Problems Of Pakistani Christians.<br>By Sajawal sunder, Lahore.


I kept on questioning my self and found some of the answers and some not. Here I am expressing my haphazard views so that they might also give a point of thought to others. Our problems in Pakistan were their right from when Pakistan came into being.

The "Fanatic Molves" kept on telling people about their ideas of KUFAR and jihad. They also told them that they should not eat and drink with Christians. Adding Insult to the injury their Leader President Zia-ul-Haq and his Majlis-e-shurah passed the Blasphemy law and made the amendments in the Constitution of Pakistan under the section of 295-B and 295-C. this made their hands more powerful and these mighty Fanatics stared to rage the Christians more and more. They could now easily accuse the Christians for what they have not done. Then the world saw many cases of Blasphemy and Christians were slaughtered. They made any point turn into Blasphemy and the raised the emotions of Muslim people. This made them more furious and killed people. Many cases didn't even appear in the court and people were killed. If by chance any case reached the courts the Judges were threatened for their lives and made to make a PRE-DECIDED justice. They couldn't release the Christians and if any one did was shot dead, as a judge of Lahore Supreme Court was shot dead by a Molvi who said "I have done Jihad and this judge was to release this Kafir who has spoken shameless words for Hazoor". After that many judges and Lawyers refused to take the cases of Christians people.

What is 295-B and 295-C?

The section of Law states that any body either he is Christian or Muslim speaks against the Prophet or Quran their holy book, will be sentenced to death. Only two reliable and respected people are need who heard the accused person speaking against the personality of Prophet Muhammad. They were to give the verdict against him in Police Station to register the First Investigation Report ( FIR ) and in the court. So you can see how simple is to manipulate with this law. You can blame any one for that and who will refuse it? If any one does even want to support that accused person will also be hanged with him.

In My opinion none of the people from rural areas know about the depths and destruction of this Law. No one is aware how to handle this situation? That is even a biggest curse of us that neither of the political Leaders of Christians nor the Religious Leaders have the courage to speak against it. All of them say and explain that Pakistani Christians are safe here. Yes they are safe until they spend a depressed and demoralized life. If they want to fight for their right, the lay blame is laid on them. So what else they can do is my question. The Political Leaders go in National Assembly just for power and relation. I can very, very safely say that none of the leaders have served the Christians in any way. Just they have made more and they have also tried to crush the innocent Christians.

The religious leaders don't have any problem moving because they are among the celebrities of the Christian people and if they are in problem then every one will know that none of the Christians is safe from the wroth of this LAW. They always remain safe and talk always in the favour of Muslims.

Other Problems... The Muslim people don't like to eat and drink with the Christians. They are
treated the same way as the Hindus treat their very low cast SHOODARS. Here I would like to quote one of the problems I had to encounter. I Christian and in Pakistan we go to Marium Abad a place where Holy Mary appeared in front to three kids. Once I went with a procession that went by foot to Marium Abad. During my journey no one gave us water to drink. I asked a few hawkers to give me the Juices they were selling and they refused and said you are Christians and you cannot use the utensils we use. The glass gets filthy by your use and we have to break that. Neither any one gave use food to eat in the hotel utensils. Instead we were to use our own utensils and had to sit far from the other Muslim people. They even didn't allow us to sit in the hotel.

In my opinion the biggest curse in Pakistan is Low Education status of Christians. They are forced to menial works like working as the janitorial staff. They are paid less. Their rights in the schools and colleges are always confiscated. Once I went to take admission in a college in Lahore. The Muslim student union of Jamiet-e-Islami was in power their. Seeing my name as Daud Felix, they said that until you turn Muslim you couldn't get admission here. So I decided to quit education, but fortunately I got admission in F.C. College another college where the same student union was in power but I had to remain silent. Every body knew I am Christian and I studied for 2 years in a mental stress. My father was to support me as he was knows some person him self, but how many people can do that? Their kids have to suffer all the problems and have to face them. That is why they quit studies. Then all the good quality schools have high fees here. People with low salaries can't afford to send their kids in such schools. They send their kids to minor quality schools and don't take interest at all in their studies. Well in my opinion if the kids get good education only then they can survive now a days and stand on their feet.

Here I would like to quote the example of the Agha Khan's Sect. Most of them are highly qualified and in turn have highly paid jobs. They have earned good name for their sect. I don't remember any Agha Khani to be accused of Blasphemy Law. Only Christians have to suffer. If anywhere the Muslims are in trouble, the Pakistani Christians are in real agony. The Churches are burnt and Christians are given all the problems.

I have many, many more things to write and by the Grace of God and Jesus our Savior and Redeemer I will keep on sending you my views. In case of any further queries or correspondence you can refer to the following address and email.

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