Israel on the Brink: How You Can Help Defend Our Ally. By Gregg Roman Director MEF


The night is still and quiet at this early hour in Tel Aviv. Most are asleep, unaware of the gathering storm. But in a hotel room, sleep eludes me as reports from the Wall Street Journal and Times of Israel blare warnings of an impending Iranian strike against Israel.

For the past 36 hours, I've traversed this resolute nation, meeting with our dedicated staff, the Israeli national security council, security establishment figures, and members of the Knesset. As a former official with the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I know what this country looks like on a war footing. However, this is different from the already devastating conflict in Gaza, because it involves a regional power, not just Hamas. 

While I don't wish to diminish the gravity of attacks against Israel by Hamas, the Houthis in the south, or Hezbollah's missiles from the north, Iran poses a threat of an entirely different magnitude. Yet even in the face of this menace, I firmly believe in Israel's ability to defend itself. More than that, I am confident that if Iran decides to attack, Israel will deliver a devastating counterstrike.

At this critical juncture, the Middle East Forum remains steadfast in our commitment to promoting American interests in the region and protecting Western values from Middle Eastern threats. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that the United States stands unequivocally behind Israel's right to defend itself against any aggression.

Through our various projects and initiatives, such as the Israel Victory Project and the Washington Project, we will redouble our efforts to steer U.S. policy toward supporting an Israeli victory over its adversaries and exposing any attempts to undermine the Jewish state. We will also persist in our mission to combat radical Islam, contain Iran, and navigate the turbulent waters of the Middle East in the best interests of the United States and its allies.

Now is the time for us at the Middle East Forum, and for all who cherish freedom, to stand unwaveringly with Israel. Our shared values and interests have never been more vital. The work we do, the truths we uncover and share, are the front lines of this battle. And some of our valiant staff may soon trade in their pens for rifles as they answer the call to defend their homeland.

In the coming days, I ask you to keep them in your thoughts. A word of support, a gesture of solidarity - these carry immense weight in moments like these. Let our team know they do not stand alone.

Here are three concrete actions you can take to support Israel in this crucial time:

Contact your elected representatives through the MEF Action center and urge them to stand firmly with Israel and condemn any Iranian aggression. Let them know that the American people expect unwavering support for our closest ally in the Middle East.

Share accurate information about the situation on social media and in your communities. Counter misinformation and anti-Israel propaganda by spreading the truth about Israel's right to self-defense and the dangers posed by Iran and its proxies.

Support organizations like the Middle East Forum that are dedicated to promoting American interests, protecting Western values, and defending Israel. Your contributions enable us to continue our vital work on the intellectual, operational, and policy frontlines.

The path ahead is uncertain, fraught with danger. But if my brief time here on this trip has taught me anything, it is this - the Israeli spirit is indomitable. In the face of threats, in the shadow of war, they rise. Unbreakable.

We at the Middle East Forum rise with them. Our mission has never been clearer, or more crucial. Together, we will weather this storm. Together, we will continue our vital work for security, for liberty, for a brighter dawn beyond this darkness.

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