Anti-Christ waiting in the wings?<br>By Hal Lindsey


The awful "Israeli warmongers" have ceased their "bloodthirsty slaughter" of innocent Palestinian women and children in the occupied territories long enough for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to propose … a return to the peace table. Imagine that!

Arafat is losing the propaganda war in the United States. Americans aren't buying the "freedom fighter" bit anymore. Folks are beginning to wonder how the territories can be "occupied territories" and "areas under Palestinian control" simultaneously.

A lot of Americans are wondering why when the cities are under Palestinian control, suicide bombers attack Israeli civilians. And when Israel actually does send troops in to "occupy" the "occupied territories" - Israeli mothers can go to supermarkets and Israeli children can go to school without being blown to pieces.

A USAToday/Gallup Poll says 70 percent of Americans are waking up from their daze, shaking off the effects of hypnotic mantras like "cycle of violence" and "racist Israeli oppressors" and taking a look at what the media can't conceal.

They are discovering in Yasser Arafat a terrorist leader at the head of an army of blindly fanatical terrorists. They don't see them conducting a war of independence. They recognize it is a war of annihilation. Less than one in four Americans still believes in the moral equivalency between Palestinian terrorism and legitimate acts of war.

Despite the best efforts of the paid spin doctors and the liberal left, Americans have decided that, given the choice between whether to believe the spin doctors or their lyin' eyes, they'd like to give reality a chance. That is bad news for Yasser Arafat.

Reality means rethinking President Bush's "vision" of a Palestinian state side-by-side with an Israeli Jewish state. The mere formality of granting "statehood" to the Palestinians won't undo a decade of anti-Israeli indoctrination. Neither will it change the fact that suicide bombers aren't killing Jewish civilians for nationalist reasons.

They are killing them for Allah. They believe that a Jewish presence in the Middle East is an offense to Islam and to Allah. There is little reason to believe a Jewish presence in the Middle East beside a recognized Palestinian state will make Israel less offensive on Islamic grounds.
These facts are obvious on their face, especially to anyone who will take a deep breath and a second look. The poll suggests that America is taking that breath and that second look. And they are seeing a different reality than Peter Jennings does.

While that might be gratifying for the Israelis, it means the beginning of the end for America as Middle East peacemaker.

The Arab states have never trusted America, but they've always been confident in their ability to push all the right buttons to get America to see it their way. Between America's thirst for oil and its faith in the media, the Arabs have usually been able to manipulate public opinion to their side.

But that was before Sept. 11. Americans no longer trust words like they did, and they are beginning to look at deeds and consequences in a whole new light.

It's time for the Arab world to find a new mediator. And wouldn't you know it, waiting in the wings, eager for his call, is EC President Romano Prodi.

Prodi went on record last week saying the United States had failed and that it is time to give Europe a try. The Europeans point to their wonderful relationship with the Arab world and say only they can negotiate a lasting peace.

According to the prophet Daniel, Prodi is half right. If we are at the point that Bible prophecy suggests, the only one who will be able to negotiate a peace is the leader of the Revived Roman Empire. Daniel identifies him as the prince of the people that would destroy Jerusalem and the Temple. Titus of Rome destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in A.D. 70.

Daniel says that Roman leader will "confirm the covenant" of seven years' duration. Oslo was a failed peace covenant that ran within a framework of seven years. It opened on Sept. 13, 1993, and was scheduled to have concluded with the final disposition of the city of Jerusalem on Sept. 13, 2000.

Roman Prodi is president of the all-powerful European Commission, which functions according to the principles set forth by the 1957 Treaty of Rome.

American popular opinion is turning away from the Arabs, and we are preoccupied with our own war on terror anyway.

The timing is just about perfect for somebody else to stick his head into the meat grinder and try and bring peace to Jerusalem.

Is this the time spoken of by Daniel? Nobody can know for sure. But if not, it can't be far off. What we do know is that it was Jesus Christ Himself Who said that "when these things begin to come to pass, then look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh." Luke 21:28

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