Child labor <br> By Shakeel Inayat. USA


The word child labor can be defined that when the children are forced to work in very sever and hard circumstances in the initial stage of their growth. The Child labor has become a burning question in these days. In Asia children are exploited in ma

Sometimes a child has to work in twelve hours in a day and six days in a week. They earn a very little amount of money, which is approximately $1.25 in a day. Many children do not have medical facilities and they have to work even in poor health. Many children are compelled to work in brick kiln. Apart from this, many children are forced to work in teashops and restaurants.

The Children can be observed working in workshops and eateries. Why have children been victimizing to operate factories and firms? There are few factors which made the children to operate the in brick kiln. Overpopulation is another factor of child labor, because parents do not have enough sources to earn money to feed their kids, so they send their children to work in garages and workshops.

Illiteracy is another reason of child labor, parents do not have sufficient knowledge, what are they doing. And they have to send their innocent kids to work in front of furnace. The population of Pakistan is 145 million while the population of USA is 285 million.

Pakistan is spending 3% of budget on education while U.S.A is spending 14% of its budget.
The Government of Pakistan has introduced several laws to prevent child labor but it needs to be carried out because children are still suffering on account of child labor. Often children are also beaten and tortured by the owner of workshop. Nobody can prevent them to stop torturing. Unemployment and low wages are the major factor of child labor. Some time parents do not have jobs to earn money for the basic needs of life and they cannot provide the basic needs of life to their children. So they have to send the children to work in sever conditions. Even children are paid low wages for long hours working. Various organizations are wrestling to prevent the child labor, such as ILO, Human Rights and Uniceif.

Poverty and lack of educational are two basic elements of child labor. Unemployment is another reasons of child labor in Pakistan. Majority of the people do not have sufficient source to earn bread and butter. Only 88% population has access to safe water in Pakistan, rest of them does not have access to clean and pure water. Some parents are given aid to so that they send the children to schools instead of factories; the wages are very low, which is round about $ 9 a month. Only 57% of doctors are available to 100000 people.

While the numbers of religious schools 3000 in 1978 which has increased 39000 by the 2001.
What can be done to prevent the child labor? Education should be imparted to every child. Over population should be control. If we follow these measures, the child labor can be eradicated from the face of earth. Our Government should have to take to solid steps to safe the children from child labor. Our world cannot achieve prosperity and success without these children.

It is the responsibility of all the leaders of the world to make the ways for coming generation. Sever punishment should be sentenced to those who make the children to work in sever and hazardous conditions. Education budget should be increased for primary education, as well as medical facilities ought to provide to children. The monitory teams should be assigned to find out the violators the law child labor.

Strict penalties and fine must be charged who violates the laws of child labor. Media should to have to play a significant role to create awareness among the people to obstruct the child labor.
I hope, child labor can be up rooted if these precautions carried out. We will not have to be shame before our children because these children will reign tomorrow. And they can be a good leader and founder for their country and for the world.

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