Syria’s Idlib Another Hub For Jihadists. By Manish Rai

There is a growing perception among the people that these are the last days of the Islamic State and the United States and its allies war on terror has almost ended in Syria. But still, in one corner of Syria, Jihadists enjoy a safe haven and are even thriving. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), formerl


Early and accurate TB diagnosis is the gateway to #endTB pathway. By SHOBHA SHUKLA, BOBBY RAMAKANT

If we are to end TB, then we have to find every person with TB and offer accurate and timely diagnosis, treatment, care and support. In other words, we have to eliminate ‘delayed or missed diagnosis’ by making “early and accurate TB diagnosis” a norm, before we can further


The increasing incidence of forced conversions in Pakistan is a matter of concern. By Dr. Emanuel Adil Ghouri

Although Pakistani Christian women are facing many problems but the whole world is aware of the problems like kidnapping, gang-rape, forced marriage and religious http://conversion.As far as the news is concerned Only the government of Pakistan has deliberately turned a blind eye .If the problem


US-Pakistan-Bangladesh: 'Imran regime change' plot of US shows how Washington responds to anyone who oppose its interest. By Anup Sinha

A United States-based news outlet 'The Intercept' has published what it claims to be the details of a diplomatic “cypher” – or a secret cable – that suggests the US administration wanted to remove former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan from power last year.


Supreme Court misleading people by saying J&K sovereignty transfer to India was absolute, The SCI should constitute another bench. By Hem Raj Jain

 Biggest lie and effrontery to the mandate of IoA if any organ of Indian State or any part of Indian Constitution or any Constitutional authority says that J&K is an integral part of India (ii)- As per Instrument of Accession (IoA) the question of the State’s Accession should be se


Despite certain bilateral issues, why are the US and Bangladesh boosting their military ties? By Mehjabin Bhanu

The US will provide Bangladesh with unmanned air vehicle, patrol boats and hull boats over the next year to help the country conduct UN missions and defend its sovereignty.

US Ambassador to Bangladesh Peter Haas said this while speaking at the Defence Services Command and Staff College


Pakistan would be further emboldened to harass & persecute Balochs if Dr Naela after current visit /tour fails to get assurance of Indian boots on ground for independence of Balochistan. By Hem Raj Jain

Dr. Naela, PM Balochistan govt in exile wouldn’t get anything from India worth the name if no assurance of Indian boots on ground for independence of Balochistan (ii)- Only by invoking true Islam Dr Naela can get succor (iii)- Bonhomies shown by Indians towards Dr Naela are Okay but they do


Dr. Yunus won Nobel but forgot to pay taxes! By Ishtiaque Fardin

Dr. Muhammad Yunus is an economist by profession but won the Nobel Peace Prize. Many wondered how an economist won the Nobel peace prize. Grabbing the Nobel laureate identity, he became a millionaire through his organization and guest lecturing. He had the opportunity to serve the poor people acr


Will there ever be a farewell to guns in USA? By Erina Haque

Gun violence is a contemporary global human rights issue. Anyone can be affected by firearm violence worldwide, but the rising trend of gun-related injuries in several states is alarming in the USA. The country is witnessing a surge in gun violence as the gun purchase rate has reached its highest


Sexual exploitation of Pakistani Christian women. By .Dr Emanuel Adil Ghouri

It is an undisputed fact that Pakistani Christian women face the problem of forced marriage and religious conversion, but apart from that, they also face sexual exploitation in various ways, which I will try to describe briefly.

According to the data compiled by Catholic News Agency and


Islamic State Threat Far From Over In Syria. By Manish Rai

ISIS caliphate once had a population of 10 million people within its borders. It stretched across two countries Iraq and Syria contained major towns and cities, oil fields, factories and dams and was roughly the size of Britain. While tactically and strategically, ISIS is a mere shadow of what it


High time, sovereignty-deficit & fakely-boastful India understands China is merely ideological problem to the West but security problem for India hence India should deal with the USA by quid-pro-quo. By Hem Raj Jain

Powerful West led by the USA is short of manpower (ii)- China progressed economically  by supplying labor to the West and India can become great power by supplying soldiers to the West (iii)- India has golden opportunity to become second important country after the USA if first tries fo


Why should local, regional, and international media outlets broadcast more articles on Myanmar-Bangladesh's Rohingya aid issue? By Dr. Farhad Chowdhury

More than 1.1 million Rohingya refugees are living in Bangladesh, and the UNHCR's most recent news item, "Rohingya refugees face hunger and loss of hope after latest ration cuts," raises questions regarding their nutritional status and food security. 

At the beginning


The double standard of US Democracy, Human Rights. By Dr. Atle Pearson

Every day, our mentality becomes more convoluted and twisted. We are all like exact copies of one another. toast with fruit mash. Put a lovely veil over the biting bitterness. It is the pinnacle of civilization's crisis. It is incorporating morals. The venomous sting of this dualism is biting


MBS & Sheikh Al- Issa can easily make Islam the dominant global power if they work for establishing a new rule based global order by motivating 700 million Muslims of Indian subcontinents. By Hem Raj Jain

Saudi Arabia will face biggest challenge in persuading Pakistan, Bangladesh and AFghanistan to give-up religious majoritarianism  (ii)- US-christianity is not interested in becoming global religion hence let Islam do it in the interest of establishing a new global order (iii)- Despite a

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