SHSB can succeed only with support of party members from all over India for realizing 'Akhand Bharat' (SAARC) with US-led global order. By Hem Raj Jain


One can’t understand the meaning of ongoing crisis in Shiv Sena (SHS) without understanding the meaning of ‘brand Balasaheb’ and this brand can be made successful even by Eknath Shinde if Shinde not only launches a separate ‘Gut’ (faction) of the SHS as ‘Shiv Sena Balasaheb’ (SHSB) in Maharashtra Vidhansabha but also takes the support of the Shiv Sainiks from all over India and not merely from Maharashtra. This will (on the basis of Hindutva) enable Shinde to take-over Shiv Sena (as happened in case of Jaylalita who took over AIADMK from the wife of MGR or as happened with Chandra Babu Naidu who took over TDP from the wife of N.T. Rama Rao) as explained below:-

(1)- First of all the people should understand that once the SHSB led by Eknath Shinde forms government with the BJP in Maharashtra for remaining two and half years of its term then most of the Shiv Sainiks will leave Uddhav camp and will join Shinde camp especially in view of the fact that Balasaheb (earlier Bal Thackeray) became Balasaheb when he championed Hindutva. Hence Shinde has advantage in the sense that Shinde can always discredit Uddhav because Shiv Sena (contested election in alliance with another Hindutva party BJP) but Uddhav formed a government with NCP & Congress hence Shinde can claim to be the real champion of ‘brand Balasaheb’.

(2)- What is a brand in politics? If we use the terminology of Hinduism then any society has three 'Gunas' namely ‘Tamo Guna’ (related to Economy of the country), ‘Rajo Guna’ (related to ‘Rajya’ the State) and ‘Sato Guna’ (related to Religion). Any political party based on 'Tamo Guna' depends on family and remains confined to the Provinces / States (which has police force at its command) like major political parties in India which are more or less in power mainly in States namely Congress party of Nehru- Gandhi, Lalu Yadav’s party, Mulayam Simgh Yadava’s party, Sharad Pawar’s party, Badal’s party SAD,  Naveen Patnaik's Party, YSR-Congress Party, Parties of Abdullahs & Muftis in J&K, DMK in Tamil Nadu etc. These ‘Tamo Guna’ based parties are meant to merely come in power and always need a family to even survive. 

(3)- The ‘Tamo Guna’ (merely economy) based parties tend to wither away if there is no capable member of family (children etc) to takeover the party as is happening in BSP of Mayawati, in NCP of Sharad Pawar, AIDMK of Jailalita etc. Even Uddhav Thackeray ( incompetent to run a ‘Sato Guna’ / religion based party) converted the SHS into a ‘Tamo Guna’ / merely economy based party hence lost face & power. 

(4)- Whereas parties based on ‘Sato Guna’ / religion are ideological parties which may be started by someone (like Balasaheb Thackeray) but does not need their children to make it a success rather mostly such children become a hurdle in the success of such an ideological party as is happening with the SHS. These ‘Sato Guna' parties (based on religion and subsumes ‘Tamo Guna’ / economy also) not only flourish in States but at center too (which has military power and controls States also through 130, 131 CrP.C. and article 121, 142 and 144 of the constitution through Supreme Court and even by Article 356 etc).

 (5)- But ‘garam-dal’ (as SHS is) has one major problem, namely it invariably fails to understand that there is only one fundamental difference between a 'naram-dal' and ‘garam-dal’. The ‘garam-dal’ keeps the executive & judicial elements of the State under discipline of the laws and constitution of the country (and agitate and suffers for it even by offering arrest in order to protect the majesty of law) whereas generally the 'naram-dal' merely gives lip service to rule-of-law. The SHSB will succeed only when it realizes this basic nature and difference between ‘garam-dal’ and 'naram-dal'. 

(6)- In India Balasaheb was the only politician which started a ‘Sato Guna’ / religion based political party because he had religio-political predilections (not merely because he wore 'Bhagwa' rob which Yogi Adityanath is also wearing but who doesn’t know even abcd of ideological politics). The BJP is controlled by the RSHS and not by any religio-political leader hence it can’t be an ideological party in any future hence will wither away in due course of time, if it doesn't improve. The less said better about AIMIM led by Owaisi who even doesn’t say that it is based on Islam and merely says that it is for Muslims hence it is also a ‘Tamo Guna’ based party. 

(7)- There is one huge difficulty with any ‘Sato Guna’ / ideological party. It expects unwavering integrity about the basic principle & policies of such a party from its members and especially from its office bearers. This was the main reason that even Balasaheb could not make ‘brand Balasaheb’ successful in his time due to four main mistakes as mentioned at .

This is the main reason that Uddhav Thackeray also has failed to make the ‘brand Balasaheb’ successful.

(8)- The latest proof of Uddhav Thackeray’s mistake is about the above mentioned second mistake which the SHS committed even during Bala Saheb’s time which is about the tendency of Shiv Sainiks (on the instigation of its office bearers) to indulge in violence against people. On June 23 also the SHS leader (and MP) Sanjay Raut from Uddhav Thackeray’s camp gave a threat, publicly that - “[For the SHS MLAs (who have gone with Eknath Shinde to Guwahati Assam) it will be difficult to come to Maharashtra and move in Maharashtra]”. Now Uddhav supporter Shiv Sainiks have not only started violence in Mumbai (the financial capital of India) against Shinde supporters but as per media reports this violence by Uddhav supporters has started spreading  in other parts of Maharashtra also. In such situation SHSB (Eknath Shinde) should demand that the Governor should recommend to President to dismiss Uddhav Thackeray govt under Article 356 of the Constitution. 

(9)- This only proves that it is beyond the capacity of Uddhav Thackeray to make ‘brand Balasaheb’ successful which in the first place it (brand Balasaheb) didn’t require son or grandson of Bala Saheb to make it a success because ‘brand Balasaheb’ is a ‘Sato Guna’ / religion based brand hence only those (unlike Uddhav) can make it successful who have integrity towards its basic policies and principles. 

(10)- In such circumstances Eknath Shinde can make ‘brand Balasaheb’ successful if BSHS takes the support of the Shiv Sainiks from all over India and not merely from Maharashtra by making the party based on major policies and programs as mentioned in above PCP article 222 including and especially by declaring that - “[The regular organizational elections will be carried out all over India and the elections of the candidates of the party (for Parliament, State Legislatures and Local bodies) will be financed by the party because the elected representatives generally work only for those who finance their elections]”.

(11)- The BSHS will succeed mainly by realizing that the USA supported the UK in partitioning India in 1947 for containing USSR (by making Pakistan member of SEATO & CENTO) and now the USA would support India in realizing 'Akhand Bharat' by uniting said mini-SAARC (and even in realizing SAARC) in order to contain China during on-going cold war - II. 

It is hoped Eknath Shinde will make ‘brand Balasaheb’ successful through SHSB which (with the support of party members from all across India) will work for ‘Akhand Bharat’ (FSD-SAARC) which in the present situation can easily be achieved by working in tandem with US-led global political order during on-going cold war - II.

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