Biden need not be prematurely glad over Indo - China disengagement because India will soon recognize independent Tibet under US – Buddhism. By Hem Raj Jain


The BIden-administration will gain nothing by brushing  ‘china-threat’ under the carpet and by underplaying the importance of India and of US-buddhism in keeping china at its ‘proper’ place. (ii)- US_Buddhism can be crucial in achieving ‘independence of Tibet’  

THe way ChIna has fallen out of favor and grace of practically the entire world after allegedly ‘China originated Corona pandemic’ since 2019 and after CHina didn’t oppose Russia about Ukraine war snce february 20`22 and the way China has been threatening Pacific countries hence by not showing confidence in QUAD and even in AUKUS) it constrained evn Japan in 2022 end to take command & control of its defense from the USA and in its own hands  as reported at the entire world wants to put Chin at its proper place hence customary meaningless and pacifist ststemnt by Prez Biden will serve no purpose when as per media he said  that - ‘The White House has said the Biden administration is glad that both India and China quickly disengaged after clashing on December 9 in Arunachal Pradesh's Tawang sector ’. as repotrd at . 

After world war - II the USA NEVER faced such a formidably powerful adversary against  the West (made formidably powerful  economically by the West  itself led by the USA) as China (in alliance with Russia)  and at the same time the etire world never wanted one country (china) to be kept at its proper place but Prez Biden has failed to take proactive action to keep China at its proper place for the simple reason that  Prez bIden is not only brushing  ‘china-threat’ under the carpet but  also  is not recognizing  the importance of so-called US-ally India and of US-buddhism in keeping china at its ‘proper’ place,  as explained below:- 

(1)- if there is one country which can help the USA in keeping CHIna at its proper place then it is India due to two reasons (I)- INda shares longest  border / LAC with China and (II)- Tibetans led by Dalai LAma are not only living in India since 1959 but have also established 'Tibet government in exile' at Dharmshala in the Stte of H.P. in India which has a potential of triggering armed independence struggle by TIbetans in CHina in which Inia can repeat 1971 Bangladesh if WEst led by the USA provide military resources to Inida for bringing independent TIbet in existence.

(2)- So far such 'independence of tibet' movement could not be started due to two reasons (i)- Dalai Lama is running with hare but hunting with hounds hence presides over 'tibet govt in exile' at Dharmshala and at the same time says that TIbet is an integral part of China  (II)- no government of India (led by Congress and BJP) took the 'independence of tibet’ seriously. 

(3)_ BUT NOW the Situation  has changed fundamentally because due to recent Chinese aggression in Eastern Laddakh and in Arunachal Pradesh the public opinion in INdia wants China to be taught a military lesson (ii)- There is a huge scope for changing the religious leadership of Tibetans in India and in China THROUGH US-Buddhism. (III)- THERE IS A HUGE scope for promoting powerful third political force in India patronized by INDIAN TIBETANS / BUddhists RELIGIOUSLY LED BY US_Buddhism if majority of SC and ST (some alreday getting  converted since the time of DR. B.R. Ambedkar without any relief worth the name to SC, ST) are converted by them to US_Buddhism because the SC,  STS and disgruntled Muslims form about 40 % of India ‘s population whereas merely 31 % of support base is  giving comfortable majority to modi led BJP governments at Union and in many States of India.


(4)- God only knows whether BIDEN- administration is aware or no that the social and religious leaders of Tibetans in the State of Minnesota (where maximum number of TIbetans live in the USA) have been mobilized to work for independence of TIbet under US-Buddhism which is bound to attract global attention in the interest of keeping China at its proper place through independence of TIbet. 


(5)_ THE thus bringing of China under global order will also go a long way in the VICTORY OF Liberal (oF secular democracy ) global order in the on-going cold war - II against authoritarian Chinese democracy.  


therefore it is hoped the PRESIDENT Of the USA (LEADER OF the FREE WORLD) PREZ BIDEN will stsrt taking the ongoing cold war - II seriously and will do everything for ensuring the VICTORY OF Liberal (oF secular democracy ) global order in the on-going cold war - II against authoritarian Chinese democracy by facilitating independence of Tibet under leadership of US-BUddhism, as mentioned above  with the help of India.

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