HRFP condemned the blasphemy accusing and mob attack on Christian families in Sargodha; Nazir Masih and Sultan Masih brutally victimized!


Sargodha: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) highly condemned the violent mob attack on Christian families in Sargodha for false blasphemy allegations on them.Nazir Masih and his son Sultan Masih, the owners of small business Shoe factory located in Gill Wala, Mujahid Colony, Sargodha has been attacked by the violent mob on 25 May 2024.

They are accused of desecrating the Quranic pages and throwing them on the road in front of their factory.

HRFP fact finding team rushed to the incident place for emergency reporting and assistance as there are repeated incidents in Sargodha for falsely alleging the Christians of accusing blasphemy.

Nazir Masih and his son Sultan Masih alleged that Quranic pages were scattered in front of their factory. The men who accused them, called the people, clerics, and Islamic students to attack on them.

A violent mob attacked and victimized Nazir Masih, Sultan Masih, and families, and brutally injured them, and vandalized their business and home as well. While they ran to the local hospital by ambulance, the mob attacked the vehicle and broke it down, but the vehicle escaped.

Human Rights Focus Pakistan HRFP) demands for the protection, and justice for Nazir Masih and Sultan Masih and families. HRFP team collected the facts while visiting the site of the incident, visited the police station, hospital, including interviewing the involved individuals, and ensured the assistance in their emergency and onwards.

HRFP team stated that they have collected the real information, facts and evidence about the actual consequences and reasons behind the false alleging for the blasphemy charges on Nazir and Sultan.

HRFP raised that in every case, why the few people suddenly come and start screaming and provoking people that the one has accused of defiling the Quranic pages. If something really happened, then why they didn’t call the police? While in Sargodha incident, the mobs followed the police and ambulance taking victims, to kill them on the spot.

Naveed Walter president of Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) said that after such incidents, defusing the alarming condition is not a matter but it is why the conditions become alarming. He urged to make it a test case and make the real reforms in policy & mechanisms to deal in such situations of prior, during and post of the happenings, he added.

Naveed Walter said the repeating of blasphemy charges and mob attacks on Christians in Pakistan are highly concerned. He ultimately demands the repeal of blasphemy laws, and urged for protection and justice of blasphemy victims and families whether they are in prisons or not, including Nazir Masih and Sultan Masih & families, Naveed Walter added.



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