Barelvis should know- Would be more difficult for Muslims after Nupur-controversy to counter Hindutva highhandedness without moving SCI. By Hem Raj Jain


On Sunday June 19 in Bareilly (U.P.) the  Ittehad-e-Millat Council (IMC) chief Maulana Tauqir Raza Khan (at a public meeting of huge crowd) demanded the immediate arrest of former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma who remarked on a TV debate on May 27 about married life of Prophet Muhammad (which Muslims consider blasphemous) as reported at 

Barelvis (a considerable Islamic school,of%20Europe%2C%20America%20and%20Africa ) are known for another reason that they were main religious force behind India’s partition on the basis of religion (as mentioned also at ). Therefore any Muslim mass gathering at Bareilly demanding arrest of Nupur Sharma for “Tahaffuz-e-Namus-e-Risalat” (protecting the Prophet’s sanctity & reputation) deserve a serious reminder to Barelvis that contrary to their misplaced confidence [born out of their success (engineered by the USA & UK) in partitioning India] if they don’t move the SCI to counter Hindutva highhandedness then India Muslims are going to be in DEEPER  trouble as explained below:-

(1)- First and foremost Barelvis should understand that they could succeed in partitioning India on the basis of religion in 1947 not so much due to their efforts but due to support of the USA & UK for this partition which Indian leaders like Gandhi, Jinnah, Nehru, Patel, Suhrawardy, Liaqat Ali Khan etc couldn’t understand /  suspect and naively trifurcated the motherland. Even in criminal law whoever gets the benefit of crime is suspected the most. The USA & UK achieved their objective when after partition Pakistan became a member of SEATO & CENTO to contain the USSR. Hence instead of overestimating its power, the Barelvis should come on the ground and should realize its limitations rather its weakness in the present situation.

(2)- Barelvis should understand that  “Tahaffuz-e-Namus-e-Risalat” is like an atom bomb for the Muslim Ummah across the world and if they could not get Nupur Sharma arrested on this issue then the Muslim Ummah has been rendered powerless by India especially by the Government of India (GoI) led by the the BJP of Hindutva forces.

(3)-  Barelvis have failed to understand that Nupur sharma is under the protection of Delhi police as reported at  which is under BJP government and which didn’t allow Maharashtra police to approach Nupur Sharma . In such a situation the non-BJP Maharashtra govt should have approached the Supreme Court of India (SCI) to constrain Delhi Police to facilitate Maharashtra police in approaching Nupur Sharma but the Maharashtra govt didn’t do it. This, in simple words, means that earlier it was merely the BJP which didn’t bother about Muslim votes (and came to power at Centre and in many States) and not even non-BJP opposition is also not bothered about Muslim votes. 

(4)- Such pathetic condition of Indian Muslims has resulted from the fundamental mistake of Muslims who unnecessarily became over-sensitive on this Nupur controversy. In my umpteen published article in national and international media I have said that - “[There are people in this world who have not merely read Quran but has practiced also its basic principles hence they know that Islam is not only the most modern religion (because it worships the abstract hence is commensurate with modern science & technology) but is also a simple religion which is its most difficult part (because it is difficult to be simple). Moreover most of the Muslims only read the Quran and don’t practice its basic principles / preachings hence tens of millions of Muslims are bleeding & weeping profusely from Myanmar to NAME region]”. 

(5)- In other words no body can diminish the importance of Prophet Muhammad not only for Muslims but also for the followers of other religions which religiously benefit from the basic preaching (in Quran) of Prophet Muhammad. But Muslims all over the world want to compensate their lack of loyalty towards & practice for the basic preaching of Quran / Prophet Muhammad by showing their fanaticism about so-called “Tahaffuz-e-Namus-e-Risalat” which has surfaced time and again in various parts of the world where Muslims have indulged in wide-spread violence and even killing over this non-issues by ridiculously saying that some one has insulted prophet Muhammad.

(6)-  Muslims don’t understand (that whatever Prophet Muhammad did in His married life was as per the practices of the time accepted by Arab society and some of these facts may be even distorted / exaggerated) hence they need not be unnecessarily defensive about these. The Muslims can learn about it from my religion ‘Digambar Jainism’ in which our religious leaders (the Muni Maharaj) and 'Pratimas' (idols) remains ‘Digambar’ (naked) which many times invite comments (unnecessarily offensive, derogatory etc) from the followers of other religions mainly from Hindus but we don’t react at all because we know that it is a legitimate & necessary part of our religion. In other words when there is no reason to be apologetic about married life of Prophet Muhammad then why to be over sensitive on a religious issue rather it should be ignored by the Muslims.

(7)- Earlier the Indian Muslims used to get support from the Middle East (led by Saudi Arabia) and Pakistan about religious matters but it has now stopped. The USA has lost interest in the Middle East because the USA is not dependent on it for oil (petroleum) hence the Middle East is busy in its own interests including in promoting economic ties with India of 1.4 billion people with huge market and investment potential (hence the Middle East is now hardly interested in no-issues of Muslim Ummah). In Pakistan former PM Imran (due to his lack of political skills) couldn’t exploit the huge mass support of the public which came on street when he (after losing his govt in no-confidence resolution) gave a call for fresh elections by invoking anti-US sentiments and pro-Islamic sentiments by saying that ‘Pakistan ka matlab kya’ (what is the meaning of Pakistan) -  ‘La ilaha illallah’. 

(8)- As far as Barelvis are concerned to what extent they are severed from the ground realities can be gauged from the simple fact that during said Sunday public meeting at Bareilly the Maulana Tauqir Raza Khan said that he would give the memorandum (for arrest of Nupur Sharma) to the UNO (and neither to the government India nor to the government of  U.P.). God only knows whether Indian Muslims have understood the sheer naivety and powerlessness of Barelvis or not, the way these Barelvis are handling the ‘Nupur - controversy’.  

(9)- Now the Indian Muslims have only one solution to their difficult situation. They should give-up un-Islamic cowardice and should file not only these 6 writ petition in the SCI (as mentioned at ) which is necessary for eliminating the main cause of their problems but in the present situation after ‘Nupur controversy’ they should also file two more writ petitions in the SCI for giving guidelines to governments of Union and all the States of India (may be by recommending a tribunal etc) which will give permission for lodging FIRs for religion related crimes (blasphemy etc) and so-called sedition (by understanding that in democracy the patriotism of citizens is never questioned). The criminal cases about these two matters are mainly harming / harassing the Muslims. 

The Barelvis should know that if the Indian Muslims don’t file said 8 writ petitions in the SCI, the further emboldened Hindutva forces will harass the Indian Muslims with renewed vigor.

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