If BRICS Expansion has brought WW-3 nearer, it will be interesting to watch India & Islam through Balochistan. By Hem Raj Jain


The world may go for Islamic order because the Christians have failed to provide a global order  where mankind can live in peace and prosperity with justice. 

The BRICS group of nations has invited six new countries (Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and UAE) to join the bloc that has pledged to champion the "Global South" as reported at https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/breaking-six-more-countries-to-become-new-members-of-brics-101692862725740.html . But the global financial and strategic commentators have warned that BRICS expansion is a step which has brought  the world closer to World War - 3 and the world is  moving into very dangerous phase because the USA will not go down without fighting as it will challenge and damage the Dollar and Western financial / economic system as discussed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cyfl7ftznGU .

This is bound to usher mankind into a new global order which in any case is overdue because the existing global order of the UN sponsored by the USA after WORld WAR-2 has been destroyed by Russia (with the support of another permanent member China) through UKraine War. But this raises an important question and has profound implications. There are four major human groups namely Christians, Muslims, Chinese and HIndus. Christians and Chinese have destroyed the existing global order of the UN whereas Hindus remain as passive spectators as ever hence now only Muslim world (Islam) may come forward to shape the new global order.

This is quite possible given the situation in South Asia where true Islam and India can initiate this process of launching a new global order due to the factor of Balochistan. Recently the Prime MInister of Balochistan Government in exile Dr. Naela Qadri visited INdia where she complained that Muslim Ummah is not taking cognizance of the atrocities being committed in a Muslim ‘country’ of Balochistan (including on Baloch women)  by the security forces of Pakistan though Pakistan came in existence in the name of Islam  and it is happening because Muslim Ummah is not following ‘true Islam’ . Dr Naela also asked INdia to help the Baloch to gain independence like INdia helped Bangladesh in 1971.

Though due to historic Hindu v/s Muslim rivalry Indians welcomed Naela and encouraged her to narrate more and more the stories of the said atrocities by Muslim Pakistan on Balochs but Balochistan government in exile so far has not been able to get any support worth the name from India so much so that so far India has not recognized Balochistan government in exile and so far INdia has not allowed Balochistan government in exile to open its office on Indian soil. This is bound to Constrain the Balochistan government in exile to go for an out of the box solution which incidentally is available to the Balochistan government in exile if it uses true Islam for the solution of the problems of Balochs as mentioned below:-

(!)- Balochs will have to understand two things:-

(i)- For achieving independent sovereign country Balochs will have to wage war against Pakistan supported by China which Balochs alone can’t do. Only India supported by the West led by the USA can put boots on ground as mentioned at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/exclusive-reports-details/283 . But when INdia can’t fight combined Pakistan and China  to clear its territory of Pakistan and China occupied J&K for carrying out PLebiscite as mandated by the IoA of J&K to INdia then why  INdia will fight PAkistan supported by China for Balochistan as explained at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/4259 

(ii)- If Hindu majority India can’t do justice to its own Muslim citizens then how will it do to the Baloch Muslims and 700 million Muslims of extended-SAARC (the political arrangement on which Balochs seem to be relying so much). 

(2)- Fortunately for Balochs both these problems can be address if:- 

(i)- If Balochs persuade some people from Jammu, Kashmir and Laddakh to file the said petition in the SCI for getting plebiscite in united J&K as per the mandate of the IoA of J&K to India.

(ii)- If Balochistan government in exile persuade (A)- Tibet government in exile at Dharamshala (india ) and (B)- US-Islam to persuade Muslim Uyghurs (a religious community being harassed and persecuted by Communist China) of Xinjiang province of China and (C ) - Government of Sindhu Desh in exile (already under influence of and in alliance with Balochistan government in exile)   - All these three  to wage war war for their independence when India takes military action to clear POJK and COJK of invaders and outsiders in the interest of carrying out plebiscite in united J&K as per the mandate of IoA of J&K to India. 

(iii)- If Balochistan government in exile persuade US-Islam (through ‘ Council on American Islamic Relations’ the CAIR, ISNA etc) to launch a forum in the USA having religious leaders of ‘true Islam’ from Muslim countries which will patronize political parties and media in all the Muslim countries and in India having 200 million Muslims. THese political parties may be named “Global Islamic Secular Democrats” (GISD) of India. Similarly with the names of other countries including of the USA. 

(iii)- With the support of GISD Of all the Muslim countries and India the GLobal true Islam should work for launching new human rights friendly rule based global order (i)- In which secularism and democracy will have preference  privilege and even military support (ii)- which will be participatory where no member country will have veto right instead every country will have voting right in its security council commensurate with its contribution of men (including military),, money and material (including military) and its record about human rights (iii)- will have provision for moving this global body even by the victims of gross violation of their human rights also by replacing optional protocol OP-1 by Mandatory protocol MP-1 of the ICCPR of the UN (iv)- which will eliminate WMDs (including and especially nuclear) of all the countries in a time bound period (v)- there will be one currency with proper asset back-up (gold etc) with central bank at the head office of this global body and branches in all the member countries (vi)- New global order will take measures for stopping money laundering between countries and protection of financial crimes in one member country by other member countries   

(3)_ As Christianity is not interested (as mentioned at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/opinion-details/4211) in launching new global order,   thee US-ISlam should work for bringing the countries of SOUTh and CEntral Asia under political order (of one military) of extended -SAARC having over 700 million Muslims which will be a formidable force for launching the said new global order 

It is hoped the US-Islam will take the said  initiative (on its own or on the request of Balochistan government in exile) as it  is necessary because the country  Saudi Arabia (so far considered to be leader of Sunni-Muslim world due to sacred Mecca and Medina on its soil) neither has the will nor the capacity to bring Islamic order in the world.

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