Supreme Court verdict though disappointing does not come as a surprise, WKAF: The statement issued by Washington-based World Kashmir Awareness Forum


Washington DC: The supreme court of India upholds the decision of the Modi Government to strip the occupied Jammu & Kashmir of special status. The verdict though disappointing does not come as a surprise. This is the same court that confirmed the death sentence on Afzal Guru, notwithstanding the fact (own admission of the chief justice) that evidence for the alleged crime was not conclusive. The judgment came "to satisfy the collective conscience of the nation." The same court few years ago issued a judgment giving the Hindu majority a right to build a temple in place of Barbari Mosque. This decision came as a shock to legal luminaries who cast aspersion on the acumen of the judges of the highest court of the land. Any single or group of individuals expecting a fair judgment from Indian courts is exhibiting his/her naivety as rule of law has been buried under BJP Hindutva rubble by the Indian government.

 It is evident that the decisions regarding these cases are made   within the precincts of establishment and all that is left for the judges is to narrate the judgment. Although very much expected this pronouncement is a slap on the face of freedom seeking nations and institutions of the world that eloquently expostulate for peaceful and amicable resolution of Kashmir issue. India, especially the present government has expansionist ambitions that can be detrimental, disastrous, and devastating for the whole region that includes three nuclear powered states. The appalling judgment passed today should leave no doubt in anybody’s mind that peaceful resolution of the protracted problem of Kashmir is not a part of the Indian agenda. Thus, onus is on the world bodies like United Nations to marshal all their resources to dissuade India from embarking in her nefarious designs. It must be emphasized here that today’s Supreme Court decision contravenes UN resolutions #122 and #126 adopted on January 24, 1957, and December 2, 1957, respectively. These resolutions prohibit any unilateral action targeted at changing the disputed nature of the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

 Today’s decision in no way will dampen the spirit of Kashmiris to attain freedom from Indian occupation. The torch of liberty, peace and justice will continue to burn in the hearts of enslaved people of Jammu & Kashmir and will not be doused by these horrendous decisions.

 With this final destructive blow, the moral fabric of the Indian judiciary lies in tatters. The rule of law and the system of justice has been abdicated from the country and what remains is a jungle roaming with hyenas. Indian authorities are living in a fool’s paradise if they believe that by their foolish antics and cowardly decisions the voices of freedom can be subdued. The nation of Kashmir has sacrificed over 100,000 youth and the honor of over 11,000 sisters and under no circumstances they will give up their peaceful struggle for freedom and justice. As a matter of fact, the struggle will be invigorated, and the people of Indian occupied Kashmir will spare no efforts to lead it to its logical conclusion.  It is for the world to decide if   they prefer a cataclysmic outcome of this struggle or will they restrain India to ensure peace, tranquility, and justice in Kashmir. The world powers do remember what Antonio Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations said on August 10, 20219 that "the position of the United Nations on this region (Kashmir) is governed by the Charter of the United Nations and applicable United Nations Security Council resolutions."

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