Dr. Stephen Gill on “Valentine Day “ that falls on February 14 is to celebrate love. Dr. Gill says “I wrote the following poem in honour of love. SG



You are
the softness of the dulcet
that melts the mist in the air
stirs the soul of clouds
pushes down the rain showers
which kiss the dry lips of earth
in the imperishable harmony
that I cherish to sip
from the chalice of your peace.

You are
the wordless sonata
that moves the sharp white beams
of the moon
enriches the blood with food.
In creation
you are a balance.

You are
the luxuriance of the aroma
that runs
in the veins of the enchanted blossoms.
You flower
a fragrant feast around
the flushed cheeks of the horizon
liberate the birds who fly
to receive the ruler retiring
in a strange ceremony.

You are
the beat that echoes
in the breast of the arc.
You muse
in the melody of the falls.

You are
manna on the barren mountain
of baffles
and nirvana
that helps in breaking fetters
of the relentless brutalities.

You are
the ever-growing thirst
that sages seek in every age.
Your abode
ocean`s every drop.
You bind the earth and the sky
and rule to relieve
the rusting monotony.

By Stephen Gill

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