Stop the execution of 5 Baloch innocent young men: By Reza Hossein Borr


After the demolition of Azim Abad mosque in Balochistan on 27 August 2008, several students and teachers were arrested for expressing their discontent about the demolition of the mosque. Five of them are now on trial on fabricated charges of having links with the People's Resistance Movement of Iran, Jondollah. Everybody in Baluchistan knows quite well that these are simple teachers and students that have no any kind of links with any armed group or political organizations.
The Islamic Republic of Iran claimed that their trial has been open to the public and the parents of the victims were also present. That regime portrays this trial as if the innocent teachers and students were guilty of some criminal activities in which innocent people have died. This is a new farce of a new kind. The government destroyed the mosque and arrested several teachers and students. They are the victims. There is no any other victim. What a regime! What an Islamic Republic? What an Islamic Republic of Iran? What an Islam in which all sins are allowed! The regime demolishes a mosque, arrests many people for protesting against it and then they stage manage a dramatic trial and claim that there were some people who were victimized by those teachers and students that were arrested.
What has happened to Islam that allows so much lies? What has happened to Shiism that allows so much deception and gross violations of human rights? What has happened to Iranians that allow such miscarriage of justice so openly? I cry for Iran and I cry for Islam.
What happened in the court? There were some people there. They were no ordinary people. They were the agents of the regime. The parents of the defendants were not allowed in the court. There was no any question and answer. The prosecutor claimed that the defendants have already made confessions and therefore there is no any need for further questioning. Even the reports of the official media that reported the case indicated the unreliability of the court.
This farce trial indicates how the regime regularly deceives its own people and international community. They arrest the victims of their repressive policies, portray them as terrorists and spies and execute them in public to create fear; and force people into submission to a regime that according to some of its own founders, is the most corrupt and the least competent regime in the last 200 years.
The pain of torture can compel anybody to any kind of confessions that cannot even come in mind. The Sunni Baluch students and teachers have been tortured so much that they confessed having links with Jondollah. If the Jondollah did not exist, they would have been forced to confess having relationships with drug traffickers as hundreds of Baluch fighters have been executed on these false charges. These confessions under torture have no any validity according to the law of Iran and human rights charters. Yet the Islamic Republic of Iran who has turned deception in a highly calculated policy is trying to fool the public and international community.
These five young Sunni Baluch will be executed shortly. Nobody has faith in the justice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a regime which is founded on massacre, execution, corruption and deception. There will be more arrests, more torture and more executions but the struggle for justice and equality will go on relentlessly by those who are committed to create an Iran in which the dignity of human beings are respected and the rights of the people are recognized.
The Baluch people are the vanguard of struggle for justice in Iran. They will continue the struggle regardless of its costs. People can live in poverty but cannot live without dignity. Those people who want to prevent the proliferation of international terrorism, corruption and expansion of the culture of deception and cruelty must act now before the Republic of Iran spreads its destructive culture in other countries.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is not only exporting terrorism but it is exporting the culture of brutality and cruelty that is an inbuilt part of Shia culture. It will affect not only the people who live in the region but also the people who live far away from Iran. There was a time that there were not terrorist activities in mainland India. There have been several Islamic terrorist attacks in that country. There was a time when Shia and Sunnis lived like brothers in Iraq, but they are killing each other now. There was a time that the Palestinians were united; now they are killing each other. There was a time that the Shias and Sunnis lived in Pakistan in harmony. Now they kill each other regularly.

This is the culture that Iran is exporting to the world.

There was a time that Turkey was on the path of secularism and democracy. Today it is moving away from secularism and towards religious fundamentalism. It may seem today that Turkey is still a moderate country but there will come a day that it will turn into a fundamentalist country if this trend continues. There was a time that millions of Europeans and Americans went to Pakistan and the people of Pakistan welcomed them. Today even the diplomatic missions in Pakistan are hiding from the public. There was a time that more than 100,000 Europeans and Americans worked in Iran. Today it is even hard for the tourists to go to Iran and feel safe.
There was a time that Europe and America enjoyed total safety and security. Today they suffer from different kinds of terrorisms. This is the culture of terrorism that the Islamic Republic of Iran has nurtured, developed and exported to different parts of the world. This is a trend which is rising and there will be more terrorism in the world.

There will be more violent Islamic uprising too.

If the world is supposed to be freed from these kinds of terrorisms, the source that has created and continues to harbour them must be destroyed. The world will regain its freedom from terrorism only when the Islamic Republic of Iran is removed from the power and a new secular and democratic regime is established. This is not only the responsibility of the Iranian people but also the responsibility of international community.
Today the cost of changing this regime is very low compared to the time when it will have a nuclear bomb.

* Reza Hossein Borr is an NLP Master Trainer and a leadership consultant and the creator of 150 CDs and 14 Change management models. He is also the author of Manual Success, Manual of Coaching and Mentoring, Motivational Stories that Can Change Your Life, and a New Vision for the Islamic World.

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