Khadim Harman Sharifan King Fahd, Pope of Rome, Bishop of Canterbury and Imam of Kaaba urged to play role on Bush's offer on second chance to Afghanistan. J salik.

The letter said "the World Minorities Alliance looks upon you as Khadim Harman Sharifan the Holiest places of the entire Muslim world for an initiative to snatch the signal given by the US President George W. Bush in the shape of offering a second chance to Afghanistan, as an opportunity to help end


Imam e Kabba, Mufti e azam Palestine, Pesh Imam Shahi Masjid Delhi and Other Muslim leaders shall clarify concept of Jihad.

He expressed his grave concern on loss of lives and property in wave of agitation after the 'Fathwa of Jihad ' by the religious leadership of Afghanistan in Pakistan, where Muslims are killing in the name of such decrees from decades by killing their fellow Muslims brothers of different sects in Is


U.S. reports heavy strike on Taliban.


Oct. 7 - The first wave of military action against Afghanistan's ruling Taliban regime has begun, President Bush announced to the nationSunday at 1 p.m. ET. "The Taliban will pay a price" for harboring terrorists, the president vowed minutes after explosions


Riaz Mash Killed, Sadeeq Mash seriously injured by Muslim protestors in favour of Taliban at Rawalpindi.

Sadeeq Masih residence of I-9/1 Essa Nagri Islamabad, 30yrs of age, married, was beaten by some Muslims. According to him I was on my way, few Muslims gathered round me and asked. Who are you? I told them I'm a Christian. Are you sure your are a Christian? Yes I'm Sadeeq replied. After that they st


Christian killed in Rawalpindi, Church set on fire in Shakargrah, homes attacked and families beaten in different cities of Pakistan by fundamental Muslims.

From Quetta date line (AP) have reported the fear of attacks by Christians from Muslim groups when social boycott from their Muslim friends is signal of dire consequences during attacks of allied forces against terrorism in Afghanistan.

According to Post correspondent from Lahore, Muslims set on


1940 resoulation of Pakistan was treaty among Muslims and Christians. Islam guaranteed safety of Christians and Jews under Medina treaty, recent decree of killing two Christians to one Muslim deplored.....New York. Oct.01, 2001.

He further added that Prophet (PBHU) entered into two treaties and six pacts with Jew and Christian tribes of Bani Auf, Al Harris, Sa, Ida, Jusham, An- Najjar, Amr, Al Wabiyyat, Al-Aus, Jafna, Al Shotaiba, and Hashm to defend Medina. In the same way the Christians of Pakistan have fought three wars,


No bail again for Parvez Mash arrested under blasphemy laws. CRWSI shall challenge in Supreme Courts of Pakistan. Aslam Parvez.

During the hearing to day, the Secretary General of PLF) said that the Article of 295-C is not a complete law, therefore honorable Justice cannot take right decision. The jurist on Islamic laws said that the article 295-C should be amended, Because when such as cases are heard the witness also defil


Sheraz Mashi killed on dialogue of religion by Muslims.

On Aug. 9, Sheraz' body was found in front of the gate of his church with a letter attached that read, "Stop Preaching to Muslims," VoM reported. The dean of his Bible college asked for prayer for Sheraz' family, which includes his parents and three sisters.

Meanwhile, Christians Pervez Masih an


Mushraf Urged to ensure safety of Christian in Pakistan.

The protest by the Army general led political parties of general Aslam Beg and Hamed Gull, Awami Quaidat Party and Tehreek Ithad Pakistan Party, can be easily viewed in the light of their planning to establish and support fundamental Muslim government in Afghanistan.

Bhtti expressed thatThe fear


America Under Attack.<br>Terror will not win. Bush<br>Thousands of lives were suddenly ended' in strikes at Pentagon, World Trade Center.

September 11 - 'Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack.' President Bush addresses the nation.

IN A BRIEF address televised from the White House Oval Office, Bush characterized the "despicable acts of terror" as "acts of mass murder." It was a stark acknowl


Terrorist attacks on WTC and Pentagon condemned.

Mr. Bhatti said that North American Pakistani Christians pray and share in sorrows of the families of the deceased in these sad incidents and vow to struggle shoulder to shoulder with other communities for the integrity and solidarity of America.

Secretary for,
Nazir S. Bhatti, President PCC


Christian Aid Workers Trial in Afghan Supreme Court in closed rooms.

Chief Justice Noor Mohammad Saqib said judges had resumed sifting evidence, but the accused had not been recalled because it was not clear how they wanted to handle their defense. Reporters were barred from the proceedings, which took place inside Kabul's four-story Supreme Court building.



Dozens of Christians killed in recent Christian Muslim riots in Nigeria.

``There were so many bodies,'' said Muhuyiddeen Jibrin, a Muslim stall owner, who said he watched six people - one, his neighbor - gunned down in a single exchange between Christians and Muslims. ``I don't know how I'll ever sleep.''

Jos, a predominantly Christian city of 4 million with a large


Followed by Pakistan the Afghanistan begins Blasphemy cases against western Christians. Preaching Christianity is crime under capital punishment of death. Charge sheet filed by Taliban against aid workers in Supreme Court.

Taliban officials have said converting Muslims is a crime punishable by death but any final decision on punishment is up to supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar. Taliban officials in Kabul said the trial would begin soon. But the Taliban ambassador in neighboring Pakistan, Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, s

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