The RSS Justified Massacre of Sikhs in 1984.<br>By Shamsul Islam.Asiapeace.


Here (See the attachment) is reproduced in full a shocking document on the massacre of Sikhs in October-November 1984, titled as 'MOMENTS OF SOUL SEARCHING' authored by a luminary and veteran of the RSS, Nanaji Deshmukh. Thousands of innocent Sikh

Hundreds of Sikh religious places were destroyed with countless commercial and residential properties owned by Sikhs. It has been a general belief that Congress cadres were behind this mayhem. This is true but there were other fascist and communal forces also which actively participated in this massacre whose role has never been investigated. This document may help in unmasking the whole lot of criminals who played Holi with the blood of innocent Sikhs who had nothing to do with the killing of Indira Gandhi. This document also throws light on the fact that from where the cadres came who meticulously organized the butchering of Sikhs. Those who were witness to the genocide and mayhem of 1984 were stunned by the swiftness and military precision of the killer marauding gangs (later on witnessed during Babri mosque demolition, burning alive of Dr. Graham Steins with his two sons and recent carnage in Gujarat) who went on a burning spree of innocent Sikhs. This was beyond the capacity of the Congress thugs. Nanaji's document may help the researcher in knowing the source of trained 'cadres' who helped the Congress goons in this genocide.

This document also shows the true degenerated and fascist attitude of the RSS top brass about all minorities of India. The RSS has been arguing that they are against Muslims and Christians because they are the followers of foreign religions. Here we find them justifying the butchering of Sikhs who from their own categorization happen to be the followers of an indigenous religion.

The RSS often poses as firm believer in Hindu-Sikh unity. But in this document we will hear from the horse's mouth that the RSS like the then Congress leadership, believed that the massacre of innocent Sikhs was justified. Nanaji Deshmukh in this document is seen outlining the justification of the massacre of Sikh community very cunningly as we will see in the following.

1. The massacre of Sikhs is not the handiwork of any group or anti-social elements but the result of a genuine feeling of anger.

2. Nanaji does not distinguish the action of two security personnel of Mrs. Indira Gandhi who happened to be Sikhs from whole of Sikh community. From his document it emerges that the killers of Indira Gandhi were working under some kind of mandate of their community hence attacks on Sikhs were justified.

3. Sikhs themselves have invited these attacks. Thus advancing the Congress theory of justifying the massacre of the Sikhs.

4. He glorifies the 'Operation Blue Star' and describes any opposition to it as anti-national. When Sikhs are being killed in thousands he is warning the country of Sikh extremism thus offering ideological defence of these killings.

5. It is the Sikh community as a whole, which is responsible for violence in Punjab.

6. Sikhs should do nothing in self-defence but show patience and tolerance against the killer mobs.

7. These are not mobs which are responsible for massacre but Sikh intellectuals who turned the Sikh into a militant community cutting them off from their Hindu roots, thus inviting attacks from nationalist Indians. Here again he treats all Sikhs as part of the same gang and attacks as a reaction of the nationalist Hindus.

8. He describes Mrs. Indira Gandhi as the only leader who could keep the country united and on the killing of such a great leader such killings could not be avoided.

9. Rajiv Gandhi who succeeded Mrs. Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India and justified the nation wide killings of Sikhs by saying, "when a huge tree falls there are always tremors felt" is lauded and blessed by Nanaji at the end of the document.

10. Shockingly, the massacre of Sikhs is being equated with the attacks on the RSS cadres after the killing of Gandhiji and we find Nanaji advising Sikhs to suffer silently. Everybody knows that the killing of Gandhiji was inspired by the RSS whereas common innocent Sikhs had nothing to do with the murder of Mrs. Indra Gandhi.

11. There is not a single sentence demanding from the Congress Government at the centre, remedial measures for controlling the violence against minority community. Mind this that Nanaji circulated this document on November 8, 1984, and from October 31 to this day Sikhs were left alone to killings gangs. In fact November 5 to 10 is the period when maximum killings of Sikhs took place. Nanaji is just not bothered about all this.

12. The RSS is very fond of circulating publicity material especially photographs of its khaki shorts clad cadres doing social work. For 84, violence they have none. In fact, Nanaji's article also makes no mention of the RSS cadres going to the rescue of Sikhs under siege. This proves the real intentions of the RSS during genocide.

This document was published by the Hindi Weekly 'Pratipaksh' edited by George Fernandes (currently Defence Minister of India) in its edition of November 25, 1984 with the following editorial comment- "The author of the following document is known as an ideologue and policy formulator of the RSS. After the killing of Prime Minister (Indira Gandhi) he distributed this document among prominent politicians. It has a historical significance that is why we have decided to publish it, violating policy of our Weekly. This document highlights the new affinities developing between the Indira Congress and the RSS. We produce here the Hindi translation of the document." We are producing the same document after translating it from the Hindi version published in the 'Pratipaksh' with the hope that many more real culprits behind the massacre of Sikhs are brought to light.

Shamsul Islam.

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