While USA wasting with Russia & China, Iran can bring over 2 billion people of Indo-Persia under political dominance of updated Shia Islam. By Hem Raj Jain


Biden-administration unnecessarily preparing to be bogged-down in hot-war because still not understanding the parameters of cold-war II between ‘liberal Western democracy’ against ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’. 

--Amidst the ludicrous martial heat generated over Ukraine between the USA, China, Russia and NATO & other countries of Europe ( https://www.politico.com/news/2022/02/06/sullivan-china-russia-ukraine-00006028 ) the Biden-administration is not giving due attention to the potential of Iran in the changed global scenario to fundamentally transform the international political power equations for all time to come. Though coupled with Chinese support to Russia over Ukraine which increases the possibility of military take-over of Taiwan (in case the USA & NATO are militarily bogged down in Ukraine against Russia) the international media is full of windfall Iran got by way of crisis in Ukraine whether it is as mentioned at - [https://www.wsj.com/articles/why-russia-and-china-build-up-iran-biden-administration-foreign-relations-nuclear-negotiations-11643317565  or at https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/for-russia-and-iran-the-ukraine-crisis-is-already-a-win-for-israel-it-s-bad-news-1.10586306  which says that - “the success in Ukraine will embolden Russia in the pursuit of its strategic objectives of pushing the U.S. out of the Middle East and becoming the dominant superpower in the region, objectives that it shares with Iran, Russia made Israel’s efforts to thwart Iranian entrenchment in Syria dependent on its (Russia’s) goodwill and Russia has further strengthened its strategic relationship with Iran”]. 

But still the world including the leader of the free world, the USA has not understood what (immensely much more) Iran can do, which is as given below:-

(1)- Whether Prez Biden likes it or not the future of the entire mankind will be decided on an ideological battlefield and not on a cooked-up crisis like Ukraine etc. Moreover, unlike other recent US-Presidents, Prez Biden (given his past experience in US-Congress, in Whitehouse as Vice President and advanced age) can’t be excused for not understating the crucial role of religion (even in this age of predominant secular democracies) in deciding the ultimate outcome of ideological wars. 

(2)- To be fair to Prez Biden, earlier recent US-Presidents also confined the Indo-US relationship merely between governments of the USA & India and never bothered to appreciate what Indians (most of about 1.4 billion people, the overwhelming majority of which is economically humble) want / need, though the will & support of the majority of the people (especially of secular democracies) is crucial for winning the cold-war II between ‘liberal western democracy’ led by the USA against ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’.

(3)- The USA  should know that though the USA has provided maximum financial support to India since its independence (including PL-480 program during PM Nehru’s time which ensured India didn’t starve), the people in Persia and pre-partition India (which includes Pakistan and Bangladesh, which has grudge against the USA because it sent 7th Fleet in Bay of Bengal against Bangladesh during its 1971 war of independence) have long and wide-spread constituency of anti-US sentiments.

(4)- The USA doesn’t understand this fact too about India that the Modi government is nothing (if not supported by the Hindutva forces led by the RSS) which came to power mainly on the ill-will towards Muslims (in addition to mysterious Gujarat model about economy) but Hinduism has failed to provide economic relief to the majority of Indians (even to Hindus). It is evident from the still unresolved farmer's grievances hence now anti-Muslim policy has also stopped providing political dividends to the BJP .The two thirds of India is fully or partly dependent on farm income and hundreds of thousand of farmers have committed suicide in the last few decades due to non-remunerative prices of farm produce hence farmers in India are interested in 'Legally Enforceable Minimum Support Price' for which they agitated for over an year at Delhi borders too. It is not merely BJP (and its alliance partners in the NDA) but the Congress (and its alliance partners in UPA or otherwise as mentioned at https://chauthiduniya.com/priyanka-can-revive-congress-if-projected-as-cm-candidate-without-alliance-and-with-verifiable-commitment-to-its-core-ideology/ ) who all are following Hinduism and have thus failed India. 

(5)- In such a situation if another pre-dominant religion of India (Islam with about 250 million Muslims including Muslim illegal immigrants in India) tries seriously & doggedly to provide succor to majority of these harassed Indians, then no body can stop the rise of such human rights friendly religion in India and it is precisely here that Ayatollah of Iran comes into the picture. Though like globally, in India too Sunni-Muslims are in overwhelming majority but Sunnis (despite petrodollar rich Saudi Arabia having utmost-sacred Mecca, Medina on its territory & nuclear Pakistan) don’t have any influential & political-power-understanding religious leader, whereas Shias all over the world have Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran as such formidable leader of Shia Muslims. 

(6)- Iran has few huge advantages:-

(i)- Iran has an advantage  (especially against Saudi Arabia) because Iran conducts elections for Presidents etc (in its version of democracy but still it is democracy).

(ii)-  Historically Iran (A)- through Persian language [its variants are spoken in Afghanistan and even in Central Asia and is the another element of Urdu (the national language of Pakistan) and claimed by Islamic clergy to be the language of Muslims in India and understood by majority of Indians also due to Bollywood] and (B)- through many invasions (including Nadir Shah in 1739 with Abdali as his army General who is now consider the ‘Father of Afghan nation’ after death of Nadir Shah and who then comprehensively defeated Maratha power in Panipat battle III in 1761) ) and ( C)- Muslims ruled over undivided India mainly with Iranian culture / language which was acknowledged even by first Indian PM Nehru (in his famous book 'Discovery of India' https://www.jstor.org/stable/44138553) where Nehru identified kinship between Iranians and dominant Hindus (both being Aryans like Germans). Hence presently through Shia Muslims too in mini-SAARC (of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan), Iran of Ayatollah has hugely more presence and influence in this region than the people either acknowledge or know. 

(iii)- Iran led by Ayatollah is the only country which is perceived to be capable of surviving despite wrath of the USA (the leader of Western world practicing Christianity which is in popular perception of Muslims is against Islam since the days of crusades) and Israel (Jewish country which is persecuting Palestinians the majority of whom are Sunni Muslims but supported by Shia Iran more than by Sunni leader Saudi Arabia).  

(iv)- Iran can easily unite mini-SAARC region if can mobilize some Shia Muslims from India to file 7 writ petitions in the Supreme Court of India (SCI) as mentioned at https://politicstoday.in/born-a-muslim-cant-reclaim-religion-unless-stops-neglecting-state-religious-leadership-in-this-age-of-equal-rights-to-indian-women/  and one for recovery of Rs 1,000 Lakh Crore income tax (as mentioned above in chauthiduniya article and which Hinduism is not bothered about) and which will being unprecedented prosperity to not only India but even to entire Indo-Persian region under Shia Islam.

(7)- Iran has only one disadvantage that it is not practicing western secular democracy (which it can easily do without diluting the influence and control of Shia Islam and of its leader Ayatollah over the country). Ayatollah is not trying to understand that in secular democracy religion does not die (as Christianity is surviving in Europe and European origin countries including in the USA). The only difference is that in secular democracies religion remains the custodian of the values of the society (contemporary) hence gets updated by leaving this-worldly matters to the State and confining itself to other-worldly matters which will be very easy for Islam because it is the only religion which worships the abstract and which suits the modern science & technology (especially after the Copernicus revolution of 16th century of heliocentric model replacing geocentric model of the universe thus establishing the dominance of abstract reasoning over concrete sense perception).

(8)- Iran of Ayatollah Khomeini has to merely ask some Indian Shia Muslims to merely :- 

(i)- Get filed the said 8 writ petitions in the SCI (7 for restoring rule-of-law & secularism in India to start with and then in mini-SAARC) and one for recovery of Rs 1,000 Trillion income tax by the government of India. 

(ii)- Launch a participatory NGO for health care (with name 'Zakat Health Care'). The people will manage this NGO by a governing body which will be elected by members (including non-Muslims) from all over India where their voting rights will be in proportion to their contributions (like shares of companies). This NGO will provide health-care to non-members too (through hospitals, dispensaries etc) and will function on the basis of no-profit & no-loss. This NGO will not only provide satisfactory health-care (which is badly needed in India especially to its economically humble people who are in majority) but will also impart social consciousness & democratic culture to the people which will go a long way in proper & people-friendly functioning of democracy in India.  This NGO will pave the way for conversion of substantial part of non-Muslims to up-dated Shia Islam.

– And then it will be only a matter time that the entire region of Indo-Persia (Iran + said mini-SAARC as one political unit) will come under the dominance of Shia Islam led by Ayatollah Khomeini & his successors. 

Therefore what stand the Biden administration will take (during this high-likely Iranian takeover of Indo-Persian region of over 2 billion people) will be an important factor (if not be crucial) in deciding the ultimate out-come of the cold-war II between ‘liberal western democracy’ against ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’.

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