Palestine? Arab League & NAM countries have very important role to play to save peace


New Delhi: “The latest developments changing over 12 years’ old conservative Jewish government headed by Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu deserves urgent attention of the entire world as it does exist in 2021. Prof. Bhim Singh personally studied the situation around Palestine, visited almost every area in Palestine as it existed before 1947. Division of Palestine by the Anglo-American Bloc in November 1947 to please the Zionist bloc which was created in Geneva just to fix a safe homeland for the Jewish fraternity who were scattered all over the world during the World War-II. The Zionist had decided to create a homeland for the Jewish fraternity anywhere in the world. Palestine was chosen later after World War-II because it suited the scattered Jews businessmen all over the world. Palestine was the oldest land of Prophets and Angels beginning from Lord Ibrahim, Jesus Christ and it was a great land that Prophet Mohammad performed his first prayer (namaz) in Al-Aqsa (Jerusalem). Jerusalem (Palestine) is a holy land for all these religions of the world”.

Prof.Bhim Singh, President, J&K National Panthers Party & Chairman, Indo-Palestine Friendship Society visited Palestine and even every district of Israel on a mission of peace and fraternity. Prof.Bhim Singh visited even the conflict-torn areas of Palestine, Ram Allah and Jerusalem several times. He spent lot of time with Palestinian Hero Yasir Arafat, met President Saddam Hussain as well as several other leadership of the Arab World during his travels on motorcycle on peace mission around the world.

Prof.Bhim Singh appreciated and admired India’s policy vis-à-vis Palestine who opposed the partition of Palestine in November 1947 by a 56 members General Assembly of United Nations.

It was Anglo-American Bloc which stood by the Zionist Bloc at that time and even today. India’s initiative in friendship with China established Non-Aligned Movement in 1956 and later supported the Arab League under the Arab countries leadership.

Prof.Bhim Singh said that the partition of Palestine was a tragedy and global threat towards peace. The latest tragedy that the secular-socialist-democratic government in India led by the Congress Party and others which had established strong friendly relations with the Arab World through the Arab League as well as the power which was generated through the country to maintain, promote and strengthen Non-Aligned Movement, shook the confidence of the peace-loving people of the world the day the present Modi government of India suddenly changed all the old peace-loving routes, shook hands with the Israel thus changing the entire foreign policy of India by joining hands with the Zionist forces thus threatening the peace in the world and Indo-Arab as well as existence of NAM movement in the world.

Prof.Bhim Singh declared that the Non-Aligned Movement of India as well as the World Peace Council of India’s progressive political parties shall convene an international conference in New Delhi at the earliest. The conference for restoration of peace in the world, full implementation of Resolution No.181 of the General Assembly and restricting Israel to the areas which were included in Israel under Resolution 181 of 1947.

The Panthers Party and all its peace-loving allies support the silent resolution passed in Israel where there is a chance for different political groups to govern Israel and get rid of extremists’ leaders like Netanyahu. Prof.Bhim Singh said that he had occasion to study in London University with Mr. Netanyahu. Prof.Bhim Singh interviewed him several times for the Indian TV, Doordarshan, when he was in power and also when he was on the roads of Jerusalem. Prof.Bhim Singh made strong appeal to the Jewish leadership to forget the old Zionist story and even the latest Zionist story and accept original partition Resolution 181 of the United Nations. Israel and Palestine should abide by the Resolution of the United Nations as well as the Security Council to save peace in the world.  The war of weapons shall come to an end from both sides, so that innocent citizens of Palestine & Israel can live with peace and tranquility in the holy land.

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