"Denationalization of Christian educational institutions in Pakistan"<br>By Professor Salamat Akhtar


The rulers of Pakistan can be classified in to two groups. 1. Those who are anti-christ, anti-church and anti-Christians. 2. Those who love the Christians and try the level best to safeguard their basic human rights.

Mr. A Bhutto a leader of the first group adopted a genocidal policy towards the Christians of Pakistan. He butchered the Christians in Rawalpindi near Punjab house on Aug 30,1972, captured by force hundreds of Christian school and colleges, confiscated church property worth billions and got registered False, frivolousand fabricated cases under section 02, 307, 148, 149, 332, 333, 335, 353, 188, 440, 365 and 13/20/65 against the writer of these lines and his 44 companions. Mr.Abdul Hafee Pirzada, Mr.Hanif Ramay, Mr.Mehraj Khalid, Mr.Gulam Mustafa khar, Raja Tri Dev Rai and many other people of Pakistan are living witness to this crucification of the Christians of Pakistan. Gen.Zia-ul-Haq and Mr.Nawaz Sharif stampeding his shoes and they killed many Christians with discriminatory laws .295/bc and many other black laws Passed by them are hanging upon our heads like loaded pistols or naked swords.

The second group is headed by Gen.Parvez Mashraf .he is no doubt a military ruler but he has followed a Pro-Christian policy .he is determined to denationalize the Christian educational institutions and hand them over to the church organizations in the wider interest of Pakistan. The Christians of Pakistan hail and welcome it but some people with vested interest are making nefarious, vicious and poisonous propaganda to foil the policy of the govt.

To justify the notification of denationalization from the govt end and to fail the anti-Christian policy of the forces opposing the denationalization of the Christian institutions we have printed published and distributed a questionnaire consisting on 25 questions in the national leaders irrespective of caste colour and creed .it runs thus,

1. Has the constitution of the Islamic republic of Pakistan guaranteed a basic right to the Christians of? Pakistan to establish their own educational institutions?

2.Has the Holy Quran directed the Muslims to capture the educational institutions of the Christians? By force and without any compensation?

3.Has the Holy Quran directed the Muslims to construct mosques on their consent, permission and
Compensation? (Such as Gordon college, Murray college, F.C College).

4.Has the Holy Prophet (pbuh) permitted the Muslims to confiscate the property of Christians by force by? Unlawful means?

5.Has the Holy Prophet (pbuh) directed the Muslims to construct mosques on the property of the Christians? Without their consent, permission and compensation?

6.Has the Hadith directed the Muslims to occupy the property of the Christians by force or without any? Compensation?

7.Has the Hadith allowed the Muslims to construct mosques on the property of the Christians without? their consent permission and compensation?

8.Has the great Caliphate ordered the Muslims to capture by force the property of the Christians?

9.Has Islam directed it followers to dishonor the cross and its removal from the pads, flags, insignias and offices of the nationalized Christian institutions?

10.Has Islam ordered its believers to muslimanize the Christian names of the buildings of the Christians? Institutions? (Such as halls of F.C College. Lahore)?

11.haven't the Christian educational institutions been the pioneers of the Pakistan movement?
12. Haven't these institutions produced a long line of gifted leaders besides a stream of committed? Workers?

13.Can you enumerate the names and numbers of the Muslims converted to Christianity in Christian

14. Wasn't the nationalization of these institutions by mr.bhutto an unconstitutional, unlawful, uislamic? Unquranic and unethical act?

15.would the Holy Prophet (pbuh) stand by me or by tyrant rulers like Bhutto, Zia and Nawaz Sharif on the Day of Judgment?

16.Is there any sound legality in capturing the Christian institutions in Punjab after the denationalization of Ismailee and Memon institutions in Sind?

17.Hasn't the denationalization of the catholic institutions in Punjab weakened the unlawful occupation of the remaining Christian institutions by the govt of the Punjab?

18.Hasn't the denationalization of ten schools of the Presbyterian Church in (usa) paved the way for the return of the remaining and school and colleges?

19.Isn't Ur malicious propaganda against the denationalization of the Christian institutions a conspiracy against the peaceful relations between the Christians and the Muslims of the Pakistan?
20. Isn't or propaganda a conspiracy against gen.parvez masharf and his team because you are being Used as pawns on the chessboard of communal politics?

21.Do you know this dangerous move of yours would defame Pakistan and Islam at national and
International level?

22.Do you know that the Christians of Pakistan consider the unlawful occupation of Gordon College? Rawalpindi, F. C College, Lahore, Kennard college, Lahore, Murray college, sialkot and Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi equal to the illegal occupation of junnagarh, munawdar, mangrol, hyderabad and Kashmir by India?

23.Did you protest against the process of denationalization and privatization of ismailee and memon institutions on Sind? If so why did u fail?

24.Do you know that the supreme court of Pakistan has declared Bhutto's martial law regulation no 118, under which these institution were taken over null and void?

25.Do you know that some principals of the nationalized Christian colleges have accepted in black and white the ownership of the church organizations?

We challenge the opponent forces of denationalization to dialogue at the platform of their own choice. At the same time we assure gen.parvez mashraf that if these institutions are returned to us we promise to materialize his dream of revolution in the field of education and we pledge to produce men like Quaid-i-Azam and women like Fatima Jinnah.

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