United we fall<br>By Mr J. Iqbal (Media Office of PAT)

A question worth asking is that are these alliances a new era in how elections will be fought or are they merely attempts by individual parties to increase their individual rankings. Well beginning with the ARD, it evolved from an anti-Nawaz alliance (PAI) to a pro-Nawaz alliance in its present stat


REPORT ON RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN KASHMIR <br>By Carmen Miranda, Coordinator,Council of Advocates international, <br>Toronto. Canada.

In response, The Council of Advocates International formed a committee, which investigated and prepared this report. Council secretary general Hamid Bashani expressed his deep concern over the situation and said" the government of India and Pakistan is constitutionally obligated to ensure the safety



The critics of these Electoral Reforms and especially the talented and sane groups of the Christians term these reforms as discriminatory. They are of the view that only Joint Electorates can never deliver the good to the Christians because in spite of this spirit of nationalism the Christians are f


Problems Of Pakistani Christians.<br>By Sajawal sunder, Lahore.

The "Fanatic Molves" kept on telling people about their ideas of KUFAR and jihad. They also told them that they should not eat and drink with Christians. Adding Insult to the injury their Leader President Zia-ul-Haq and his Majlis-e-shurah passed the Blasphemy law and made the amendments in the Cons


Child labor <br> By Shakeel Inayat. USA

Sometimes a child has to work in twelve hours in a day and six days in a week. They earn a very little amount of money, which is approximately $1.25 in a day. Many children do not have medical facilities and they have to work even in poor health. Many children are compelled to work in brick kiln. Ap


Anti-Christ waiting in the wings?<br>By Hal Lindsey

Arafat is losing the propaganda war in the United States. Americans aren't buying the "freedom fighter" bit anymore. Folks are beginning to wonder how the territories can be "occupied territories" and "areas under Palestinian control" simultaneously.

A lot of Americans are wondering why when the


DEATH OF THE BISHOP Some Facts..<br>By Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir

An inquiry was conducted by Sahiwal Police and in few days time the "murder" of the Bishop was branded "suicide" and the case was closed for good. The mystery of the death of Bishop John Joseph stands unresolved even after Four years. The Catholic Church has accepted that the Bishop "gave his life"


Who really killed Daniel?<br>The US is ignoring evidence of links with Pakistan's secret service - Tariq Ali

In recent months, the jihadis have scored three big hits: the kidnapping and brutal murder of the Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl; the assassination of the interior minister's brother; and the bombing of a church in the heart of Islamabad's tightly protected diplomatic enclave. There have


Israel and Palestine: A different perspective<br>By Jeremy Reynalds

Bush is the director of the Living Stones Center, which he founded in 1998. It is associated with the United Bible Societies and serves the students of Bir Zeit University and the surrounding villages.

However, Bush and his wife Karen felt that for the safety of their family they should leave th


Pakistan and Secularism.<br>By Yasser Latif

Many eminent authors and historians from the Subcontinent as well as the West have described Jinnah as an avowedly secular leader, pointing more often than not to his 1 year in office as the Governor General of Pakistan. The opponents of this view however point out Jinnah's fervent advocacy of the T



I just would like to ask how many British, American and Israelites have died for their nation, like one person put bomb on his body and entered in some building and blown that building which was on their target, I think no one.

But on the other hand Muslim are doing whatever they want because the



They proved their prejudice, hatred, revenge, loyalty, faithfulness, and great attachment with religion.

Jihadi forces want to let down America, Christianity and Jews. According to Islam all the people who don't accept Muhammad as last prophet of Allah (God), they all are infidel. Teaching of Isl


Caspian Sea Oil Pipelines - A good news for many states.<br>By Aftab A. Christopher

The Baku oil field at the beginning of the 20th century was the largest in the world, and it remained the largest Soviet field until the 1940s. The presence of oil was known since the 8th century, and by the 15th century oil for lamps was obtained from surface wells. Modern commercial exploitation b


Peace with Justice in Kashmir.<br>By Rev. Patrick Augustine USA.

On February 27, 1976, President Richard Nixon met with Mao Tse-tung in the Forbidden City. Chairman Mao's health had deteriorated since their first meeting in 1972. He was a shell of the man he had been, but was still sharp mentally. A massive stroke had robbed him of his ability to put his thoughts


Arm Sales & India's flirtation with terrorism<br>By Aftab A. Christopher

Since the September 11 terrorist assaults in USA and her war against terrorism India's malafide campaign against Pakistan boosted and they tried to grab every opportunity to defame and snub Pakistan. But nothing seemed to be successful as response to the International war against terrorism was wisel

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