In old testament in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 11 verse 6 says that " sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let not your hand be idle, for you
don't know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will equally well."

Though I was writing about christian persecution



It's the God who created each and every thing, so the creator God of bible is the God of angles,heavenly armies, sun , moon, shinning stars, oceans, snow,clouds, lighting and hail, mountains,trees, flowers,fruits, all animals, men, women, kings, prince, princes, rulers even every thing is in His con


Bahawalpur Massacre & Jang Urdu Writers

The special concern I would like to share is that I haven't read any article of condemnation from any of the mainstream Urdu columnists, who are regularly writing on page 4 of Daily Jang. I have always regarded these columnists as intellectuals and experienced journalists of my country. They are sup


Full contents of; US state department report on International Religious Freedom of 2001.

Religious freedom is "subject to law, public order, and morality;" accordingly, actions or speech deemed derogatory to Islam or to its Prophet, for example, are not protected. In addition, the suspended Constitution requires that laws be consistent with Islam and imposes some elements of Koranic law


Missions and Martyrs

With automatic assault rifles and bags of ammunition in hand, for several minutes the cowardly men sprayed gunfire across the congregation of fifty or sixty believers, killing the pastor, four children, four women, and six men. Shamoon Masih, a congregant who was twice shot but still helped the woun



Pakistan was built on the foundation of fear, including the fear of the exploitation of the minorities by the majority. Fear did not disappear within the territory of the new Muslim country. Quite the contrary, it kept emerging rather more violently.

The rulers of Pakistan kept broadening the lis


Islam: A Peaceful Religion? (send your opinion to Post)

The lack of any central Islamic authority makes it hard to attempt any absolute answer like this. In fact, there are countless conflicting authorities and no Vatican we can turn to for the final word. We're forced to rely on the claims of Islam's practitioners, the claims of their critics, and the p


Pakistan's Point of View on uncertainally.A letter to Bush Administration.

We the people of Pakistan were shocked to know about the "Terrorist Attack" on World Trade Center in New York and Pentagon building at Washington D.C. The entire Pakistani nation condemned these barbaric attacks that resulted in loss of innocent lives and property. The entire Pakistani nation was st


Jihad is not about blowing up buildings or causing airplanes to crash from the sky.Dean of social sciences at Islamabad's International Islamic University. Boston Globe report.

But struggle against whom? War against what?''There lies the question,'' said Anis Ahmad, dean of social sciences at Islamabad's International Islamic University and a leading religious scholar. ''Probably no other Islamic idea is both so widely misunderstood in the Western world and so regularly ab



The religious parties which run these institutions are behind most of the acts of terror against Christians in Pakistan." Bishop John Joseph also brought this fact to the attention of the West through his talks, writings and in every possible means. His efforts, including his suicide, were not able


Catholics issue religious freedom report on Pakistan and India.Advani responsible for inciting hate against religious minorities.

This is the case for example of the Minister for Internal Affairs, Lal Kishan Advani, a member of the Nationalist Hindu Party Bharatiya Janata Party (Bjp), which is not foreign to instigating violence against Muslims. The involvement of the Bjp in campaigns of ethnic and religious intolerance has be


An Open Letter to Mr. Osama bin Laden.

I want to believe you.
For the sake of the thousands of people who were killed on September 11, as well as the tens of thousands who grieve and mourn for them, I want to believe you. I want to believe that you would not kill innocent people just to hurt our country\'s economy or government. I want


Pervaiz Musharraf backed off from his human rights package related to the procedural amendment in the blasphemy laws.

Your honour, your package to improve human rights situation in Pakistan is no doubt admirable. However, among the present laws, the separate electorate system is also the one that clearly violates human rights. Since the introduction of the separate electorate system, the parliamentarians of religio


Arrest my Killers. Iqbal Mash, A christian child labor leader and martyr cries from cemetery for justice.

A report published in 1996 by Jonathan Silver.

IN 1992 Pakistani carpet exports fell for the first time in two decades. The fall was slight in absolute terms--no more than three or four percentage points--but it indicated that Western consumers were shying away from luxury goods made by Thir



They were alarmed when their van was stopped by an armed masked group of males. They ordered them to get down and the Christian girls were separated from the Muslim ones. The only male Christian factory worker with them was tied to a tree. The Christian girls must have been frozen with fear at this

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