Due to China (incensed by US-led QUAD) factor, India shouldn't ignore Tamil Nadu ruling party's threat of separation if federalism not introduced. By Hem Raj Jain


Sri Lanka Tamilians and Pak influence in Sri Lanka will be an important factor in separation (ii)- After what happened to Ukraine (despite the ‘Budapest memorandum’) India shouldn’t over-depend on the USA. 

The ruling party ‘Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’ (DMK) leader and Member of Parliament A. Raja (with Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on stage) on July 3 publicly threatened that if Union Government doesn’t  provide 'State autonomy' to Tamil Nadu then it will push them to seek an independent country as reported at https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/dont-nudge-us-to-seek-independent-tamil-nadu-dmks-a-raja-seeks-autonomy-with-cm-stalin-on-stage/article65599513.ece . Any denial by DMK of its support to the separatist demand of Raja should not fool India. Earlier in April the Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement that 'people of different States should communicate with each other in Hindi' was also strongly condemned by political parties in Tamil Nadu as reported at https://indianexpress.com/article/cities/chennai/amit-shah-hindi-statement-tamil-nadu-leaders-7860467/ .

The demand of separation by Tamil Nadu is of course not new rather it has a long history and nothing serious has happened so far but this time India should take it seriously due to China factor as explained below:-  

(1)- First and foremost the Government of India should understand that (i)- What DMK is saying about ‘State autonomy’ is nothing but ‘Federalism’. Since independence despite false propaganda of federal structure of Indian constitution, the Center has amassed huge power and jurisdiction with it at the cost of the States (ii)- North Indians since independence have tried many time to impose Hindi on South Indians without realizing that if North India develops Hindi to such an extent that it can become the working language of science & technology (including in engineering and medical science in hospitals) then South India will also readily accept Hindi in some form.

(2)- The above mentioned two grievances of not only Tamil Nadu but of many States can easily be addressed. India should immediately adopt genuine federalism where all civilian subjects (including natural resources) should be with States and only martial subjects like defense, foreign affairs, currency, communication, national transports, etc should be with the Central / Federal government.  Even railways should be National and State. This of course will require drastic & major amendments in ‘Union List, State List and Concurrent List’ in the Constitution of India. 

(3)- ‚Äč‚ÄčIndia should first develop Hindi (suitable for all economic & industrial activities) to be readily acceptable to non-Hindi people. Every economically developed country (like USA, China, Japan, UK, France, Germany etc) works in its native language (hence they are economically developed). Therefore India also (with majority of its people speaking / understanding Hindi and its variants) if wants to progress then will have to work in all fields (science, technology , allopathic medicines etc) in Hindi with (ultimately) Devanagari script [Of course  except in South India (which also uses Sanskrit, the mother of Hindi, with Devanagari script in religion, Hinduism) which will be free to decide this matter]. Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali etc are Hindi variant languages and even Urdu uses the syntax / grammar of Hindi hence they will have no problem in accepting Hindi. This language policy will also empower the economically humble population of India which is in overwhelming majority and which is losing its economic battle against those who work in English.

(4)-  The objectives of said language policy can be achieved in three stages (i)- The Center should adopt at least one district in Hindi Speaking State (like U.P. Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, etc) with an objective of working all its government departments & institution (including related to engineering in PWD, Power Plants etc and Hospitals with allopathic medicine and surgery) within time bound period of (say) 3 years by training its people in Hindi and by bringing some (Hindi proficient) people from other districts (ii)- After this, in Hindi speaking States and Hindi variant States Hindi should be made working language within two years (iii)- During or After this, the Center should provide all the help & assistance if South Indian States wants to voluntarily adopt Hindi in whatever way they want. 

(5)- India should take this separatist threat of Tamil Nadu seriously because of the present global political scenario as given below:-

(i)- China is already incensed with India because India has become a member of US-led QUAD which China considers anti-China.

(ii)- The way India handled the  LTTE crisis in Sri Lanka (where it first developed & encouraged LTTE and then sent ‘Indian Peace Keeping Force’ against LTTE and then came back without accomplishing the mission and then allowed the military of Sri Lanka to eliminate LTTE and other Tamilians about which human right proceedings are still going on in Human Rights Commission of the UN) the Sri Lankan Tamilians (with a support base in many foreign countries) will support separate Tamil mother land.

(iii)- Pakistan has considerable influence in Sri Lanka especially among Jihadis which will be used by Pakistan to dismember India (which Pakistan is pining for to take revenge for the dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971 when Bangladesh came into existence with military support of India).

(iv)- Due to the on-going political crisis in Lanka (also due to its economic crisis when it defaulted on foreign debts) China is in a better position to manipulate the political leadership of Sri Lanka for the design of separating Tamil Nadu from India.

(v)- The West led by the USA didn’t support the separatist tendencies of Kashmiris because they are Muslims (whom the West hasn't liked since the days of crusade) but Tamils are not Muslims (rather most of them are Hindus) hence the West wouldn’t mind the separatist tendencies of Tamils.

(6)- The rest of India and Government of India shouldn’t forget that the South India from time to time has been raising two grievance against North India (i)- North India has bogged down entire India into anti-Muslim communalism especially from the days of Babri-masjid dispute which has communally poisoned India and this communalism of North India has now stared seeping in South India too and which will harm South India in many ways (ii)- South India is hard woking & forward looking hence much more prosperous than the so-called BIMARU North India. But North India (being politically powerful due to its larger population which matters in democracy) rewards its incompetence & inefficiency with the money from South India. - Therefore it should not be a surprise if in other States of South India also some sympathy may be found for Tamil separatists. 

(7)- If India thinks that the West led by the USA will not allow China to succeed in India (especially during on-going cold war - II of ‘liberal Western democracy’ against ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’) then India would be living in its make believe world. After what has happened to Ukraine despite the ‘Budapest Memorandum’ where it was legal responsibility of the USA to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine (which is not the case with India as the USA is under no legal obligation to protect the territorial integrity of India) where Ukraine first lost Crimea in 2014 and then Donbas plus region in 2022 to military aggression of Russia. Even then if India is relying on the effective military support of the West led by the USA (against combined efforts of China and Pakistan for separating Tamil Nadu from India) then only God can help India.

Therefore instead of being complacent, the Government of India should immediately address two issues of federalism and language as mentioned above so that any danger (however small that may be) of separation of Tamil Nadu from India can be eliminated effectively and quickly.

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