Austin should know UN is finished and Christian world would carryout new form of war after Russia stops military supplies to Ukraine. By Hem Raj Jain


The US Secretary of Defense Lloyd James Austin III addressed the news conference on October 12 (as given at ) about Ukraine war which Austin should know whatever he said is neither here nor there because:-

(1)- Austin can’t do anything about the on-going Ukraine war because it has deeper civilizational causes. The Christian world (as happened during World War I & II also, which it fought) is habitual of triggering periodic world wars on non-issues. The on-going Ukraine war goes back to 2013 when demonstrations (instigated and helped by NATO Countries) were carried out against Ukraine government’s alleged pro-Russia economic policies which resulted in military coup and annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014 and then persecution of Russian speaking people especially in Donbass region by government of Ukraine. This resulted in an uprising in Donbass region which resulted in the acknowledgement of Luhansk and Donetsk of Donbass region as independent countries by Russia and then invasion by Russian military on February 24 to help Donetsk and Luhansk in preserving their independence.  All these happened despite ‘Budapest Memorandum 1994’ which snatched nukes from Ukraine and despite Russia being a permanent veto welding member of the UN. All these unfortunate incidents and developments (which has brought the mankind on the verge of another world war this time more catastrophic, nuclear) could have been avoided by well established practices of democracy and international laws of global body, the UN but Christian world (Protestants, Catholics and Orthodox) can't resist the temptation of plunging the mankind in periodic world wars. 

(2)- Austin, in this press conference, talked about rule based international order but Austin should have known after the Ukraine war the global order of US-sponsored UN is finished for the simple reason the USA, despite knowing these defects of the UN model / practices for long, never bothered / objected (A)- About keeping veto power to some countries (like Russia and China) who as a rule had put repeated hurdles by veto in every move of the USA and (B)- About keeping nukes with some countries as if they have some divine right to have nukes despite denuclearization regime of the UN. Hence Austin should know, now onwards in the post Ukraine war world, the majority of countries will have to forge military alliances for their defense depending on their general requirement & present situation. 

(3)- Surprisingly for any US-Defense Secretary, the biggest lack of understanding of ground reality comes from Austin when during this Press conference Austin talked about continued military supply to Ukraine. Would Austin enlighten the world how NATO countries would provide military supplies to Ukraine if Russia destroys all its airports (civil and military) and  highways (especially bridges on it) from where military supplies are coming mainly from NATO countries to Ukraine. It is a different matter that Russia has not done it so far (notwithstanding missile attacks in hundreds at other places in Ukraine after attack on Crimea bridge) because Russia, also as a Christian country, doesn't want the military-industrial complex of the West to lose its business / profit which has come as a windfall to it through the on-going Ukraine war. Hence Austin should know the real war will start only after Russia stops military supplies to Ukraine, as mentioned. 

Therefore Austin and the galaxy of military leaders [who appear with him in media or otherwise who all are busy projecting an image of the USA as country which is boastfully concerned about the sovereignty of smaller countries or about rule based international order etc etc] should know that it is a civilizational issue much beyond their capacity to address rather they should know the Christian civilization will not stop unless it's itching for periodic world wars completes its full course.

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