PACC and PCA leaders on joint efforts in North America.

The PACC delegation comprised of its senior leaders Hameed Gill, Anwar Saddique and prominent Christian parliamentarian ex member of Punjab provincial assembly Begum Raj Hameed Gill, where as the PCA, the president of association Mr. Ayub, chairman William Shahzad and VP Wilson Edger, led delegation


Christian province in Pakistan is in best interests of solidarity of Pakistan. Stephen Gill.

Dr. Stephen Gill is a reputed poet, writer, human rights activist and scholar. He is based in Canada. In a meeting of PCC international unit he was requested to support the cause of Pakistan Christian University and a province in Pakistan to safeguard the Christian rights.
Pakistan Christian con


Reception in honor of Dr. Stephen Gill largely attended by Christian leaders.

Mr. Nisar Khan, chief of Impatiens Friends in his comments said that Dr. Stephen gill is valuable asset of Pakistani Christian community and is landmark in the Christian history. Mr. William Shahzad, chairman PCA in his welcome words said that its honor of Pakistani Christians that Dr. Stephen Gill


Christian ferment in Third World<br>By Uwe Siemon-Netto. UPI Religion Correspondent

The data they presented at an international conference in Potomac, Md., last weekend conveyed a strong correlation between the growth of Christianity and the growth of democracy, according to Harvard University professor Samuel P.

Boston University sociologist Peter L. Berger predict


Water leak continues at the Western Wall<br>By ETGAR LEFKOVITS Jul. 3, 2002

The drip, which is thought to be coming from a leak from a Wakf pipe on the Temple Mount, has also proved to be of immense interest to Jewish mystics, who see it as a sign of upcoming redemption. Yesterday, two haredi Jews were escorted away from the area by police after trting to climb the Wall t


Introduction on Impatiens Friends.


The thought has been on my mind for a number of years, to find historical prospects of an under nourished, and over pourished Christian domain in the land of the Pure (Pakistan). The history reveals through its text, that it was not a sound atmosphere, in which the dedication of a f



Several international delegates from Canada, Pakistan, Middle East, Europe and England attended last conference held in 1999. Christian League of Pakistan is a group of Christian Pakistani human rights activists in the United States of America and is known as a "pressure group". The League, in past,


Impatiens friend to hold International moot on blasphemy laws in New York. Nisar Khan.

Blasphemy law, Present crisis in the Pakistani Christian Society and to discuss where is the Pakistani Christian Society today? What role has the church Played in the development of the Christian Education, Character and Spiritual life? What role has the school and colleges played in the development


Malik Iftikhar, s vision about UNO.

In 1997, people laughed at me during my sermon when told my vision about UNO in the Church of Norwegian School Azam Basti Karachi and since 1997 people called me in fun " Pastor UNO" eventhough I am not a Pastor but only an Evangelist and preaching Gospel among the Christians in various Churches. A


Six events of peace, a poetry by Dr. Stephen Gill.

Worms of wrong prophets
eat into flesh.
A feverish state
builds the fancied walls of Jericho
while your radiance strangles
within the nauseating cobwebs.

I wish to hear
the melody of wonder
that floats in the rhythm of harmony.
The lost gulls of harmony
hover over the bay
of the dying



There is written in the Bible that no one can enter to heaven with out me because I am the way. Jesus showed us a true path of life and salvation in the midst of misery and tribulation. All the followers of Jesus Christ commemorate the X-MAS because Jesus was born at that day. Jesus makes us free fr



In 1996, I had the pleasure of sharing several hours with Allama Sharar in England after the World University Conference, where I had presented a paper. Those hours are still alive in the caves of my memory. I still remember enjoying delicious foods in a cosy atmosphere with a hospitable family. Tha


Bush - Our Leader

One thing struck me during the campaign, that difficult, roller-coaster campaign that now seems years ago. It was that George W. Bush never seemed to get ruffled. Whether the theft of
a campaign debate video or the sudden (some would say, vicious) release of a DUI arrest two decades ago at a key mo


How can we uplift christian commnity in pakistan?

Pakistan came into being in 1947. Christian commnity contributes tremandous efforts to build this country. But unfortunatly, they have always been down trodon in every field of pakistan. They have not been given much importance in legislation and other activities of the country.


Jesus Christ is coming soon perhaps today.

A day will come soon when we will see the followers of Jesus Christ in Christ's glory those who laid down their lives to save the poor souls and never to care of their health and wealth as well as their lives for the fulfillment of Jesus Christ's teaching And commandment they have entered in the kin

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