Who is Hajj Imad Mughniyeh? Why is Al-Radwan Brigade of Hezbollah a big threat to Zionist Israel? By MOHAMMED KHAKU


Quran 2:154 And do not say of those who are killed in the way of Allah that they are dead…you have no knowledge of their life.”

Quran 44:24  Dukhan (Smoke) 24  “…Surely, they is an army that is doomed to be drowned.”

Hamas is the elected authority for the Liberation of Palestine in Gaza, but it is portrayed as terrorist organization by the Israel Occupying Force (IOF). Defining terrorist or freedom fighter is in the eyes of the beholder.

However, Zionist’s real goal is to destroy Al Radwan brigade, the elite Hezbollah force, and the brainchild of the “The Axis of Resistance” coalition.

Who was behind the creation of the Al Radwan Brigade?

It was Hajj Imad Mughniyeh - Shadow Commander with a $25 million bounty and forty intelligence agencies of the world  for his death. There is a four-part spy documentary on martyr Imad - “Ghost of Beirut.” 

However, the documentary fails to recognize the implications of American interference in the Middle East, nor it truly explore how the  USA play a huge part in creating the terrorists (Bin Laden, ISIS) and then work so passionately to eliminate.

Mughniyeh was the mastermind behind the creation of Al-Radwan brigade and after his martyrdom in 2008 the force has become the nightmare for IOF.

Many Mossad officers, US intelligence officers including Scott Ritter US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer have revealed that IOF are no match for Hezbollah’s elite force known as Al-Ridwan.

The Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah said: “with the blood of all these martyrs the Zionist regime's days are numbered.”

The intelligence reports say that Mughniyeh went by the alias of Abu Dukhan - Arabic for “smoke-bearer” or “father of smoke” as he was skilled in disappearing when pursued by authorities.

Hajj Imad Mughniyeh met Imam Khomeini one to one few times which influenced his spirituality, liberation of Al Quds, and the concept of Islamic revolution.

One characteristic of Imam Khomeini was that whoever met the Imam had a profound impact on their lifestyle and character.

There are many examples of personalities but the most spoken, written, and lectured is the Sunni scholar from Nigeria known as Sheikh Ibrahim Zak Zaky.

The other well-known linguistic scholar was Hamid Algar, a British-American Professor Emeritus of Persian studies at University of California, Berkeley.

Mughniyeh played an intrinsic role in forming and propelling the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Yemen, but detail about his personal life remained shadowy.

His role in the Hezbollah  remained hidden as eloquently described by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, as the "man of the shadow."

Every operation by IOF from “Peace for Galilee” (1982) to “Operation Mole Cricket" to “Battle of Sultan Yacoub “ to "Grapes of Wrath" to 33-day war of 2006 known by Hezbollah as “Divine Victory” has failed miserably to eliminate the Resistance.

Moreover, it has had the opposite effects, not only Lebanon survived the onslaught but kicked IOF’s butt out of Lebanon and has created thousands of Hajj Imad Mughniyeh.

Raising the flag of resistance Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Hajj Imad Mughniyeh, and Qassim Soleimani, on a hill facing the Israeli northern town of Metula by the border with Lebanon,

Imad's lifelong goal and dream was to liberate occupied Palestine by raising the “Resistance” flag from Al-Jaleel region in northern Galilee, to Golan Heights to Shaba farms.

When he saw the IOF leave the soil of Lebanon, he was so happy that he prostrated for breathing the beautifully crisp air of occupied Palestine on the top of the hills of Lebanon.

He had his eyes set beyond breathing Palestinian air through the unjustly occupation by liberating Shebaa Farms, Kfar Chouba Hills, and al-Ghajar town.

His final goal was to walk freely and breathe the air of occupied al-Quds (Jerusalem), and the struggle is just getting started.

Mughniyeh was extremely disappointed with Arab monarchies, and Arab armies with their lack of using tools of oil embargo and BDS or sheer persistence operations to execute forays that could have put the Zionist regime in the museum.

Mughniyeh ignited the fire in enemy territory. His name was reverberating across not only the occupied territories but in the entire East, West, North, South and all international intelligence agencies.

His career was shrouded in mystery and his entire biography was unknown, living his life in secret and only being known to the enemy as "Radwan” the angle who guards the gate of heaven.

Knowing of his assassination, the iconic Resistance mystery shadow brought many heart in pain and sorrow for those who knew his role and importance to the Axis of Resistance.

Mughniyeh was assassinated by car bomb in Damascus Kfar Sousa, after holding a meeting with top officials in the Axis of Resistance. A joint Mossad-CIA plot that brought the great martyr's career in the Resistance movement to an end.

He used to say often to his comrade and students  "They should hear me well: [Imad Mughniyeh] has left behind for you, tens of thousands of fighters, well-trained, prepared, and ready for martyrdom."

We are the sons of Imam Hussein, and the name of Ali is always on our tongues.


Hezbollah's commanders honored the Resistance leader's legacy by naming it the "Radwan Force” which encompassing various units from anti-armored units to a media and cyber unit. They all stands as the embodiment of Mughniyeh strategic foresight.

Why are we hearing about Al-Radwan now?

CIA and Mossad say that present commander Haytham Ali Tabatabai, the protégé of Hajj Imad Mughniyeh  poses a much bigger threat to the Zionist Israel.

There is a reward of $5 million for any information on Tabatabai and according to the CIA he is a top Hezbollah military commander leader of Al-Radwan brigade.

Tabatabai has commanded the group’s special forces in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. The fighters are battle-hardened, highly trained, and heavily armed with sophisticated weaponries.

Why is the IOF so terrified by Al-Radwan forces?

The Al-Radwan has inflicted fear on IOF by deadly precision attacks, and many military analyst have claimed that the Radwan Force is Hezbollah’s new firepower.

These are well trained 3 to 5 thousands special elite forces who have neutralized the Israeli army with rapid infiltration, quick precision attack, and suddenly disappear in the occupied territories.

Al-Radwan each and every weaponries from bullets, missiles to tanks have the fingerprint stamp of Hajj Imad Mughniyeh engrossed to show his mission is still alive and vibrating fear in IOF.

Mughniyeh masterminded the disgraceful withdrawal of IOF in 2006 and since than his forces have gained prominence for their performance in brutal fighting in Syria and Iraq with Islamic State and ISIS.

When USA failed to liberate Mosul and Fallujah it was Al Radwan brigade responsible of the victory. Al-Radwan force has been building tunnels over decades in Gaza and south Lebanon on the advice of martyred Qasim Solemani.

What makes the unit elite?

IOF have repeatedly expressed great concern about Hezbollah's missile and drone power. The Al-Radwan force do not look for fame or medal of honor but clear desire for martyrdom with clear set of objectives to liberate Palestine from river to the sea.

The Al-Radwan Unit is so terrifying that thousands of Israelis are migrating to the USA. So, the army chief Herzi Halevi in remarks last month aimed at assuring the citizens that they are safe and secure from Al-Radwan force.

Al-Radwan forces on motor bike with ant-tank missiles.

These forces also have a lot of skill and experience in using motorcycles, tanks, and armored personnel carriers, as well as a lot of expertise in gliding and parachuting.

The unit not only consists of weapon engineers, multi-language intelligence analyst,  cybersecurity specialist, planning specialist and apart from military expertise are also skilled in numerous other fields.

The IOF did not leave Gaza after 38 years on its own accord, it was Mughniyeh who was the mastermind behind Gaza's liberation in 2005 by providing training to Palestinian youths, and coordination of the supply of armaments.

What is the Al Radwan force’s significance?

The existence of hundreds of small independent specialized units with its own brigade and independent chain of command, Al Ridwan has become a fearful force beyond its advancement in weapons.

Al-Radwan Unit consists of less than ten members assigned specific tasks of launching operations without dependence on or logistical support from the command center.

The main feature of this force is the autonomy of its groups to attack only IOF's air defense systems with precision-guided missiles, drones, and Iron Dome batteries.

The other units specialize in destruction of critical infrastructure including power plants, transmission facilities, electricity infrastructure, sewage plants, and water desalination facilities.

The Al-Radwan force have conducted training in how to destroy and set blaze a seaports of Haifa and Ashdod that will paralyzed Zionist Israel.

According to Mossad that the force is so well trained in suicide drones flying at an exceptionally low altitude towards important high-quality targets deep inside Israel directed at weapon factories, nuclear plants, and IOF warehouses.

The forces are also well trained in cyber-attacking banking, communication satellites and traffic infrastructures with thousands of missiles which will pose a serious threat to the functioning of the economy.

The resistance movement from Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Yemen will send hundreds of commandos to seize towns, villages, and IDF check points along the Lebanese border.

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