Blessing in disguise for Sharad Pawar if consolidates support in Maharashtra and India on the basis of democracy, secularism, socialism, freedom of religion and new rule based global. By Hem Raj Jain


NO body can stop the political party (alone or in coalition) of Sharad Pawar from coming to power at Centre through 2024 Lok Sabha elections if it works for helping the UsA in launching new rule based global order by realizing   FSD-extended SAARC. 

Sharad Pawar, who has been a tall and seasoned political figure not only in Maharashtra but in national politics, suffered a massive jolt  with the split of his party, particularly his own nephew Ajit spearheading the divide by swearing in as the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. As reported at

It has also given jolt to opposition unity which was meant to destroy the chance of PM Modi for third term in power through 2024 Loksabha elections as discussed at . 

BUt it will be utterly premature to write the epitaph of the political life of Sharad Pawar. On the contrary it can be a blessing in disguise for Sharad Pawar if he consolidates his support base both  in Maharashtra and in India on the basis of democracy, secularism,  socialism  and rule based new global order as explained below:_ 


People don't rule directly in any democracy but only through political parties. Democracy is not merely periodic voting by people in  election  but without democracy in political parties and without people friendly strong political parties democracy in any  country has no meaning hence Sharad Pawar should do two things to strengthen democracy in India (i)- In the case of defection by MPs & MLAs in any party the Chief whip of the party should get preference over leader of legislative party. Hence Sharad Pawar even by taking Shiv SEna with him should agitate the matter before Election Commission and the Supreme Court of India (SCI) to direct the speaker of the house to disqualify the members who went against  the whip of the party and defected. (ii)- Sharad Pawar should bring democracy in his party by ensuring territorial office bearers of the party (at local, city, Taluka district, division, regional and national level) to be elected by the vote of one level lower office bearers of the party and at lowest level by party members.Moreover elected representatives tend to work for those who finance their elections hence Shrad Pawar should ensure that the election of his Party’s candidates is financed by his party. 


 A seasoned politician Sharad Pawar must be knowing that the communal HIndutva forces (through BJP led by PM Modi) are in power courtesy Indian Muslims  due to the simple reason that the  Indian Muslims out of un-Islamic cowardice didn’t file proper petitions in the SCI. Hence Sharad Pawar should persuade Muslims to immediately file two petitions in the SCI one about Babri Masjid and other about BBC Documentary (as mentioned at  ) which will bring the entire political edifice (which is nothing but the house of cards) of BJP led by Modi  crumbling and crashing flat on earth..  For establishing secularism in India rather in Indian subcontinent two more things should be done by Sharad Pawar (i) Pawar’s party should get petitions filed in the SCI for  direction to the Government of INdia (GoI) to work for (A)-plebiscite in united J&K as mandated by the IoA of J&K to India after ensuring POk including G&B free from outsiders and also plebiscite in Balochistan who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan by military pressure (B)- Pawar’s party should get petitions filed in the SCI for direction to the  GoI to work for dual citizenship of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh [to about 160 million Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims who were illegally displaced (and their descendants) because there was no provision of population transfer in”INdian INdependence Act 1947” ]- with provision of military intervention by INdia in case Pakistan and Bangladesh don’t provide safety and security ro these  dual citizenship holder HIndus and Sikhs who will go in their native mother land for visiting,  living, doing business etc.  


(10)- When the overwhelming majority of Indians are economically in a bad shape India  (Pawar’s Party) should go for genuine socialism.. Sharad Pawar’s party will gain political acceptability quickly not only in Maharashtra but also all across India if  works (by 'dharnas' (sit-ins) at all the Tehsil / Taluka headquarters which will make his political party a  formidable political force all across India because two third population of India is fully or partly dependent on farm-income and lakhs of farmers (mostly fro dalits and backward castes) have committed suicide (many in Mharashtra) due to non-remunerative price of farm produce) for retrieving about Rs 1,000 Lakh Crore (45 % of Rs ~ 2,200 Trillion and rising) of Income Tax from About 1 million fake farmers as discussed in Parliament in April 2016 as reported at (  and . This huge money should be used to provide legally enforceable prices (LEMSP) for at least 40 agricultural produce through an expanded public distribution system and for other economic developmental activities of India

(4)- New Global order:- 

Due to unprecedented advances in modern science and technology globalization is inevitable and world can’t do without globalization which is impossible without global order. The existing global order of the UN has been demolished by Russia with the support of China through UKraine War hence there is a need for a new global order in which India should become the most important nation after the USA which only can launch and run the new global order. But before this India will have to put China at its proper place which PM MOdi can’t do because he is afraid of China as is evident from what CHina has been doing in Easter Ladakh since 2020 and presently in Manipur but PM MODI has no courage to confront ChIna as is accused  by the MP of his Party BJP Subramaniyan Swamy (as mentioned at  and in my article ).. Sharad Pawar’s party should declare that it will work with the help of the said new world body to discipline China militarily in Eastern Ladakh and in North East of India. 


(3)- The  unprecedented advance of modern technology and sciences including social science has made the mankind very powerful which is possible only with free mind which is possible only in secular democracy because these makes the human mind free from the coercion of two traditional authorities namely religion (about temporal, this worldly matters) and the State having military as its the most important element. But HInduism is destroying both democracy  (through its caste system where the majority of HIndus are socially inferior which is fatal to democracy because demoralized people can’t run democracy)  and secularism through communal HIndutva forces of BJP presently Led by PM Modi. Hence unless the majority of HIndus out of their free choice are converted to US-Christianity (by exercising their fundamental right to freedom of religion) there is no hope for India. 

Sharad Pawar should mention in the Constitution of his political party that it will work for India helping the USA in establishing and running the new liberal (of secular democracy) participatory rule based global order where no country will have veto power rather every country will have voting power commensurate with its contribution of men (Including military) money and material (including military) and it's record of human rights. Moreover, in this new world body the provision of military intervention [by replacing optional protocol OP-1 of ICCPR of the UN with Mandatory Protocol MP-1 in the new world body] in case of serious and massive violations of human rights in member countries. 

It is hoped Sharad Pawar will use this opportunity as blessing in disguise by  consolidating his  support base both  in Maharashtra and in India (including in important Indian diaspora in the USA) on the basis of democracy, secularism,  socialism  and rule based new global order which is bound to bring his political party and its coalition in power at Centre through 2024 Lok Sabha elections in the best interest of India, the leader of extended- SAARC

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