Blinken’s assurance of “Ironclad Commitment” has no meaning when Chinese security forces are attacking Philipino's Boats in Philippines' waters . Instead the USA Should launch a “new rule based global order. By Hem Raj Jain


Like other previous US- administrations the Biden administration is also CLUELESS about launching & running a global order where even smaller countries and people of all member countries will be able to protect their interests & rights ONLY through international laws and NOT with the grace & help of some larger & more powerful member countries.  

The Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Tuesday reiterated the United States’ “ironclad commitment” to defend the Philippines as rising tensions with China in the South China Sea raise fears of a broader regional conflict (as reported at )

 Two weeks ago, a Chinese coast guard vessel used a water cannon against a Philippine boat, shattering its glass panel and injuring four Filipino sailors. This raises a disturbing question:-  what type of ‘ironclad commitment’ of the USA is this to the safety and security of Philippines, where the security forces of China is attacking with impunity the boats of the Philippines in the maritime boundaries of the Philippines (in the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone.). 

Will Secretary Blinken enlighten the world that “when The US military maintains a regular presence in the South China Sea, with aircraft overflights, so-called freedom of navigation operations, and patrols and exercises with allies and partners to assert that the sea is an international waterway” then why did this military of the USA and its allies not stop the security forces of China from  attacking  the boat of Philippines especially when Philipinos were within the maritime boundaries of Philippines (in the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone.”).  

THis derelictions on the part of the USA are for the simple reasons that (i)- the USA doesn’t have guts to militarily take-on the military power of China and (ii)-THe global order of the US sponsored UNIted Nations is defunct & meaningless and does not have teeth and even will to discipline any member country (much less a veto-wielding country like China) which violates international laws with impunity (iii)- THe USA nurtures a delusion that some military alliances like improved QUAD, AUKUS Etc  only (which makes a smaller country dependent on some comparatively powerful large countries) can deter aggressive powerful countries from harassing smaller countries in the region and the USA Further erroneously believes that these smaller countries and their people can’t do anything on their own to protect themselves. 

IN such a situation there is only one alternative left with the USA that is to endeavor to launch a “new “Human-Rights-Friendly- Rule-Based-Participatory-Global-Order”. (NHRFRBPGO)  

But in this solution there is one big problem. Prez BIden doesn’t understand that  a global religion is required for global order and which can be only US-CHristianity (as mentioned at )but Prez BIden doesn’t know hoy to commission US-CHristianity in helping the US) EStablishment in launching the said  (NHRFRBPGO).

Moreover this new world   body should be people oriented and not government oriented where people of any member country will be able to protect their human rights through the intervention of this new world body (even by its military intervention in large cases like what happened to Sikhs in Delhi in 1984, to Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir in nineties, to Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 to CHristians in Kandhamal in 2008 etc) especially in cases where their government is unwilling or  fails to protect thes human rights  of such victims.

It is hoped that the leader of the free world, the USA, instead of giving meaningless hope to Philippines, like “ironclad commitment to defend the Philippines”, will provide meaningful effective relief to every free country (especially smaller countries) by launching a “new “Human-Rights-Friendly- Rule-Based-Participatory-Global-Order”.  with teeth and adequate military power to discipline the erring / anarchic member and other countries

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