Imran increasingly transforming from winner to loser because took Islam for granted but can still bounce back in a big way if works for 'Global Islamic order' by disciplining Pak armed forces. By Hem Raj Jain


When largest religion the Christianity is not taking interest in launching ‘new global order’ the second largest religion Islam should do it (ii)- Imran still is best suited to work for the ‘Just ’global Islamic order’ (ii)- Political party in the USA working for ‘global Islamic order’ will be the game changer (iv)- Presently politically divided India is ready to  realize FSD-extended SAARC having 700 million Muslims who will support Imran if he  and his party PTI endeavor to realize Global Islamic order.  

The  Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan after getting suspension of sentence from High Court in Tosha khana case was arrested again in so-called ‘Cypher case’  (as reported at ) and he may not be allowed to come out of the Jail which may make it impossible for him to contest the election as apprehended by knowledgeable people in Pakistan like prominent journalist and anchor Hamid Mir (as discussed at ). 

The students of political science will take keen interest in knowing why Imran Khan became a loser by September 2023 when he was gathering huge crowds in his public meetings all over Pakistan including in the important province of Punjab in early 2023. This has come as no surprise because the way Imran was not politically exploiting the situation in his favor (as mentioned in my article it was bound to happen  one day. But fortunately for Imran  he can still bounce back in a big way if starts taking Islam especially ‘global Islam’ seriously by disciplining military establishment of Pakistan as mentioned below in the interest of launching new global Islamic order:-

(1)- First of all Imran should ask the next top leadership of his party PTI to immediately start organizing public meetings all over Pakistan where they should tell the people that - “the incumbent government of Pakistan in complicity with the security forces /  establishment of Pakistan is hatching a criminal conspiracy to stop Imran and even his party PTI from contesting elections for the national assembly of Pakistan because they know that Imran & his party PTE are very popular and will come to power again through elections which is fearsome to these corrupt and anti-nation and anti-Islam incumbent forces”. 

(2)- At the same time Imran and his party should not only start doing in India what I have mentioned in my above mentioned article PCP 260 but should declare publicly and repeatedly that they will work for establishing new rule based global order on Islamic principles because in this age of globalization global order is necessary which is impossible without global religion and the Christianity  (the WEst led by the USA)  have failed twice to provide any viable just global order hence first collapsed the “The League of Nations” which was launched after World war- 1 and now the ”The United Nations” sponsored by the USA after world war-2.has collapsed after Ukraine war. 

(3)- Imran and his party PTI can achieve ‘Islamic global order’ if proceed generally (as is mentioned in my article at If BRICS Expansion has brought WW-3 nearer, it will be interesting to watch India & Islam through Balochistan. By Hem Raj Jain) with following difference due to changed context (i)- Balochistan government in exile should be persuaded by IMran and PTI to give-up separatist agenda and consider Balochistan as a part of Pakistan which will happen only when IMran & PTI succeeds in assuring  Balochistan government in exile that their (IMran & PTI) government when comes to power after NA Elections will discipline the security forces of Pakistan so that they don’t inflict atrocities on Balochs especially on Baloch women. (ii)- Imran should try to launch political parties in all Muslim majority countries  including in India with 200 million Muslims and also in the USA (these parties supporting secularism and democracy including in Pakistan)  by giving declared priority to the realization of FSD- extended SAARC with 700 million Muslims which will play important role in realizing ‘global Islamic order.’ (iii)- Imran & PTI should try to launch a global forum of the said true Islam with its head-office in Pakistan  and this global forum should patronize political parties and media primarily for  Muslim Ummah..

When the largest religion Christianity is not taking interest in launching ‘new global order’ the second largest religion Islam should do it.  Imran still is best suited to work for the ‘Just ’global Islamic order’  and Imran should know that  Political party to be started by him in the USA working for ‘global Islamic order’ will be the game changer and it will not only bring relief to Imran and to his party PTI  but will also send message of hope to the entire Ummah / mankind.

Presently politically deeply divided India (evident from  I.N.D.I.A. alliance of 28 parties against BJP and current controversy over ‘one nation one election’ issue which is perceived by opposition a ploy by PM Modi to postpone elections in 5 States where opposition was hoping to achieve electoral success) is ready to  realize FSD-extended SAARC to counter communal Hindutva forces which rely mainly  on anti-Muslim divisive nationalism to acquire power moreover extended SAARC is having 700 million Muslims who will support Imran if he  and his party PTI endeavor to realize new Global Islamic order by first realizing FSD-extended SAARC.

The  present  legal problems of IMran  are the result of his self-inflicted political problems. Hence it is hoped Imran will try to come out of these  by showing unquestioned faith and allegiance to the said trueIslam (by working to realize ‘global Islamic order’ for bringing peace and prosperity with justice to the entire mankind ) which (Islam) in the past  Imran  tried to use only for his narrow political interests.

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