“The Poor Christians of Pakistan” Literacy poorness the main matter of Christian Minority. By Rev. Azam Peter


In the Lahore city of Pakistan, a man name Chapa works hard labor every day. Sometimes he carries the carriage he accounts as nylon, ruff papers peaces of Iron Plastic. Sometime he sleeps on Church roof and sometime in the corner of street. Dogs bark all night but he sleeps deeply. Long time ago he had house, job but during these days he is spending life in starvation.
It is very sad hat thousands of Christians are spending lives like chapa here in Pakistan. The people are compelled to live in small cottages and roads. It is common that women beg with their children on GT road, children runs behind the cars just for few coins or try to sell candies and other things. In all hotels of Pakistan, offices complexes and even in all departments, Christians are compelled to do all filthy work. Pakistani Muslims gave a name to Christian’s nation (Choorra) a much dirty word. It is very difficulty to explain in the modern world that Pakistani Christians are still poor uneducated
Pakistani Majority is very rich but condition of Christians is very bad. Now European counties also hesitate to help Christians of Pakistan because this helps never reach to needy and it is irresponsibility of Pakistani Missionaries Jesus Christ knew that this mater will be with our time He said poor are always be with you (MATTHEW 26:11)

But what it mean that poor will never conclude?

Is there no way to help them?

How true Christians can help to poor Christian?

Love with the poor like Lord Jesus Christ

Poorness and un-justice is old as human history when Lord God gave Divine Law to Israelis, he also mentioned to protect and help to poor but Israelis failed to act on this law (AMMOS 2:6) therefore prophet Ezekiel criticize on behalf of Israeli, he has written (22:29) such situation was also in the time of Jesus Christ when religious people never considered on poor needy people but were always worried to fill full to traditionally things LUK 16:14-20) Jesus Christ proved in a parable. He told in this parable that two Religious across near to an injured person who was lying in middle of the road neither they help to injured they ignored him LUK 10:30-32.

Jesus Christ’s Love for poor

All Gospels proved that Jesus Christ understood the problems of poor no suspect that Jesus Christ the Son of God He is the savior of all world He created all world. But He leaves His throne and appeared in flesh as Human.

He became poor for us (2 Corinthians 8:9) when Jesus saw to crowed he pity on them because their condition was bad as they have no any shepherd.
One day Jesus saw to a widow in the who was paying her offering in the treasure of Temple as many rich people were offering there but Jesus Christ was much impressed by her little offering because she offered all her money even she was much poor (LUK 21:4) Jesus Christ pity on people and He was worried to fill the need of poor Jesus and His disciple collected money and they gave to needy. (MATTHEW 26:6-9) Jesus Christ taught to people also who want to became His disciple He said to a Rich Young man go and sell your all things and gave to poor and fellow me then you will find treasure in Heaven that young man wont lost his money because he has not such qualities that’s Jesus Christ has who want to be the Servant of Christ he must be like Jesus Christ because it’s very important LUK 18: 22-23)

The Disciples of Jesus Christ worried about poor

After departure of Jesus Christ to Heaven His followers proved to care poor for Example Paul met with Jacob Peter and John in 49 A.D He talked with them about Evangelism command of Good News that’s he got from Jesus Christ. They were agree that Paul and Burnabas should preach among Gentiles. He reminds Paul and Burnabas to care poor Paul was also hard working for poor. (Galatians 6:9-10) when in the regency of Emperor Chlorides was starvation feminine in many areas of Kingdom of Rome then Christians of Intakia proposal that according to our financially condition we should send something for our Brothers in Judea then they done it. ( ACTS 11:28-30) True Christians understand perfectly that they must help and care to their other poor needy Christians Brothers and Sisters (Galatians 6:10)

Gospels proves that Jesus Christ always helped to Needy Poor
(MATTHEW 14:14-21) why Jesus Christ helped to poor?

In the Words of God teach to Christians that they must fellow to Jesus Christ.
(1 PETER 2:21) therefore True Christians help to needy poor Christians.

We all those are true Christians should fellow to our Lord Jesus Christ.


In Him

Pastor Azam Peter

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