Continued promoted Hindu v/s Sikh divide may break-up India (J&K and Punjab) by reviving Khalistani movement supported by Pak-China-Taliban. By Hem Raj Jain


The PM Modi led BJP has dropped Member of Parliament (from Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh) Varun Gandhi from its national executive because Varun has been airing displeasure about destruction of secularism the way the killings of 4 farmers (reportedly all Sikhs) in Lakhimpur have been handled by the BJP governments in U.P. and at Centre. Varun’s mother Maneka Gandhi, the member of Parliament from Sultanpur, U.P. is a daughter of Sikh parents (Her father was Indian Army officer Lt. Col. Tarlochan Singh Anand and her mother was Amteshwar Anand, daughter of Sir Datar Singh) and she also has been dropped from BJP national executive as reported at  

Both Sultanpur and Pilibhit are near Lakhimpur where Sikhs are in sizable numbers and Varun has accused the BJP of playing Hindus v/s Sikh politics which is dangerous for national security interests because Sikh majority State Punjab shares border with Pakistan which incites the Khalistanis [Varun is alluding to Khalisatni movement which out of this controversy took many lives in Punjab which resulted in destruction of Akal Takht by military action in 1984 followed by murder of Indira Gandhi (the mother-in-law of Maneka Gandhi by Sikh body guards] resulting in massacre of thousands of Sikhs in India’s capital, Delhi in 1984) and Varun further said that Hindus v/s Sikhs fault line & wounds have taken many decades and a generation to heal as reported at

Now the situation in Punjab and in its neighboring areas, is not like of 1984. Presently China (a world power and against US-India alliance of QUAD) factor along with victorious Taliban in Afghanistan [with tens of billions of dollars of arms left by the USA in Taliban’s possession which Taliban (in order to overcome their on-going financial problems) would like to sell to Kashmiri separatists & Khalistanis] have changed the region fundamentally. India should wake-up otherwise India (J&k and Punjab) faces threat of another dismemberment, if Khalistani movement resurfaces with Pak-China-Taliban support. (also in view of substantial alienation of Kashmiris due to what the government of India did on and  after August 5, 2019 about article 35-A and 370 of the Constitution).  

In India where wife and children are generally associated with the reputation of political leader with whom they are identified, Maneka and Varun have been in disadvantageous position politically because Sanjay Gandhi (father of Varun) has been taken in popular perception as unconstitutional authority promoted by his indulgent mother ,the then PM Indira Gandhi and worst Sanjay was considered as the main villain of emergency (mainly due to family planning operations which are linked with Sanjay Gandhi’s quota policy about these and which are considered to be the main reason for the electoral defeat of Indira Gandhi after emergency in 1977).

But now Varun can easily overcome this drawback and can become a formidable political force in India to reckon with, if starts his own political party by championing the cause of agitating farmers, as explained below:- 

(1)- Varun writes articles and policy papers in the media and in 2018, he released his book on the Indian rural economy titled The Rural Manifesto: Realising India's Future Through Her Villages. Hence obviously, Varun must be knowing that the future of Indian economy lies through the satisfactory solution to on-going farmers agitation about 'Legally Enforceable Minimum Support Price’ (LEMSP). Moreover not only the economy but even the future politics of India will be decided by the outcome of this farmer's agitation.

(2)-  Two third of India is fully or partly dependent on farm income and farmers were committing suicide in hundreds of thousand due to non-remunerative prices of farm produce hence presently they are agitating for mainly the LEMSP  of presently 23 items (which farmers are demanding to increase to about 40 items including for fruits, vegetable, dairy products etc). Huge State-capital shall be required by Government of India (GoI) to build infrastructure for ‘Comprehensive Public Distribution System’, the CPDS  (like outlets, mandis, godowns, cold storages, transport facilities etc) for procuring most of these 40 MSP items because despite laws for MSP the private players shall not purchase these items at MSP (as despite ‘Minimum Wages Act’ the private contractors pay less than minimum wage and get signatures on minimum wage of the poor laborers). Same shall be the fate of poor farmers also (because average land holding in India is merely less than 2 Hectares) 

(3)-  This huge state-capital can easily come if GoI recovers the State-capital (Income tax) of Rs about 1,000 Lakh Crore (Trillion) from about one million fake farmers, as mentioned at  and  . This huge State capital can be used mainly to solve the problem of livelihood of the overwhelming majority of India through LEMSP and the CPDS. Small land holding has also denied the benefit of labor laws to farm laborers, the poorest of the poor. Hence Varun should declare that his party shall work for larger land holding (where corporations shall not be allowed to own agricultural land) which shall facilitate labor laws in farm-sector too. 

(4)- If Varun declares that his party shall work also for following by using this huge State capital then he will reap spectacular electoral dividends by solving the basic problems of overwhelming majority of Indians about their 'roti, chikitsa,  makan' (bread, health-care, housing) (i)- For financing ‘Modified Employees State Insurance’ (MESI, having adequate network of dispensaries, hospitals etc all across India) in which contributions shall be given by all employees (in organized & unorganized sectors of entire India who are not covered by any other medical insurance) and their employers and government and shall be managed by the representatives of employees, employers and government. How much this MESI is the need of the hour has been highlighted sufficiently during the Corona pandemic, especially during its second wave.(ii)- For constructing residential and commercial buildings (in such residential areas) all over India which shall be given on rent to be decided by ‘Statutory Rent Commission’. This shall not only solve the problem of housing due to increased mobility in the growing service economy but shall also go a long way in urgently solving the problem of unemployment in India. At the same time Varun should declare that his party shall work for the forfeiture of the public debts of the governments of India and of States which are beyond the consolidated funds of these government in violation of Article 292 & 293 of the Constitution and which have been incurred by taking excuse of unconstitutional ‘Fiscal Responsibility & Budget Management Act’ (FRBMA) 

(5)- It is debated in the electronic media that the BJP thinks that the on-going agitation of farmers and their Dharna at Delhi border is mainly powered by Sikhs hence if Sikhs can be fixed (including by intimidating them) then this farmer’s agitation (which has become a formidable threat to the electoral fortunes of the party not only in coming early 2022 crucial elections in U.P. but also for re-election of PM Modi in 2024) can be defeated. Therefore it is alleged that the BJP government at U.P. and at Centre is creating Hindu v/s Sikh controversy though said Lakhimpur murder of 4 Sikh farmers and which Varun Gandhi has warned against.

(6)- The alleged Sikh v/s Hindu controversy (if true) is of-course reprehensible and should not not be promoted in any case because it is very dangerous for the security of the country and for national unity.  At the same time the BJP is right in thinking that the on-going farmer’s agitation is mainly powered by Sikhs hence (despite being the cause of the farmers of entire India ) it is mainly concentrated at Delhi border (around which Sikhs are quite in number with power / resources). Moreover, Varun should realize that the farmers of rest of India are aggrieved against farmer’s agitation merely at Delhi (and its leaders of ‘Samyukta Kisan Morcha’) because they are not involving the farmers of rest of India for carrying out such Dharnas all across India. Once his political party becomes a political force to reckon with through farmer's support then Varun will be in a much better position to address the issue of secularism too.

(7)- Therefore Varun should launch his political party which should carry out Dharna at the Tehsil / Taluka headquarters all across India (may be in few hundreds in number at such Dharna sites) and then should declare that his party will contest all the coming elections . Varun’s such registered political party can easily win elections in sizable numbers all over India in all the coming elections whether of Vidhan Sabha, or Local Bodies or Lok Sabha, for the simple reason that other sections of society will also support such a winnable party with nationwide visible support of Dharna giving farmers and credible programs of 'roti, chikitsa, makan' for overwhelming majority of suffering Indians.

It is hoped that Varun Gandhi, with the blessings and active support of his mother Maneka Gandhi (who has made quite a respectful name with her animal life & environment protection related efforts) will not confine himself merely at expressing concern about Hindu v/s Sikh controversy (allegedly being promoted by the ruling party the BJP of Hindutva forces and which is hugely harmful for national integration and country’s security interests) but will rely on effective ground activities by launching his political party, as mentioned above.

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