Bowser is no bull dog of Black rights but is play kitten of billionaires like Leonsis. BY AHMAR MUSTIKHAN


A medic who has been fighting the opioid epidemic affecting the Blacks under the very nose of mostly White Supremacist rulers of the U.S. has sent a rejoinder to a Washington Post columnist not to put dirty developer-friendly Mayor Muriel Bowser in the same basket with the legendary “ghansta senator” L. Louise Lucas of Virginia.

“To cite Muriel Bowser in the same breath as the brilliant Virginia state Senator L. Louise Lucas is total insult to Black consciousness, moral motivation, and the current actual fate of thousands of ´╗┐our fellow citizens as a result of Bowser’s inane and inhumane policies,” People’s Doctor, Dr. Edwin Chapman wrote to Petula Dvorak a columnist after she wrote a column “Two powerful women showed that the old boys’ way no longer works” regarding Ted Leonsis being blocked by Virginia State Sen. L. Louise Lucas (D-Portsmouth), a former shipyard worker in the final days of March.

Leonsis, worth $3.1 billion and ranked as 1068 in the world in terms of money and who is owner of the Capitals and the Wizards. Leonsis was given $515 million of DC taxpayers money last month by Mayor Bowser to keep his Monumental Sports and Entertainment in DC when in fact he had no where else to go.

Residents of Alexandria, whom John McCain brother had called communists, were up in arms against Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin doling out a huge patch of pristine Virginia land to Leonsis at Potomac Yard for making more money.

Dvorak mostly writes quite powerfully but in her latest piece on April Fool’s day made a huge blunder of projecting Bowser as a defender of Black rights.

Dr Chapman told Dvorak he has for years cherished her writings “on topics like homelessness, addiction treatment, and most recently the dire need for more Black social workers with relevant experience in today’s challenging real world climate.”

Maria Shriver, a niece of JFK and ex of of former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with Ted Leonsis, CEO of Monumental Sports and Entertainment.

Dr. Chapman reminded Dvorak, “The idea that Muriel Bowser knows or cares anything about Black Lives Matter is to ignore the facts of why so many African Americans in DC are homeless on the streets, overdosing at the fastest rate in the country, and often leaving children parentless in foster care or jail. How is it that you missed the point and “drank the cool-aid” on how Bowser simply lucked out on this deal as a result of Lucas’s bravery!”

Dr. Chapman lamented, “Bowser, on the other hand, is a person who repeatedly scatters homeless encampments like trash, tried to block a council approved increase in SNAP benefits, refused to declare a “public health emergency” for opioid deaths until pressured to do so, and now uses throwback Black Coded “drug free zones” to scatter rather than treat addiction.”

Dr. Chapman asked, “How is it that Bowser can always find ways to give a billionaire $515 million dollars to renovate his stadium, but can’t find the where-with-all and money to house and care for human beings?”

Dr. Chapman opined in addition to the brilliant Senator Lucas, one could include Letitia James and Fani Willis as brave Black women in the mold of modern day Harriet Tubmans and other Americans driven by principles rather than the greed and manipulation of developers.

Dr. Chapman, 78, originally from Gary, who is an active member of C.R.E.W.S. — Communities Respecting Everyone’s Will to Survive. The coalition of individuals and community organizations is dedicated to upholding the human dignity of the Blacks in the nations capital as concerted efforts have been underway for more than half century to push them out from Washington D.C.— from 70 percent in 1980, the Black population has shrunk to 46 percent. It seems like Bowser leaves no stone unturned to throw more Blacks out of D.C. in the name of gentrification.

“When it comes to bold, innovative mayors, one should study instead LA’s Mayor Karen Bass as that exemplar of equity and the antithesis of the colonial minded, gentrification oriented Muriel Bowser.”

Observers point out another smajor difference between Mayors Karen Bass and Muriel Bowser is the that Bass is open and honest about her sexuality but Bowser is not.

Dr. Chapman will be speaking at the Rotary Club Wednesday on “A Tale of Two Cities” with the same problems but polar opposite leadership style and solutions.

It is incredible that robber barons exist even today and get away with public money in front of the whole world’s eyes. In the Bowser-Leonsis, deal Washington DC taxpayers will pay $515 million to Leonsis but all the profits will stay in the coffers of the Greek origin billionaire. Meanwhile, nearly 5,000 homeless, mostly Blacks, loiter on Washington DC streets with the sky as their roof.

Leonsis had generously donated to the Obama and Clinton campaigns.


(Veteran journalist Ahmar Mustikhan “Brother Khan” is writer, activist, Peer Recovery Coach and Resident Editor USA of Pakistan Christian Post.)

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