Despite 'whistling in the dark' by many (including world leaders) who are saying 'nuclear threat by Russia is bogus' - in fact it is real. By Hem Raj Jain


International media is whistling in the dark by saying 'the nuclear threat by Russia is bogus' but in fact it is real. Territory is a martial subject and only the dominant military decides it. India didn't raise guns for independence hence didn't have military power hence Britain could trifurcate it in 1947 under pressure of (ally & military super power) USA which wanted West Pakistan as member of SEATO & CENTO to counter USSR through Afghanistan. In 1861 the South of the USA couldn't get independence despite giving immense lives and blood for it because it didn't have adequate military power and no other country came to support its independence. 

But presently Ukraine is different. Especially after the annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014, Ukraine over reacted in the Russian speaking / pro-Russian region of Donbas (Donetsk & Luhansk) and thus helped the uprising. The Russian Parliament recognized Donetsk & Luhansk as independent countries on February 21 this year and on February 24 sent the Russian military to help Donetsk & Luhansk in preserving its independence. 

But in the last over 7 months Russia has realized it can't defend independent Donetsk & Luhansk due to huge military & financial support to Ukraine by mainly NATO countries. Hence now Russia wants to assimilate Donbas & neighboring region towards Kharkiv & Kherson through referendum which Russia can defend as motherland not only by greater mobilization of army but also by air dominance over entire Ukraine, which Russia didn't try so far (hence Ukraine have been able to not only get huge military supplies from NATO countries but also to use these). This will bring NATO countries in direct confrontation with Russia, hence said nuclear threat by Russia. 

Here Russia is not on weaker grounds ethically. If world community could pardon the USA (which now incessantly issues sermons against use of nukes) for nuking Japan (Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945) when Japan was not posing any military threat (worth the name at that time) to the mainland of the USA, then Russia will be able to easily justify the use of nukes under the said sever military threat of NATO directly to its motherland (the newly acquired territory of Ukraine through the said referendum). Hence the USA and world community need an 'out of box solution' to the Ukraine crisis.  

In contemporary globalized world not only the Biden-administration but the entire USA should take the matter of ‘participatory rule based liberal global order’ seriously (which is in the interest of the USA also) by first establishing liberal political order in Greater India of over 2 billion people which is bound to deny Russia & China the capacity to harm the liberal global order, as mentioned at  

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