have taken fresh mandate from people of Pakistan. As such the "1973 Constitution" has no legality. During1979 general election held under "Joint Electorate System" no Christian could be elected for the simple reason that no Muslim voted for a Christian candidate. Thus in the absence of any Christian representation, Mr. Bhuttu nationalized all Christian educational institution even before 1973 constitution was finalized. Re-introduction of "Joint Electorate System" on 15th January 2002 is the will of 20 Bishops who are over ambitious to rule the Christian community of Pakistan, which is an unfortunate state of affairs.

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