Prez Biden’s hollow boast in 2024 SOTU about ‘US leadership in the world’ wouldn’t convince people in the USA unless launches a ‘ new global order. By Hem Raj Jain


Whether Prez Biden likes it or not without making US-Christinaity a global religion to help the US-establishment  new global order can’t be established (ii)- In this age of Cold war - II the People all over the world of course want the USA to be the leader of the free world but Prez Biden first should endeavor to make the US establishment worthy of it (iii)- If the USA wants to provide leadership to the world then should seriously try to win the Cold war-II by roping in allies who are committed to its ideology.  

Prez Biden,  during 2024 SOTU while criticizing some republicans, said that “But now assistance for Ukraine is being blocked by those who want us to walk away from our leadership in the world”. Prez Biden obviously thinks that the USA is the leader of the world.  But it is a wrong belief on the part of Prez Biden. Prez Biden thinks that the people all over the world including US-citizens are damn fools and lack basic intelligence hence whatever he boasts about ‘US leadership in the world’ as he boasted during 2024 State of the UNion Address (as reported at ) will be accepted by them unconditionally. Will Prez Biden care to enlighten the people that what type of US Leadership is or has been about four major matters which (namely Ukraine war, Gaza war, Afghanistan and democracy) are or have been troubling the entire mankind:-

(1)- Nobody says that Prez BIden should put US boots on ground in Ukraine but  the USA (against aggressor Russia) at least should have provided a 4 or 5 star US-military general to Ukraine for conducting war against Russia so that NATO Including the USA could provide military material to Ukraine as per demands from this US general (and not from militarily inexperienced President Zelensky) which would have ensured victory of Ukraine in this war. The USA which is under legal obligation to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine under ‘1994 Budapest Memorandum ‘ certainly could have done at least this much but on the contrary Prez Biden is watching increasing victory / dominance of Russia in Ukraine and still Prez Biden ridiculously claims the US Leadership in the world.

(2)- Every right thinking person criticized what Hamas (who killed and injured innocent civilians) did on October 7, 2023 against Jews / Israel but the USA under Biden administration has not been able to stop the over reaction by way of retaliatory strike by Israel which has been termed as genocide on the contrary Prez Biden has repeatedly said that ‘two State solution’ is the only way forward without Prez Biden doing any thing to enforce this two State solution especially given the fact that without military and other support of the USA and its Western allies Israel even can’t survive for a single day. Despite what ever is happening in Gaza due to the said genocide how can president Biden  boast about US leadership in the world. Moreover Pez Biden does not work for two states or for one state solution and merely takes credit for temporary truce during Ramadan (as mentioned at )

(3)- No donut it was his predecessor the then President Trump who negotiated with Taliban for “Exit Afhanistan’ but there was no compulsion on Prez Biden to leave Afghanistan the humiliating way he did (as reported at ). And merely not this, the USA (under administration of both the democrats and Republicans) after remaining for two decades in Afghanistan  could not establish secular democracy in Afghanistan mainly due to three blunders the US-establishment committed in Afghanistan nemely:-

(i)- The USA didn’t encourage the small and medium scale business of the USA to operate in a big way in Afghanistan with the result drug business (trafficking) became an important factor ( ) in empowering the militant Jihadi Taliban and that too when presidents (Karzai and Ghani) were selected from Pashtuns who were naively supposed / expected to bring Pashtun majority Afghanistan into mainstream of rule based global order. 

(ii)- THe USA did not enforce right to the freedom of religion through conversion out of free choice (as enshrined in the US sponsored UN laws, the ICCPR of the UN) in Afghanistan hence the USA never pressed US Christianity to convert the substantial population of Afghanistan to Christianity which if carried out then Afghanistan would have easily become a secular democratic country.  But when the USA (leader of the world as per Prez Biden in his 2024 SOTU address) can’t ensure this right to freedom of religion in a constitutionally secular democratic country India (as reported at  and ) then how could it do so in Taliban influenced Afghanistan. 

(iii)- The USA is not serious about providing leadership to the free world therefore it doesn’t try to understand that any ideological war like Cold War- II can be won only by roping in allies who are committed to the ideology. But the USA, before deciding to exit Afghanistan, didn’t constrain India ( a country which is never tired of bragging that the USA needs India against China hence the USA has made India an ally / friend through QUAD etc which has raised the status of India among world community) to intervene in a big way militarily in Afghanistan to honor (“2010 Indo-Afghanistan strategic partnership Agreement” as mentioned at )  to help the USA to not only ensure the continuation of US installed Afghanistan government in power but also to help in establishing secular democracy in Afghanistan . 

(4)- On one more count Prez Biden (who like other politicians and Presidents of the USA is Europe centric) should realize that the world is not merely Europe and unless the USA takes interest in bringing secular democracy to the rest of the world especially in developing countries. (which the USA is not doing as mentioned at Pakistan election 2024 a matter of shame for the leader of free world, the USA. By Hem Raj Jain ) it can never claim to be the leader of the free world. 

What is amazing is the fact that Prez Biden unfortunately doesn’t realize the importance of the leadership of the USA in the free world  even in this age of cold war- II between Western liberal democracy v/s Authoritarian Chinese democracy. 

It is hoped Prez Biden instead of making hollow boasts  like in 2024 SOTU about ‘US leadership in the world’ would endeavor to  launch a ‘human rights friendly secular democratic new rule based global order’ which will be a true leadership of the USA of the free world.

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