Maryanne Raphael, Dr. Ravichandra, Masood-Ul-Haque Naim Rahim and Deepa Wagh concerned on stopping “ Aman Ki Rah “ by Pakistani administration.


Canada. August 17, 2005. The world leaders, writers and poets from different walks of life have expressed gave concern on stopping CD Album "Aman Ki Rah" composed in Pakistan on Dr. Stephen Gill's peace poetry by the government of Pakistan. The leaders in communications to prominent peace poet Dr. Gill from Indian subcontinent origin now based in Canada have strongly protested on action of Pakistani administration. Mr. Masood-Ul-Haque Naim Rahim, President, Rahim Cousin, Kingston, Ont. Canada In a communications writes to Dr. Stephen Gill "After I read your email my heart broke. We are away from our homeland and still want to keep our heritage alive or keep in touch with our past. Some of our very own people don't appreciate that. I agree with you that your poems are your children. We are here in Canada and we always want our children to know our heritage. You treat your poems like your children. To me a person should get down deep to find the DNA of your poems, and to understand the philosophy and the deep feelings of your work. Just take a moment to understand the word children. Dr. Gill, you give birth to words and nurture them with your deep thoughts, raise them with your inner feelings and then groom them with knowledge and wisdom. They become perfect human beings and you try to get in touch with your roots. You give your children also a perfect voice. Unfortunately, our own people try to hurt you. They try to take away your right to be a Pakistani. You send your children to be in touch with your heritage, but it seems to me that the Pakistani Government kidnaps your children and takes them as hostage to punish you. I feel we Pakistani living abroad can never get justice as a minority group in Pakistan. We should broaden the horizon of our thoughts and minds to understand the deep feelings of an artist who has only the message of peace to give. May the LORD give you strength and power to deal with my people in peaceful manner? Dr. Gill, your poems are like a mirror of a human soul. Keep up the good work and keep sharing your knowledge with everyone" Mr. Deepa Wagh, A prominent singer of classical songs from Toronto, Canada expresses his feelings "Not all well educated humans are well cultured (perhaps I am talking a little tangent). We show how well cultured we are, how well educated we are, how well was our brought up and how receptive we are, in every thought, word and action. IT'S HIGH TIME, people at large, the common man who has to make a DIFFERENCE in this society. It's DISGUSTING to know that such things happen in this MODERN (?????) society. Trust me, its SHAME on us that such things happen with such an accomplished writer like you" Dr. Professor Ravichandra, President, Canadian Studies for India, University of Mysore, India, condemn in one simple sentence "Pakistan can only export terror. It is never in its nature to export peace" Maryanne J. Raphael, A prominent writer from USA says "So sorry to hear of your difficulty getting the Song of Peace out of the country. I will pray for you and for World Peace"

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