Lip service by US-Lawmakers for peace in Gaza will fool no one. US-citizens and their religions should use opportunity to become human rights friendly at least in election year 2024. By Hem Raj Jain


 Even in secular countries religion is the custodian of the values of their contemporary society (ii)- Hence the religions in the USA are mainly to be blamed for genocide of Palestinians (including of Children) in Gaza. 

The US-Lawmakers have expressed the policy of the USA which gives a misleading  impression that the USA is concerned about human rights in Gaza where Genocide of Muslim Palestinians (Including Children as mentioned at )  is going on with the complicity of the USA. THe US-Lawmakers said that "There is an attempt to balance between supporting Israel and its war against Hamas and supporting the legitimate aspirations of Palestinian people for self governance and end of conflict," As reported at . 

Notwithstanding what these US-Lawmakers said  the fact is the grim reality that the incumbents of White HOuse and Capitol HIll are callous people and are running with hare and hunting with hounds because the entire world knows that Israel can’t even survive for a single day without military support of the USA and its Western allies which means whatever (including said Genocide) Israel is inflicting on Palestine in Gaza is with the tacit approvaal of and condoning by the USA. Hence if the USA is really interested in bringing permanent peace in this region then political solution to chronic & ghory Israel-Palestine problem is the only way forward which can be achieved only on the basis of right to return of the Palestinians which is possible only through “One State Solution” and not through meaningless “two State Solution”  which is being touted as the way forward even by the politicians of the USA as reported at

 Fortunately  the problems of Palestinians can be solved by "One State solution" commensurate with 'right to return' may be also under  "rule based Islamic global order" (RBIGO, which can be of Shia Islam too) as generally mentioned in my articles and and and Ilhan & Rashida, instead of visiting Israel, should solve Palestine problem. By Hem Raj Jain .

To be fair to the politicians of the USA the real culprits are the Citizens of the USA who elect these politicians who are incumbents of White House and Capitol Hill. Rather more than US Citizens their religions (including various denominations of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism etc) are to be blamed who 24X7 talk about their being human rights friendly religions but do nothing worth the name and effective to educate their followers in the USA to bring electoral pressure on the candidates in elections for adopting human-rights-friendly policies 

No doubt my region Jainism is to be blamed the most because the religious leaders and followers of Jainism are never tired of claiming that it is the first religion based on non-violence and respect of life in every form.

It is hoped the religious leaders and followers of Jainism in the USA will carryout demonstrations in the USA (which hopefully will inspire  the religious leaders and followers of other religions too in the USA) to constrain the candidates for White House and the Capitol Hill (US-Congress)  in this election year of 2024 to work (when in office) for permanent peace in the region of Israel-Plestine through One State solution based on right to return for Palestinians.

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