Indian Muslims & their leaders shedding crocodile tears for Gyanvapi Masjid. By Hem Raj Jain


The concern shown by the AIMIM President Owaisi about protecting Gyanvapi Masjid is not genuine. Indian Muslims (as I mentioned umpteen times in national and international media) can't get justice unless they file 6 petitions in Supreme Court of India (SCI), as given below :-

(1)- For complete justice under Article 142 of the Constitution for reviewing the November 2019 so-called final judgment in Ayodhya dispute and for legally expected restoration of Status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid (which was demolished in 1992 in the presence of the Observer of SCI) before any legitimate final judgment in Ayodhya title suit (because otherwise it shall  be lowering the authority of court which is criminal contempt even on the part of SCI under section 2 ( c) (i) read with section 16 of Contempt of Court Act). In this petition prayers should also be made that the SCI should direct the GoI to requisition ‘UN Peace Keeping Force’ (UNPKF) in case communal Hindutva forces are suspected to create law & order problem all across the country (if security forces of India can go in other countries for maintaining peace through UNPKF then security forces of other countries can also come in India for maintaining peace through UNPKF). In this petition it should also be mentioned that there was such a practice in the old days so the Hindus also demolished many temples of Jains and Buddhists but about the demolition of Hindu temples by the then Muslim invaders and rulers, Hindus are unnecessarily complaining.

(2)- Writ petition under Article 13 & 14 of the Constitution for quashing of discriminatory (especially against Muslims) all Reservation laws which, in the name of backward castes, is giving reservations to also those castes of Hindus which once ruled in India.

(3)- Writ petition under Article 13 & 14 of the Constitution for abolishing (because discriminatory against Muslims etc and favoring Hinduism in a secular India) all the laws related to cow protection, beef eating etc which are causing lynching of Muslims and even of so-called ‘Dalits’ in India.

4)- Writ petition regarding fixing the responsibility under sections 129, 130, 131 Cr.P.C. and punishment to executive magistrates and armed forces (who failed in promptly stopping riots in  Gujarat in 2002) so that any future riot (God forbid but if any) can be stopped promptly and effectively.

(5)- Writ petition by Kashmiri Muslims for  plebiscite in united J&K [by getting united J&K free from outsiders as mandated by 1947 Instrument of Accession (IoA) of J&K to India the relevant part of which reads as -[Consistently with their (GoI) policy that, in the case of any State where the issue of Accession has been the subject of dispute, the question of Accession Should be decided in accordance with the wishes of the people of the State, it is my Government’s wish that, as soon as law and order have been restored in Kashmir, and her soil cleared of the invader, the question of the State’s Accession should be settled by a reference to the people. Yours Sincerely Sd/- Mountbatten of Burma].

(6)- Writ petition for abolishing ‘Citizen Amendment Act’ (CAA)  by demanding ‘dual-citizenship’ of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh for about 160 million forcibly displaced Hindus / Sikhs and Muslims and their descendants because there was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act 1947’). The SCI should be further prayed to direct the GoI to ensure through the UN (because India was member of UN since 1945) or otherwise the proper law & order in present Pakistan & Bangladesh for these Hindus / Sikhs  who shall  go over there (after dual-citizenship). The SCI should be told  in this writ petition that this illegal forced population transfer has thoroughly communalized the Indian subcontinent(also due to the fact that about 20% Hindu population was forced out from each of Pakistan & Bangladesh but Muslim population remained same rather increased little to about 15% in India and even more if illegal immigrants mainly from Bangladesh are taken into consideration) and this communalization has caused huge bloodshed in the region in the past and will cause more if not reversed by said ‘dual citizenship’.

But Indian Muslims are not filing these writ petitions in the SCI either out of un-Islamic cowardice or out of some nefarious design to destroy secularism and rule-of-law in India

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