Why Muslim countries must unite in favor of the rights of Kashmiri Muslims? By Dr. Ibrahim Islam


Oppression still continues in Kashmir. Many images of torture are not coming out due to lack of access to impartial media. The Hindu government of India does not stop at suppressing the Muslims of Kashmir. In the name of NRC, millions of Muslims from every state have been expelled from India. Although Hindus are named in the NRC, they are also guaranteed citizenship under a different law. In other words, Muslims are the target. Muslims have no place in India. As time goes on, the reality of the divided politics of the subcontinent during the last days of the British is becoming clear. Proponents of a separate country for Muslims (including many leaders of our country could not trust the big leaders of undivided India because they felt that India was once a minority. Extremists will attack, Muslims are not safe here, these things are becoming clearer day by day.

Back to Kashmir. Kashmir has a long history of oppression. Since 1947, Jammu and Kashmir has been under Indian rule. He was subjected to various kinds of oppression. Recently this oppression has taken a final form. Hindutva Modi government scraps controversial Article 370; According to the article, the people of Kashmir would get some special benefits. Article 370 was repealed to abolish their individual status. The people of Kashmir expressed anger against this, protested, but they were blocked even before that. Currently, Kashmiri Muslims are forced to live a difficult life of torture and siege.

By abrogating Article 370, the Indian government has not only destroyed the independent status of Kashmir, but has divided Kashmir into Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh into another. Thereafter entire Kashmir was brought under this central rule. That is, they will not allow any Muslim majority state to exist in India.

Kashmiri Muslims have not seen any other Muslim state to stand by them except their neighboring state of Pakistan in this difficult time. The behavior of the influential Muslim states seems to have no problem with the Kashmiri crisis. The UN is playing a largely silent role as usual. Although the UN Security Council held a meeting on the Kashmir issue after many years, no condemnation resolution was even passed there. As such, it cannot be said that this meeting of the Security Council can take any special steps to overcome the crisis of Kashmiris.

In the midst of this crisis and oppressed condition of Kashmiri Muslims, Muslims in the countries of the world have suffered more by seeing the factories of the rulers of two Arab countries. Amidst this situation in Kashmir, first the United Arab Emirates, then Bahrain, awarded India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi with their state's highest medals and honours. According to reports, the UAE ambassador in Delhi has also given a statement in favor of India's actions and torture in Kashmir. The Muslims of the world are already in trouble with their Kashmiri brothers and sisters. In this, the behavior of the rulers of the Arab states has created a situation like sprinkling salt in the wounds of Muslims worldwide.

Kashmiris have been under siege for weeks after the cancellation of Kashmir's special status. A curfew has been imposed there. Communication channels, including mobile and internet networks, have been shut down or restricted. The news of various kinds of harassment and torture being carried out on them is being published in various media. Despite all this, no action has been taken by any of the major Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, nor has any cynicism been heard. However, some non-Muslim countries have spoken a word or two about the Kashmir crisis. China and the United Nations have made some statements at the request of Pakistan. But what action can be expected from non-Muslim countries and the UN dominated by non-Muslims where Muslim states are keeping silent!

One thing to think and think about here is why the rulers of Muslim countries do not show any mercy to the brothers of the oppressed tribes? Why can't they do anything for oppressed Muslims? Rather, in many cases, some Muslim states play a role in rewarding the oppressors who persecute Muslims. They try to improve relations with them and invest billions of dollars in their countries. Why do Muslim rulers actually do this? When looking for an answer to this question, two main issues come to the fore.

Towaj of different ethnic groups in the greed for power

The first is the greed for power. They are keeping relations with various foreign powers to maintain their power. From ages, rulers have adopted many methods to cling to power. The rulers of Arab lands were no exception. They have put in place many measures since the beginning, which were against common Muslim civic interests. But over the past two decades, especially since 9/11, what has emerged as the ultimate downfall of the Arab rulers is that they have at times taken an open stance against the tribes in order to maintain power. For this reason, many Arab Muslim countries are seen to take a stand in favor of the occupying Israel. Now the heads of some Arab states are not taking refuge in the slightest in developing various relations with Israel. Various analysts on their side, however, say that this is a policy of staying in power by 'preventing terrorism' in agreement with the 'opponents of terrorism'. Arab rulers are adopting this policy now.

In other words, they think that if their power is about to go away due to mass agitation or mass slander, then other nations, including Jews and Christians, will protect them. It is because of this attitude that at various times in the country they are seen cooperating with the forces attacking the Muslims. Sometimes it is also seen to maintain a silent relationship with the Muslim oppressors. They have taken the same stand on Kashmir. Some Muslim countries are saying verbally and some are showing by behavior that Kashmir issue is India's own issue. Some are showing off, giving medals and honors. The world is rewarding and honoring oppressive power without considering the feelings of Muslims. It seems from their behavior that they are very happy with their Muslim brothers and sisters of other countries who are shedding blood and they do not care about such anti-Muslim behavior of people of different castes.

However, Kashmir's neighboring country, Pakistan, seems to be concerned about Kashmir. China is also saying something at the request of Pakistan. But this China is seen again in a different role regarding the Uighur Muslims. They are torturing Muslims there. Again, Pakistan is not saying anything to China about this torture. Power protection and commercial interests are also at work here. On the other hand, what China is doing on Kashmir is also limited to verbal role. There is no sign that any effective action will be taken by China.

This example of taking the foreigner or invaders as friends by going against the native while clinging to power is causing bleeding in the hearts of the Muslim world. But the rulers of Muslim countries are not paying attention to that. The question is, will the friendship or relationship of the ethnic-separate rulers of Muslim countries with foreigners and foreigners be permanent? Will this friendship survive the test of time?

History and reality do not say so. Rulers of different races do not come forward to defend a Muslim ruler who is about to be deposed. There is no shortage of history and evidence that people of different races do not move a single step without their own interests. Any military-civilian cooperation on the part of the rulers of different nations towards the Muslim rulers is only in the interest of their own domination and success of progressive initiatives, they do not show the least sympathy to keep anyone in power. The events of the last three-four decades in the Middle East bear the burning evidence of this reality.

Many Muslim ruling rulers who had long been subservient to foreigners and other nations did not get their support during the final crisis, rather the opposite happened. People of different ethnicities moved away, leaving ethnic Muslim rulers on the brink of collapse. The history of the fall of the fallen rulers of different countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt proves this fact. Power centers of different nations did not help them. Arbitrary Muslim rulers could not stay in power even with the mediation of different nations. Usually the enemies of the Muslims are of no help when the 'obedient' fall. But the rulers of the Muslim world are far away from realizing this fact.


Allah Ta'ala said:


لَا يَتَّخِذِ الْمُؤْمِنُوْنَ الْكٰفِرِيْنَ اَوْلِيَآءَ مِنْ دُوْنِ الْمُؤْمِنِيْنَ وَ مَنْ يَّفْعَلْ ذلِكَ فَلَيْسَ مِنَ اللهِ فِي شَيْءٍ اِلَّا ۤ اَنْ تَتَّقُوْا مِنْهُمْ تُقٰىةً وَ يُحَذِّرُكُمُ اللهُ نَفْسَهٗ وَ اِلَي اللهِ الْمَصِيْرُ.


Muslims should not leave Muslims and make infidels friends. Whoever does this has nothing to do with Allah. But in this condition (you can do it) that you want to protect yourselves from them. Allah is warning you about Himself and to Allah you must return. - Surah Ale Imran (3): 28


Muslim rulers in countries should therefore not befriend non-Muslim oppressors against Muslim tribesmen. They will not get any help during the crisis, on the contrary, even if there is a fall, even if there is death, there will be no one among the tribe to say 'Inna Lillah' or to regret. If the Muslim rulers are on the side of the tribe in times of danger and crisis, then at least he will get the sympathy of the tribe and will also get prayers.


Rulers do not want to remember that power does not last forever. Rulers on whom it was said that the sun never sets, those rulers also had to leave power, left India. Because they were against the masses. The people of the occupied countries were not trapped by their talk of 'various development'; Rather forced them to emigrate. In the same way, Muslim rulers cannot survive in power even with the help of people of different races. That is why they should take a stand for the Muslim nation, even if it is oppressed. Don't become the sycophants of anti-Muslim oppressors.

Love of money


The second reason that comes to the fore for Muslim rulers to show respect and loyalty to rulers of other castes against the natives is commercial interest or financial interest. Everything in the whole world seems to be flowing, being used, by money and for money. Respect, status, ethnicity, religion, everything seems to be going under money. Humanity has long been trampled by money. The relationship between the states of the world, the relationship and respect of one power to another - everything is being done in view of economic interests. For several years, I have seen that not only India, but also countries like China and Japan have taken a stand in favor of oppressing the Rohingya by the oppressive Myanmar government. Because they have huge investment and trade in that country.


The specter of this money also haunts the rulers of Muslim states. Muslim states whose rulers were considered 'Islam-friendly' due to some good behavior of their forefathers, also have financial, trade and investment accounting relationships on their shoulders. They are investing in the countries that are leading the killing of Muslims for profit. Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil refinery company Aramco has invested hundreds of billions of dollars in India's Reliance. This is a great example of establishing ties with the oppressors of the tribe based on the lure of money. Regrettably, these relations and respects are coming to the fore by the Arab rulers after the abrogation of Kashmir's special status by the anti-Muslim government in India and the blockade of Kashmir.


The question is, did the Muslim rulers believe in the power of oppressors and invest the wealth given to them by Allah, that there may be a situation where they will not get a single penny back! There are few cases in the world that after the rulers are ousted from power, the money is kept in the account of the country or where the money is invested! Trusting these forces of other nations is a suicidal step. For a time the Muslim rulers did not realize the consequences of these actions, but later they had to suffer tragic consequences. There is also a fall from power, the loss of money invested or hoarded. So taking precautions is actually the responsibility of the Muslim rulers. They should follow their path by taking lessons from such situations. Sympathy towards the natives and the spirit of wine should be nurtured. There is no point in saying anything to the rulers of different countries and different races about this.


Meanwhile, a painful thing is that the effect of this flattery of the Muslim rulers has also started to fall on the people of the Muslim countries. When the crisis of Muslims started in different countries, now the suffering, dua, and inner tears continue right among the Muslims all over the world. But as before, the role of the Muslim community in the country is not visible. Earlier, news of angry people used to come in the media. The influential media in Muslim countries, even if they were Western oriented, were forced to publish the news of Muslim outrage. One of its effects was on world opinion. As there is a lack of outrage now, the media in Muslim countries are silent as if they have no headache; Rather, in many cases, the media of Muslim countries are playing a role in favor of oppressive forces towards Muslims. Why don't the media do this? As the saying goes, 'Annasu ala dini mulukihim' - the king runs the kingdom. If Muslim countries, from heads of state to the general public, remain silent about persecuted Muslims, the western-aligned media will take advantage of it. Observers think that current information technology and various media entertainment programs are playing a major role in the lack of open anger of Muslims in Muslim countries. Even so-called social media engagement has silenced many 'angry' Muslims in many countries. A large section of the Muslim population is involved in these entertainment arrangements and management.

We will call upon the rulers of Muslim countries to forget their differences and build unity among themselves. They trust themselves more than other ethnic groups in trade and mutual transactions, and at the same time, Muslim rulers should play a strong role when they are persecuted in countries where the Muslim Ummah is a minority. OIC is an organization of Muslim countries. The organization is now in a weak state. It could have been strengthened. A lot of work could be done by using this organization. Arrangements could be made to stand by the oppressed Muslims in the country.


Still, if the Muslim rulers speak for the nation, become ummah-oriented and people-oriented, then their days of danger will end, and the crisis of the oppressed people of the ummah will also end. In this, the Muslim rulers will not only get eternal peace in the hereafter, but they will also find a large number of people among the tribes who will take their side in times of danger. The sooner the Muslim rulers become nationalistic, the better off they will be and also the welfare of hundreds of millions of Muslims.


And if they fail to take steps towards the nation, they will not be saved from their final defeat, nor will they get mercy from anyone if they fall. Allah Almighty will grant the final victory to the Muslims, inshallah. No tyrannical self-interest will ever be saved. Allah's religion will prevail all over the world one day; As Muslims, we have this belief. Quran majid has given us this lesson.


Allah says: وَ لَا تَهِنُوْا وَ لَا تَحْزَنُوْا وَ اَنْتُمُ الْاَعْلَوْنَ اِنْ كُنْتُمْ مُّؤْمِنِیْنَ 


Don't be depressed, don't worry. You will be victorious, if you are believers. - Surah Ale Imran (3): 139




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