How can we uplift christian commnity in pakistan?


By shakeel inayat. 1. Religious awarness 2. Education 3. Technical education. 4. Medical facilities 5. Jobs 6. Drugs 7. Setting goals for our nation 8. Fighting against 295 c and anti christian laws. 9. Using our educated persons

Prospective Pakistan came into being in 1947. Christian commnity contributes tremandous efforts to build this country. But unfortunatly, they have always been down trodon in every field of pakistan. They have not been given much importance in legislation and other activities of the country. Many anti-laws have been made by the government to push back the christian peopl. Section 295c is one of them. Christian community has been suffering since 1947. Religious education awarness Now the time is for freedom, it is the requirement of hour that religious literacy should be imparted to our Christian community. Religious education will guide our nation on right path. It will give them confideance to cope with new chanlanges and turmoils. No doubt, religion plays an essential role in the personality of mam. Our people are required to get comlete religious of bible. It will strenth their faith, they will remain more faithful and strong against any temptation, many christian boys accept islam in pakistan, it is call of time that we prevent these incidenat by giving full education of bible. Parents can play an essential role to impart education. Religious awarness is very impartant for our people.christian bible insitutions will have to come forward to impart right type of religious education. Clergy men has to decate himself to improve their life of style commercial education We can permote our people by providing good education. We need to make such arrangements. First we need to educate our new generation. We will have to impart primary education. We will have to impart right type of education. We need to collect funds for poor children so that they can get higher education, so education play a very impartant role in growth of nation. We cannot make our nation grow with out education. We need to get our educations insitution back where we can literate our children. Primary education shoud be declar essential for every body. Churches and christian instutions will have to play fundmental (basic) role to impart education. Technical Education Technical education is another important thing that will uplift christian community. It is time to train our nation, especially in technical eduction. The 25% of people of pakistan are educated, only the 3% of christian community are educated, the rest of them are uneducate. We need to create confidence among our nation.we need to make them aware that custodian in not their destination. Only 1% peolple of christian community are working in gove offices, where they have to face many problems such religious inferior comlex.this leades our boys to leave their religion. Solid steps shold be taken to impart technical education. Medaical facilties Many childrn died on accont of diseases. Christian people do not have sufficent orgnization in pakistan that provides them medical facility. So many people died due to scarcity medicines. We can set up medical cell with help of contribution. People do not have enough money to get their doctor for their treatment. We will have to work hard to save our posterity from diseases. It is the requirment of time that we should form medical cell in america, and even in pakistan to give them medicines and other servces. Jobs It is very important key to uplift the christian communities. Most of christian people are striving to get job but due to fundmental notion they can not get proper job. Christian educated boys and girs wondering here there to get job, but they are not given any opportunity to get job in government insitution. They are discrimnated in all walks of life. Let us change the fate our people by doing something premagtive, they need our help and we should ready to help them. Drugs Drugs have been become a big issue in our community. Unfortunatly our elders do not guide their children in this connection. People feel proud to drink wine, especialy in our christian community, we can see many example of this on the eve of christmas, easter and other festivals. They conceive that drinking wine is the part of their religion. This is absolutly wrong. It is a time to change their menal approch. Besides these drugs our commnity has also become the drugs addiction, they can not help taking those drugs harmful drugs, we will have to save our nation from this contigious disease. It keeks on killing our people, we need to change their mentality. We should make aware our people that drugs are harmful for health. Setting goals for our nation Setting goals for our nation is very essential. They do not know what is the purpose of their life. Let us give them a new urge to retaliate evils and immorls things. Christian boys and girls, they do not have any knowledge, what are they going to do in future, so future counseltance is key point for our nation and peope. This will help them to foresee and predict which is very crucial for every nation.our students need suggestion and counsels but they do not have opportunity to get guide from any one. We need pyschologist to guide our stuents and people. It is very important to know that how the save money, so that they can spend that money for the education of their children. So future planing is very important for them. It will be very conducieve and co-operate for them. Fighting against 295 c and anti christian laws Section 295 c has taken a worst from us. Many people have been killed on the name of this section. Now the time of viglance and awareness.we need to girdle up our lions. Necessary knoldge should impart to posterity. Otherwise, our people are being victmized under the reflection of this crucial and massive law. Tthis crucial law has been imposed by Nawaz government in 1990 with new addition and amendment. Anti laws an other buring question that assasinate thousadns christian people in pakistna. On the name of religion christian community is being killed.jails and police sations are invested with christian boys with out any reasons.our people are always down trowdoned. They have to bear humilation in every field of life. Using our educated people. Using our educated people, we can uplift our people. We shoud not give our struggles up. We will have to bring our literrate people to light. It would better to hurry to take this action. How can we use our educate people, if our educate community come forward to educate our people, it will provide them a new urge to tackle. Now the time that ponder over these issues than we will be able to find out the solution of these problems. Let us find out our literate people so that we can make our posterity educate. These are the measure which will have to work out as well as to bring them out. I appeal my nation to let put our shoulder to stand up our nation. They are looking for our help and guidance. May god bless my nation( amen)

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