An open Letter to US president by Bishop Nasir - A NATION, REPEATEDLY "BACKSTABBED"!<br>Moderator/Bishop, Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retd) Timotheus Nasir


Dear Mr. President, I have been following your "Pro India" statements and remarks concerning the recent and prolonged military standoff between Pakistan and India and the situation in "Indian Administered" rather "occupied Kashmir". Therefore I t

At the time of our independence, the "cold war" had already started. The United States of America and the Soviet Union offered "friendship" to both Pakistan and India. The Government of Pakistan opted for The United States and India for Soviet Union. We joined you in "Baghdad Pact" latter CENTO and SEATO well after we lost East Pakistan. These treaties were against the threat of Communism. India opted for Soviet Union, yet cleverly it established a "None Alien Movement" with Communist Yugoslavia. Thus cleverly it maintained it false status of a None Alien Country though it was very much part of Soviet Block. Pakistan was a very dear friend of United State because of its geopolitical status. America could keep an eye both on Soviet Union and China and it kept its military presence in Peshawar. The U2 incidence is not too old to be forgotten.

In 1962 India went to war with China and on request of our friend "The United States of America" we did not march in Indian occupied Kashmir in total absence of Indian army. In 1965, India thrust a war on us and immediately the United States withdrew its support for Pakistan. This was First time we were "Backstabbed" by The United States. In 1971 when Soviet Union and India signed a "Mutual Defense Pact", The United States remained a "silent spectator". Your "Seven Fleet" never arrived and Soviet Union openly supported India, yet you closed your eyes and on 16th December 1971, you "Backstabbed" us for the Second time. You did not need our friendship for long 14 years till December 1979 when Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.

Then President Mr. Jimmy Carter remembered that they use to have a friend in this region. Latter President Ragan provided what ever was needed to defeat the Soviet Union. For ten long years we fought the "American War of Vengeance". We won the war for you that resulted in withdrawal of Soviet Union and its disintegration. Soviet Union withdrew in 1989 and in 1990 and The United States "Backstabbed" us for the Third time by suspending all economic and military assistance to Pakistan under "Pressler Amendment". The United States did not kept its deal for the military hardware we had already paid for. Pakistan was forgotten till May 1999, another 10 years.

In summer of 1999 when we had gained an upper hand on Indian army during Kargal war, once again you re-remembered your old friend and were able to ease Indian agony. The United States also agreed with India on "Infiltrators" and latter "Cross Border Terrorism". This was the Fourth time The United States "Backstabbed" Pakistan.

Then came 11th September 2001. We joined alliance against terrorism, not that you yourself threatened us but for a safe and peaceful world. We provided you our air space, air bases and facilitated logistic support for American forces. Faced "terror" and "anger" at home by Islamic Fundamentalists. Yet when the Talibans withdrew from Kabul, you allowed "Northern Alliance" to take over Kabul. This was Fifth time The United States "Backstabbed" Pakistan.

On 13th December 2001 a "Fake Terrorist Attack" on Indian Parliament immediately attracted your attention and The Unites States immediately started putting all its pressure on Pakistan. More than One Million troops were moved to Eastern Borders, yet The United States did not care. On 12 January 2002 our President General Pervaiz Musharraf in his speech announced crack down of "so-called" Islamic militants. Thousands of Islamic Fundamentalists were arrested, Madrassa's closed down, yet after less than Four months The United States is asking Pakistan to "DO MORE". What "more is expected from us? This is Sixth time The United States has "Backstabbed" Pakistan.

The people of Kashmir are fighting for their freedom and there is no "Dictionary" in the world that says that freedom struggle is "terrorism". If The United States has published One, I am not aware of that. The Government and the people of The United States of America cannot see the atrocities committed by the Indian occupying force. All you can see is what India wants you to see. The United States has turned blind eyes to the miseries of every day dying Kashmiri people.

The United States of America did not say a word when Indian agents blow our markets, buses and other public places. You could not see the massacre of Christian worshipers in Khanewal on 28th of October 2001, massacre in Mosques in Rawalpindi, bombing of church in Islamabad, bus bombing at Karachi in which innocent French citizens were mercilessly massacred by Indian agents for they were working for Pakistan Navy. All you could see was the "Attack on Indians in Kashmir" plotted and executed by India her self. Ironically The United States of America has again held Pakistan for this "Indian act of State Terrorism".

Since December 2001, India has refused to talk to Pakistan on any issue. As the "Only Power" in the world, has The United States asked or put some pressure on India to resolve the issue of Kashmir? Why don't you put pressure on India to "DO MORE" to resolve the Kashmir issue? Hold "Plebiscite" in Kashmir according to UN resolutions on the issue? India refuses "Bilateral talks" and "Third Party Mediation". What message does it convey? Indian leadership does not want peace but war. The United States of America must tell India to "DO MORE" to ease the border tension.

Mr. President, we don't want war, yet we are not afraid of war. We are trying to avert war since December 2001. Yet if war is thrust upon us, we will fight with all our might and resources. I hope you understand what all resources are meant here. Yes it might not be a conventional war, it may turn out to be a nuclear war and the result has already been calculated by The United States of America. We very well know the result of a nuclear war and we are ready to die, yet I ask you a question, If Pakistan is destroyed, who will be left for The United States of America to be "Backstabbed"?

In the end I would very earnestly request you to please make India understand that it is equally dangerous situation for her. If we are destroyed, how and why should they live?

Very Sincerely Your,

+Timotheus Nasir

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