Do Church of Pakistan constitution allow commercial projects?


Karachi (Staff Reporter) Vice Chairman ABAD, Chile Builder Abdul Rehman has paid amount for guarantee and upon dubiousness of agreement lodged FIR against Bishop Sadiq Daniel and Zafar Iqbal.

 There is dispute amongst Vice Chairman of ABAD and Church of Pakistan Bishop regarding mega Housing Scheme for minority arose in connection of the FIR for cheating and fraud against Bishop Sadiq Daniel, which revealed that Bhishop Sadiq Daniel of Church of Pakistan and Dioceses Karachi Church of Pakistan Secretary Zafar Iqbal met with Association of Builders and Developers (ABAD) vice Chairman Abdul Rehman for project of constructing 07 thousand flats for minority at Taiser Town upon 40 Kanal Land in the name of “Harmony Meadows” and he had received an amount of rupees 12 Crore, however upon not fluffing the terms and conditions of agreement regarding the project of the project the amount was demanded back and upon denial the Chairman and Chile Builders & Developers owner namely Abdul Rehman got registered the FIR against Bishop Sadiq Daniel and Secretary Zafar Iqbal in Police Station Shahrah-e-Faisal, with insertion of section cheating, fraud therein.

Police investigation is continued upon this FIR, whereas the Bhishop Sadiq Daniel and Secretary Zafar Iqbal had submitted application for Bail before arrest in the court.

As per sources of police in connection of background of above case and persons who came to Police Station and moved an application and documents which surfaced as such it is court case and out of which one party has filed case in the court while Police Station Shahrah-e-Faisal, under the request of Complainant namely ABAD Vice Chairman Abdul Rehman had registered FIR No.295/2020 under section 489-F-420-34 P.P.C against Church of Pakistan Bishop Sadiq Daniel and Secretary Zafar Iqbal of Dioceses Karachi Church of Pakistan and Complainant taken the stance that he is doing construction work and on 12th October, 2019 the General Secretary Zafar Iqbal of Dioceses Karachi Church of Pakistan entered into the agreement and for guarantee purpose received an amount of 12 Crore which he can produce the receipt as per the contents of agreement that Sadiq Daniel who is Bishop of Church of Pakistan upon the request of Zafar Iqbal had issued 25/25 Lacs cheque on 23th October, 2020, which were bounced in the bank and his claim is against Bishop Sadiq Daniel and Zafar Iqbal for executing wrong agreement and bounce of cheque legal action may be taken.

According to the sources of police as per the sections of FIR the legal proceeding is underway, however there is big dispute pertaining in the background of the said case in Police Station Shahrah-e-Faisal, this matter started in October, 2019 when Bishop Sadiq Daniel being front men of Qazi Shahab and Zafar Iqbal met with the Vice chairman of Abdul Rehman and they talked regarding mega residential project for minorities which was appeared through the documents, in this regard on 12th October, there is an agreement was executed over the 500 stamp paper wherein Base group company and Chile Builder were nominated for that project and there were terms and conditions for which 500stamp paper was signed between the parties as per Schedule and this residential project was for Dioceses Karachi Church of Pakistan was to be constructed Gaddap upon the 40 Acres land of Chile Builders and Developers and Base Group and as per contents of agreement Dioceses Karachi Church of Pakistan was paid 02 Crore out of which 25 Crore at initial stage and remaining amount of 23 Crore was to be paid at the time of signing of agreement i.e. 16th October, within 30 days time period, as per the contents of agreement 05 Crore was to be paid at day of inauguration and announcement of project which was scheduled on 25th January, 2020 to 1st February, likewise the second party has to pay 05 Crore funds to first party within 10 days after inauguration ceremony and after opening ceremony the second party has to collect 15 Crore by selling per from @ 02 Lac and in failure of compliance of terms and conditions the first party i.e. Base Group has right to initiate legal action against Dioceses Karachi Church of Pakistan. Police sources and in the court the case between the parties it has come to knowledge that Bhishop Daniel and Secretary forged Secretary of Dioceses Karachi Church of Pakistan with collusion of each other agreed to Vice Chairman M/s Base Group (Pvt) Ltd and Chile Builder Developers for constructing of mega project i.e. construction of 07 thousand flat for minorities at Al Fai Gaddap Town, and land was chosen 40 Acres and they assured that 25 Billion rupees foreign investment will also come and foreign funding will have 70% shares and 30% payment will be paid by said members of church, it has been learnt that a huge foreign funding question was raised, then both the parties agreed that if said construction company did not fulfil the project then how will they guarantee therefore they have received 12 Crore rupees being guarantee from Vice Chairman, in this connection on 16th October, 2019 the persons belong to the said church for purpose of constructing project namely Harmony Builders at Taiser Town, Northern By Pass one agreement was executed with Secretary Zafar Iqbal son of Shabbir Akhtar and Base Groups (Pvt) Ltd, Chile Builders Developer owner Abdul Rehman, sources said that Dioceses Karachi Church of Pakistan through a Resolution on 16tH October, 2019 the said church’s members appointed Zafar Iqbal son of Bashir Akhter in the capacity of Secretary for the purpose of execution of agreement of said construction, it is told that said resolution was signed by 120 members out of which many has been died therefore there is fake signature over the resolution which makes it dubious however for its verification there requires investigation so that the facts could be brought forward while on 13th December, 2019 the Bishop Sadiq Daniel provided the letter for foreign funding of the countries is also fake like resolution because the letter which with the name of Bishop, who have retired many years ago, however in this regard concerned department investigation could reveal the real facts. The said letter of Arc ship of Cat berry Church, vividly for the purpose to build the Hospital collected funds and in this connection for contact with philanthropist and department assured for early contact. And in this connection first instalment in year 2020 was to be provided. Sources said that this was the dubious letter upon which ABAD Vice chairman was affirmed that foreign funding will be started after few months after starting of project, due to that reason he paid 12 Crore to Bishop Sadiq Daniel and Zafar Iqbal for construction of project as well as for completion, as per sources that ABAD Vice Chairman did not know the Bishop Sadiq Daniel and Zafar Iqbal directly and there is front man namely Qazi Shahab arranged their meeting, on the other hand when there is apprehension overwhelmed to Abdul Rehman regarding no Foreign funding, then he get rid of project and demanded his amount 12 Crore from Bishop Sadiq Daniel and he put him on false pretext and after immense pressure he only received 02 Crore 90 Lacs further 25/25 Lacs cheque was given by Bishop . which were bogus and could not cash due to which on 21st April, 2020 he got registered FIR No.295/2020 in Police Station Shahrah- e-Faisal, against Bishop Sadiq Daniel and in this connection when for query the correspondent made a call to Zafar Iqbal but he did not responded to various call and when sent message for his stance, then he replied that he will talk to next morning and thereafter another day in evening many calls were made but not attended a single call.

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