Imran’s long march with implications beyond Pakistan should be allowed with proper security and law & order. By Hem Raj Jain


Ref:- (i)- Imran's call on Friday to agitate for the resignation of the three the PM Shehbaz, Interior Minister Sanaullah and Maj. Gen Faisal (allegedly responsible for attack on Imran & PTI leaders) is ridiculous (ii)- Responsibility for security of long march was on Punjab government mainly of PTI led by Imran (iii)- Imran shouldn’t be allowed to run away from long march by diversionary tactic of calling for agitation for resignation of the three. 

The attack on Imran & other PTI leaders on Thursday at the container during the long march at Wazirabad should be condemned by all. Such attack was in the coming as was apprehended by many during media debates especially after a lady journalist was killed under the container of this long march. This gave the ideas as to how the crowd near the container was not managed & regulated properly by security agencies and such confusion near the container made this attack on Imran and others around him on the container possible. It is hoped at least now the security agency will take the security issues seriously also due to the reason that this long march of Imran has raised the issues which have serious & important implications (as mentioned below) beyond Pakistan.  Hence this long march should be allowed to reach a logical conclusion PEACEFULLY and even Imran shouldn’t be allowed to run away from the long march by diversionary tactic of calling for agitation for resignation of the three as mentioned in :- 

(1)- The issues raised by this long march are given below:- 

(i)- This long march as per Imran is for ‘haqeeqi azadi’ (real freedom) by which Imran means that Pakistanis should come out of fear of the USA in consonance with ‘La Ilaha Illallah’ which as per Imran - a Muslim should fear only Allah and not the USA which as per Imran has installed an imported government of Shehbaz Sharif by engineering no-trust vote not only by threatening (the Pak embassy in the USA by US Diplomat Lu, the so-called cipher controversy) but also by bribing the defectors (‘Mandi lagi hui thee’ as per Imran). If the USA is really involved in toppling the Imran government the way Imran is alleging then it is a matter of concern not merely for Pakistan.

(ii)- Imran is also accusing Pak military (and ISI) which as per Imran didn’t do the legally necessary to save Imran’s government. To some it may sound wrong on the part of Imran to ask the military (of a democracy) to save his government but this issue is not that simple. The ISI (unlike the intelligence agency of any other democracy in the world) has plenary powers in Pakistan and it was very easy to locate the money trail of the USA to defectors (if this accusation by Imran of bribe is true) but ISI didn’t do it. It has also been discussed in the media that - ‘had the ISI chief not changed (by replacing pro - Imran ISI chief with pro - Gen Bajwa ISI Chief in 2021 end, out of courtesy ) this money trail could have been easily unearthed.’

[Even after April 7, 2022 judgment of Supreme Court declaring Imran's move to dissolve parliament unconstitutional, on the basis of said money trail Imran Govt on April 9 could tell the NA Speaker that - “offenses by opposition (under Articles 5 & 6) have potential of disqualifying opposition MNAs, hence till the final outcome of detailed investigation into these offenses, the resolution be quashed which the Speaker could again do. And then Imran could again advise the President to dissolve NA which the President could again do and then could again order elections. In such case SCP could not intervene due to three reasons (a)- Actions under Article 6 can’t be reviewed by SCP (b)-  SCP don’t like to be seen as giving advantage to opposition MNAs of their (alleged) wrongs about Article 5 & 6 and ( c)- If still SCP interfered in the proceedings of Article 6 then for the misconduct the concerned Judges of SCP could be got impeached through a reference by President  to ‘Supreme Judicial Council’]. 

(iii)- In a nutshell when Imran ACCUSES military (ISI) of so-called ‘neutrality’ he is not in the wrong per se but guilty of obfuscating the issue by not bringing the role of the ISI (by act of omission by not exposing this money trail) in public discussion and in his public speeches in toppling of Imran government through engineered (by the USA) no-trust vote.

(iv)- During this long march Imran has accused former PM Nawaz Sharif being a ‘bhagoda’ (absconder from law) but Imran has forgotten that Nawaz in a judicial coup was removed from power, was disqualified to contest election and to head the party and even persecuted through jail terms (as mentioned at ) hence had no other alternative than to leave the country for safe place (in London). Hence this issue of judicial coup also needs to be addressed. 

(v)- Imran has also raised the issue of money laundering by Nawaz, Zardari etc in foreign countries. This issue is a matter of concern for other countries too. In India also PM Modi before coming to power in 2014 in election campaign talked about depositing Rs 1 to 1.5 million rupees in the bank account of every family by recovering black money kept in the bank accounts of foreign countries. But due to the financial & economic system of the West led by the USA, Modi could do nothing. This issue is a cause of concern to many countries, especially the developing world.

(vi)- One more issue Imran has raised is when he compared the PTI with the Awami League of Bangladesh. Imran said his party was the 'largest and sole federal party' and yet he is being denied ‘power through immediate elections’ as reported at Imran said that “A shrewd politician [ZA Bhutto], in his greed for power, set the armed forces against the then largest party [Awami League]” . Hence Imran is saying that in the present case also the politicians of the PDM and Pak military may cause another dismemberment of Pakistan due to denial of power to the largest party the PTI.  

(vii)- The religious imagery & slogans raised by Imran (who talked about Riyasat-e-Medina during his regime too and keeps ‘tasbeeh’ the rosary all the time in his hand) has one more implication for the entire Muslim world which will not leave rest of the world too unaffected. Sunnis are about 85 % Muslim world hence like Ayatollah of Shia Iran if Imran succeeds in this long march then he may become an unchallenged leader of Sunni Muslims which will not leave rest of Sunni majority Muslim countries (and even India having about 200 million Muslims mostly Sunnis) unaffected. 

(2)- Out of all these issues the issue of the comparison of the situation with  another dismemberment of Pakistan (after first in the form of Bangladesh) has acquired special importance due to the Ukraine war. Russian diplomat Denis Alipov had asserted that “Russia has taken serious note of reports of arms supply from Pakistan to Ukraine and if such reports are confirmed then it will have serious and negative implications for Russia-Pakistan ties as mentioned at . If these reports are true then Russia will take revenge by again dismembering Pakistan (without Russian / USSR help India wouldn't have succeeded in dismembering Pakistan especially in view of US help to Pakistan by way of 7th fleet in Bay of Bengal etc). 

(3)- After independence Pakistan became a member of SEATO & CENTO against the USSR hence USSR helped India militarily against Pakistan in creating Bangladesh. After that Pakistan took revenge against the USSR and got the USSR defeated in the cold war in Afghanistan at the hands of the USA which was also a factor in dismembering the USSR. Hence now it is the turn of the USSR (presently Russia) to take revenge against Pakistan. This can be done by Russia (by taking excuse of Pak military help to Ukraine) by helping Afghanistan, Central Asian Countries (which both will have access to sea in a new country) bordering Afghanistan, Balochistan (already having separatist / independence movement) and Sindh (where separatist movement by MQM, Jiye Sindh etc has a history) to carve out a new country leaving Pakistan only with Punjab as a landlocked country. Of-course China (already an associate of Russia in the Ukraine war) and India can be pacified by giving part of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB, which otherwise also is not part of united J&K as rest of it is) to China which has CPEC and India can be given rest of the United J&K. 

(4)- Unlike 1971 the said possibility of Russia AGAIN dismembering Pakistan has serious implications this time for the simple reason that Pakistan (and also its arch enemy India) has nukes and which should be a matter of concern to the present entire globalized world.

(5)- In view of the Ukraine war Imran may have to try for mini-SAARC also as mentioned at . But Imran recently has shown lack of commitment towards law and has talked even about bloodshed (‘khoonrezi’) which has potential of disturbing the law & order as mentioned 

Therefore in view of Imran’s long march raising issues having implications beyond Pakistan it should be allowed to reach the logical conclusion PEACEFULLY by proper security and law & order at least after condemnable attack on Imran & other PTI


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