Iran: The Baloch Movement is not supported by the US. By Reza Hossein Borr


Dozens of different authors, Think tanks and web sites have claimed that the Baluch struggle for establishing democracy in Iran is somehow financed or supported by the United States of America, Western Europe or Arab countries. These claims are totally false and fabricated. These are either claims by the Islamic Republic of Iran or its lobbyists. Some uninformed journalists and boasting intelligence officers are involved too. The claims that they make are the copies of the false accusations of Islamic Republic of Iran that have been attributed to independent and popular Baluch resistance against the regime.
The Baluch struggle in Iran is a part of the struggle of different peoples of Iran for freedom and democracy. It is not an isolated movement but part of a greater movement of all peoples of Iran and specifically the Congress of Nationalities for a Federal Iran. The Iranian regime whose only especiality is propaganda have been quite successful in instilling the idea of American and European involvement in different kinds of campaigns of Iranian peoples and specifically the Baluch campaigners. Once one piece of information is published and information is attributed to unknown intelligence officers, many other irresponsible people copy the same piece of false information and publish it as if it was true.
This is true that the Baluch people are desperate people who are looking for freedom from oppression and discrimination in Iran and Pakistan but they have never received any kind of help from the West. In contrary, the West has done everything to support the repressive regimes of Iran and Pakistan to oppress the Baluch people. In desperation, some Baluch people may have joined some organizations to help them in asserting themselves. This claim by Seymour Hersh is true that Khaled Shaikh and Ramzi Yousef, the designers and implementers of September 11, were both Baluch Sunni fundamentalists who had joined Alqaedah. These two persons are responsible for their own actions and the Baluch people do not have any share in what they did and did not support or help them in what they did. Both of them were desperate people, whose parents had escaped persecution in Iran and went to Kuwait to seek a new life there, but they were discriminated against in Kuwait too and they joined Alqaedah when the West and Arab countries were encouraging thousands of Moslems to join Jihadi movement against the Soviet Union.
Khaled Shaikh and Ramzi Yousef were two desperate Baluch whose families were the victims of suppression and discrimination in Iran. And the Iranian governments have been always supported in different ways by the United States of America and the West when it came to Baloch cause. The United States and the West have always acted against the basic human rights of the Baluch people and their interests. The West and America have never supported the Baluch people for their legitimate rights inside Iran. They always supported the oppression of the Baluch people. Khaled Shaikh and Ramzi Yousef couldn't take it anymore and find Alqaedah as a tool to give the Americans what they have given the Baluch for a long time. Yet, when the September 11 incident happened, all of us condemned it. All Baluch organizations announced that act was not justified regardless of how much the United States of America have helped the Iranian and Pakistani governments in massacring Baluch people.
Today the Pashtuns of Afghanistan and Pakistan are using Islam and jihad for their nationalistic objectives of establishing their own independent state of Pashtunistan. Their employment of Islam as a tool for achieving their objectives has enabled them to gain the support of thousands of people. Even some Baluch joined the ranks of Alqaedah and Taleban because they could not find any other way of expressing their anger at those countries that continued to commit massacres in the lands of Baluchistan and those who supported them.
This historical background clearly shows that not only the West has refused to support the Baluch cause, but it has supported the enemies of the Baluch people. This is evident everywhere. The extradition of Abdol Hamid, the brother of Abdol Malek Rigi, the leader of People's Resistance Movement of Iran ( Jondollah) to Tehran is a very reasonable indication that if the Jondollah had any connection with the United States of America, or Pakistan , the brother of the leader of Jondollah, would not be delivered to Iran. The United States of America protects its agents and there is no any evidence that Pakistan has ever delivered its agents to foreign countries. The case of Kashmir is very clear. India has demanded again and again the extradition of Kashmiri fighters from Pakistan but Pakistan has not transferred even one person to India. The same is true about the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Despite the insistent demands of Afghanistan for the extradition of Taleban and Alqaedah members to that country, Pakistan has refused to transfer those Afghanis who have sought shelter in Pakistan.
Pakistan and the United States of America agreed on transferring of Rigi to Iran knowing that he would be tried and executed. They knew that Rigi will not get a fair trial and therefore they extradited him against all the international pressure and human rights laws. The European countries have refused to extradite the Islamic extremists to their governments because they were sure that they would not receive a fair trial. This is the basic tenet of human rights. If the person is likely not to get a fair trial in the country of destination, he would not be extradited.
Pakistan with the support of the United States of America and Arab countries extradited Rigi to Iran. This is a very reasonable evidence to prove that the Baluch people of Iran have no any support of any kind by the US, Arab countries, Western governments or Pakistani authorities. The Baluch political activists who believe in civil campaigning live outside Iran like all other Iranians who are opposing the present regime. Those Baluch who were committed to self-defence militarily as a response to military attacks on Baluch people, live in Baluchistan. Baluchistan is safer than any other country. If attacked, they have the means of defending themselves. In neighboring countries, they cannot defend themselves.
The Baluch people believe in themselves and believe that nobody can save them except themselves. They are confident that they achieve their goals with the support of the Iranian people and they believe these are the Iranian people who must determine the future of the country.
A lot of these journalists bring the case of Enterprise Institute when it invited the Iranian nationalities to talk about a federal system for Iran which has been the traditional way of governing Iran. Even some historians like Mojtahedzadeh believes that there were plenty evidence to prove that federalism has its origin in Iran. That was a short one hour conference that was dedicated to the case of federalism and not about the disintegration of Iran. While the same Institute invited hundreds of other Iranian groups who are seeking actively the support of not only America but every other country to advance their own interests. A lot of Iranian opposition groups who have monopolized the relationship with the Western institutions and governments are the same which have monopolized power in Iran and deprived their opponents completely from any participation in political process and economic development. These groups have monopolized even having relationships with foreign countries and international community and want to discredit other Iranian groups when they want to establish relationship with the same institutions that they have been collaborating with for decades and even centuries. Some of the European countries and America have had their agents from the Iranian politicians for many years as ministers, prime Ministers and even the head of states of Iran. The same politicians, who have received their jobs because of the foreign help, are crying wolf when it comes to a very simple research seminar about the composition of the Iranian population and a federal system.
The Baluch people and other Iranian nationalities like Kurds, Turks. Arabs, Lors and others campaign for their legitimate legal rights within Iran regardless of allegations that have been thrown on them. The Iranian people are determined to establish democracy, freedom and a federal system in which every single Iranian feels a sense of belonging to Iran and has equal opportunities for advancing his talents and potentials. They constitute the majority of the population in Iran. They have accomplished a lot and they cannot accept any discrimination against themselves. The Baluch people will not accept the status that has been imposed on them by the Iranian regime or other countries with vested interests in the region. They have the capability of achieving their goals. Nothing can discourage them from a very promising path that they have been walking on for a long time. Today is their day. This time is their time and they are not going to abandon their cause for prosperity and freedom just because some dictators and oppressors wish to continue their illegitimate hold and grip on them.
The Baloch will not accept poverty as the only option open to them. They will go for the best of whatever other people have. They deserve it and they will get it. As Mihael Josefson said, "People of character do the right thing, not because they think they can change the world, but because they refuse to be changed by the world."

Reza Hossein Borr is a leadership consultant and the creator of 150 CDs and 14 Change management models. He is also the author of Manual Success, Manual of Coaching and Mentoring, Motivational Stories that Can Change Your Life, and a New Vision for the Islamic World.

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