ON BEHALF OF AMERICA. By Rt. Rev. Bishop T. Nasir.


Today, the 25th September 2002, the Christian Community went through an other dreadful experience. Seven Christians working for welfare of poor people of Pakistan, without and religious discrimination have been killed by the "terrorists" in port city

On 13th December 2001, Indian played a drama of so-called "terrorist attack" on its parliament and moved its armed forces on Western borders of Pakistan. Pakistan had to take up defensive position on international borders thus paving way for "terrorists" to infiltrate in to Pakistan from Afghanistan and India. Knowing well that a large number of Pakistani troops are deployed along the Afghan border and almost whole army is deployed on Eastern borders. The difficult situation that Pakistan faced after 11th September and then after 13th December 2001, the United States did not bother to ease the situation on our Eastern borders, rather it sided with India and held Pakistan responsible for the drama that India played in December 2001. We are still being asked to "do more" as far as freedom struggle in Kashmir is concerned. The war in Afghanistan to my understanding is almost over. Yet we the Christians of Pakistan are being held responsible for the death of thousands of people killed as result of American bombardment on Afghanistan. The hard line Muslim militants are taking revenge from the Christians of Pakistan and we are taking all the beating on "behalf of America". Had the Americans tried seriously to ease the tension on our Eastern borders, the situation would have been different. Our armed forces could be deployed against the "Al-Quida" terrorists. Now the situation that we are facing is, that our troops are deployed on international borders with India and Afghanistan and our Police and Para-military forces are over worked, over stretched and under strength, to look after our internal security. Yet they are doing what is humanly possible to protect the Christians of Pakistan.
Last year in September, we joined American coalition against "terrorism" we joined it for a better and safe world. Yet our own country is now facing "terrorism" both from the enemies of United States and the "friend" of United States i.e. India. Had the United States of America taken a just view of the Indian claim of 13th December 2001, many lives could be saved. Yet America failed to do justice and failed to make India behave in a responsible way. America could do it but it did not. We already know how far our recent "good relations" will go. We know the day the United States achieves its goal, it will back off and we the Christians of Pakistan will live in an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty. We will be waiting for death at the hands of the enemies of the United States and keep on paying the price of American interests with our blood on "behalf of America".

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