Instead of strengthening party, Sonia creating legal problems for NGOs by tricking them to join Rahul’s so-called non-political ‘yatra. Hem Raj Jain


The Congress Member of Parliament from Wayanad (Kerala) and its main (public appearance) leader Rahul Gandhi (who addressed the public meeting of Congress against price rise at Ramlila maidan new Delhi on September 4) has started his about 3,570 K.M long ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ (connect India march) on September 7 from the southern tip of India, Kanyakumari to North up to J&K. This yatra has the approval of Congress President Sonia Gandhi as she called ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ a landmark occasion of the party and said - “[she was confident that the organization will be rejuvenated with the initiative. I will be participating daily in thought and spirit]" - as reported at

Notwithstanding subterfuge committed by Sonia led Congress that - ‘it is non-political yatra as is being now said in media apologetically & equivocally by many Congress spokespersons and leaders’ so that the civil society can help Congress in getting people join this yatra and which will give impression of huge public support to this yatra-  the fact remains that it is a political yatra by Congress approved and supported by Congress President Sonia Gandhi and being carried out (without Congress flag, a subterfuge but which is legally immaterial) by Congress MP and leader Rahul Gandhi. This has made the role of NGOs legally indefensible because they are participating in this yatra of Rahul without Rahul resigning from Congress Party (which will not only rob him from his seat in parliament but will also deny him the huge advantage of Nehru-Gandhi legacy in Congress and that may be the reason Rahul didn’t resign from Congress before tricking these NGOs to join his so-called non-political yatra). 

On the contrary, while participating in this yatra over 200 NGOs (the civil society) underlined that people's movements have a consistent record of protesting against and resisting the unjust acts of any government, irrespective of the party in power, and will continue to do so. In extending one-time support to an initiative like the Bharat Jodo Yatra, we do not tie ourselves TO A POLITICAL PARTY OR LEADER, but simply affirm our readiness to set aside partisan considerations and stand with any meaningful and effective initiative to defend our constitutional republic, they clarified, as reported at

These NGOs may fool the ordinary people who may even join this yatra due to them but it will not fool the law enforcing agencies. These NGOs are allowed to get money from the people and others (business, NGOs and other organizations and institutions) from India and abroad because they claim and give undertakings that they are non-political. Any political organization has to be registered at ‘Election Commission of India’ and has to fulfill many mandatory conditions which these NGOs are not legally expected to abide by. 

Therefore these over 200 NGOs (which are participating in this political yatra by Rahul, the MP and top leader of Congress party) can not only be deregistered by their registrars but even criminal cases can be initiated against these NGOs by government for misappropriating and misusing their funds (which was collected by these NGOs for non-political activities but is being spent in political activities of participating in this political Yatra of the Congress party).

Sonia & Rahul have brought such an embarrassing situation for Congress and for these over 200 NGOs due to simple reason that Sonia & Rahul are not prepared to strengthen Congress party by making it member-based party and then by carrying out organizational elections from bottom to top as mentioned at:-

Sonia & Rahul even forgot that what is being tried to achieve through this meaningless drama of yatra (which is bound to shortly bring repetitive grievances and suggestions from the people en-route which happened during such even longer yatra by Janata Dal leader Chandra Shekhar in 1983) can easily be done in the contemporary era of mass communication if Congress is made member-based party as mentioned above and the websites of Congress party for States and Nation levels are properly managed especially by listening to the feedbacks of the party members and addressing their grievances & other feedbacks promptly and effectively through these party websites.  

If NGOs (civil society) want to participate in this yatra then they should ensure that Rahul resigns from Congress party (also from his membership of Parliament) and continue with the yatra as a non-political person and after completion of this yatra in February 2023, Rahul (if wants) can launch his own new political party.  

Moreover, if Rahul / Congress party / any other so-called secular party of India REALLY want to achieve the stated main objective of this yatra that is to eliminate ‘nafrat ki rajniti (politics of hatred, against Muslims by Hindutva forces including BJP presently led by PM Modi) then they have to do only one thing namely to get legally expected status-quo-ante of Babri-masjid restored (as mentioned at ) and should not do such drama of yatra which is meaningless as far as restoration of secularism in India is concerned.

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