How Both Murderer and Murdered can be Martyr’s in Kashmir? By Farooq Ahmad


Earlier, when militancy was on peak and different factions of separatist ideologies were sponsored by the Pakistan for implementing their nefarious agenda here the separatist groups were used to kill one another in order to keep their influence high in Kashmir.

On 21st of May 1990 the separatist leader and the then chairman of Hurriyat conference Mirwaiz Muhammad Farooq was reportedly killed by the military advisor of Hizbul Mujahedeen Mohammad Abdullah Bangroo. Mohammad Abdullah Bangroo was one of the most dreadful terrorist in early 90’s. Reportedly Mirwaiz Muhammad Farooq was killed just because he opposed the abduction of Rubaiya Syed, the daughter of the then home minister of India and former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mufti Mohammad Syed. While as Mirwaiz Muhammad Farooq was accepted as the soft separatist in Kashmir due to which Hizbul Mujahedeen an armed wing of Jamaat-i-Islami killed him at his residence.

Meantime after a short span of time Mohammad Abdullah Bangroo was also killed in Srinagar and was buried in the same graveyard where Mirwaiz Muhammad Farooq was laid to rest. A question arises here; how both Bangroo and Mirwaiz Muhammad Farooq are regarded as the martyrs in Kashmir.

Farooq Ganderbali, a renowned social activist and president of voice for Peace and Justice while taking a jibe on the same said. “Not only Mirwaiz Muhammad Farooq but Abdul Gani Lone, Mufaqir e Kashmir Maulana Mohammad Syed Masoodi, Maulana Showkat, Dr. Jalal Ud din, Hafizullah Mir, Dr Abdul Ahad Wani and number of stalwarts were killed by their own people but their successors are still nourishing the separatist ideologies in Kashmir. 

He further added it is high time for Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Bilal lone and all others to come clear on the facts and oppose those who were involved in the killings of these leaders in Kashmir tooth and nail”.

In an issued statement Farooq Ganderbali quoted, “The Pakistan sponsored ideologists are just working here for their finances and fortune and it was proved when FIR was registered in Pakistan against the scandal of MBBS seats. Pakistan was used to sanction free seats to kins of those who lost their lives for implementing the cross border agenda in Kashmir, but the separatist leaders were used to sell these seats at the rate of 50 lacs per seat”.

Last 35 years are accepted as the worst period in the history of Kashmir; the sponsored militants from Pakistan killed thousands of people in Kashmir, converted playgrounds into graveyards and deserted the life of people in Kashmir, Just for the purpose to meet the ends of their desires. According to the ancestors in Kashmir, the militants for extortion, smuggling and rapes were used to kill the people mercilessly.

A 70 year old, from Chount Waliwar Ganderbal said. “His daughter was raped several times and he was put on the gun point. He further added militants were used to abduct the teen aged girls and marry with forcibly while people were silent due to fear of gun.

It is high time for the people and separatist leader to leave the path of violence, stand by nation and work against all the radical forces in Kashmir who are trying to disrupt the peace in Kashmir. It is pertinent to mention here Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was too targeted several times, he should be thankful of the Government of India for securing him by providing a handsome security cover.

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