"HIPOCRACY" YOU REVAIL! (Pakistan, India boarder tension)<br>By Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir


Since 13th December 2001, India has created "war hysteria" in subcontinent by playing a simple "drama" of so-called "terrorist attack" on Indian parliament. The world watched this "drama" with naked eyes. Five "terrorists" armed with Five AK47 assaul

Went through tight security, opened fire "out side" parliament building, kill Six guards or security personals and a gardner and get killed. They also planted a "bomb" that was detonated by Indian "experts". The explosion was so great that it did not even "shake" a vehicle parked near the explosion. This "drama" staged by India it self lasted for half an hour. When this so-called "terrorist attach" on Indian parliament was carried out by so-called Islamic fundamentalists, the Indian Prime Minister and other important people had already left the parliament building. The "terrorists" were no way near to any parliament office when they were killed. To show this "drama" live "world press" was already present and it seems they were waiting for the "movie like shooting".

The habitual killers, Indian security forces staged this "drama" when Pakistan was deeply involved in "war against terrorism" and was making some economic progress. The ambitious Indian leadership disliked the roll that Pakistan played in "war against terrorism". They tried to become "front line state" in "war against terrorism" but failed. Therefore this "drama had to be staged. No one was allowed to see the dead bodies of "killed terrorists". Immediately, the Indian government held Pakistan responsible for this "so-called terrorist attack" on Indian parliament and demanded that Pakistan should handover 20 "terrorists". Pakistan denied any link to this "drama" but India went on with massive troop deployment on International Boarders, Working Boundary and Cease Fire Line (Line of Control). Cut road, rail and air links with Pakistan.

On 12 January 2002, President General Pervaiz Musharraf in his address to the nation announced crack down on "Islamic Fundamentalists", arrested thousands of members of Islamic groups including their leadership. Banned "Militant groups" and closed down "Madarasas" throughout Pakistan (However Pakistan could not "Hang" Muslim Clergy to please India and its friends without an explanation). India was not satisfied. It demanded "extradition" of 20 people to India, without any treaty on the subject between the two countries. To our surprise, we saw America and Briton being "extra sympathetic" towards India. In almost six months the tension between Pakistan and India had not de-escalated rather it has increased in recent days. We are getting messages from the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Nations to "DO MORE" to please India (We can not understand this DO MORE business). The British Foreign Secretary has re-called most of its diplomats from Pakistan to please India. The British High Commission and the Consulates have stopped issuing visa to Pakistani nationals as punishment, Australia has advised its citizens not to travel to Pakistan to gain favor from India. Mr. Bush and Mr. Kufi Annan are asking Pakistan to stop "Cross Border Terrorism". We feel that the United States and the United Kingdom has declared war on Pakistan. Australia has joined India that burnet alive an Australian Missionary along with his sons not very long ago. I am sure Australia has forgotten this act of "State Terrorism" in India. Yet Pakistan is declared "unsafe".

There is every possibility that India is responsible of killing of Bahawalpur worshipers on 28th October 2001. We are sure that Daniel Pearl was sent by India and Indian agents killed him, Islamabad church bombing, bus bombing at Karachi in which 12 French citizens were killed who were working for Pakistan Navy and recent attack on Indian Military headquarters in Indian occupied Kashmir and the brutal murder of "moderate" Kashmiri leader Mr. Abdul Ghani Loon. All these acts of terrorism were planned and executed by Indian agents working inside Pakistan and in India it self. yet for all recent acts of "Indian terrorism" Pakistan is being held responsible. No eye can see the biggest "Terrorist State" India that has killed over Eighty Thousand Kashmiri people since 1992. Raped thousands of Kashmiri women and disabled countless Kashmiri children. The world rather "Civilized World" has gone blind. The United States needed Pakistan to fight its own enemies. Our armed forces are guarding the Western boarders to stop so-called "Al Quada" people from coming into Pakistan. (it is not yet clear whether Al Quada really exists or it is an American folly). Pakistan has provided all facilities that Americans needed to fight the "war against terrorism". Yet America has so deeply fallen in love with India that it cannot see the Indian sponsored "State Terrorism". India is sponsoring "State Terrorism" and "breading" "Hindu terrorists". The Civilized World cannot see RSS, Shive Sena, Bajrang Dall and hundreds of "Hindu Terrorist" groups in India. They could not see "Gujrat Massacre" of Muslim minority. India is supporting "Tamil Separatists" since long. The world has not spoken a word.

The whole region of State of Jammu and Kashmir are "internationally recognized disputed territory". The International Media when talking about Kashmir uses the term "Indian Administered Kashmir and Pakistan Administered Kashmir". There does not exist any "international boarder" from the city of Sialkot to Siacheen Glacier. International border start from Arabian Sea and ends near city of Sialkot in Province of Punjab (Please see the map). In absence of "International Border" the term "Cross Border Terrorism" invented by India and accepted by West is meaningless. Let me say more realistically, the whole region of Jammu and Kashmir is a "No Man's Land". If few Kashmiri people living in "Pakistan Administered Kashmir" infiltrate into "Indian Administered Kashmir" who is responsible, Indian army or Pakistan. This clearly indicates that Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Indian troops stationed along the "Cease Fire Line" (Line of Control) are useless bunch of people in military uniform, lacking vigilance capability. What a shame for India and its "gallant armed forces". Western experts talk of Indian superiority yet they forget the fighting spirit of Pakistani soldiers and what superiority are they taking about? The balance of power is more than enough to defend Pakistan. The world must not forget the possibility of a nuclear war. If we are destined to be destroyed then why India should live? Indian should also be buried under the nuclear waste. This is the worst night mare that the world is facing today. I am pretty optimistic that if needed we will destroy India with nuclear weapons. Let India destroy us, "who cares" who wants to live in this "Hippocratic World". Yet if nuclear disaster does take place, we will die but who's interests in this region will suffer. Could the United State keep its presence in this nuclear disaster region. Certainly not. The mineral rich Afghanistan will also be affected and the American interest will go down the drain.

There is still time for the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Nations and the world community to restrain from putting pressure on Pakistan and try to teach their "friend" to start behaving like mature people. India should grow up now and change its "childish" posture.

On 25th and 26th Pakistan tested its "Missiles". BBC reported that United States has "rebuked" Pakistan. In January 2002, Indians tested its Missiles, no one said a word. That is why I say "Hypocrisy You Prevail".

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