Without first fixing the USA, India can’t address its military concerns at Sino-AF-Pak fronts. By Hem Raj Jain


Col (Ret) Ajai Shukla is right when he says in an interview on ‘The Wire’ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv258JA7RFs ) that military personnel deployed at Eastern Ladakh are worried about Chinese activities over there which Government of India (GoI) is denying hence they (as ‘source’ in journalistic parlance) gave these information to him (journalist Shukla) to highlight these in media which Shukla did by way of his article in ‘Business Standard’ of July 14 which Shukla reproduced on his blog too (as given at https://www.ajaishukla.com/2021/07/china-india-clash-again-with-pla-back.html and https://www.business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/border-row-china-india-clash-again-with-pla-back-in-eastern-ladakh-121071301363_1.html )

But media of India including Shukla, ‘The Wire’, ‘Business Standard’ would fail in their journalistic duty if they don’t enlighten Indians about possibility of India emerging victorious (not merely at Easter Ladakh but) but at Sino-AF-Pak fronts (which India is deeply engaged in) if the GOI follows correct policies. Indians should not forget that India suffered humiliating defeat because the then Indian media didn’t inform Indians that India could dominate China militarily in 1962 war if IAF was used (as later reported at https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/Why-air-power-was-not-used-in-1962/article16666719.ece  ).

It does not require a genius of political science to understand that had Indians known about this air-superiority of India over China in 1962, Indians certainly would have constrained the then GoI (including PM Nehru) to use IAF against China in 1962 with excellent results in favor of India. To be fair to the then Indian media, even if some military veterans (including and specially from IAF) had come out in 1962 with demonstrations at Jantar-Mantar etc in Delhi or in other cities of India (where nowadays military veterans come for their pension etc and rightly so) demanding comprehensive deployment of IAF against China then certainly Indians would have constrained GoI for such deployment of IAF against China.

Now again India is facing a similar situation when India is facing a daunting military scenario not only against China but also a situation of military concern with Pakistan and in Afghanistan where despite being an economically humble country India invested $ 3 billion but now with the ascendency of Taliban, India is being pushed out of Afghanistan, by force. Unfortunately India is again not using all the tools with it for addressing these problems which India can easily do if India first fixes the USA, as explained below:-

(1)- This analogy need not be stretched further. In every civilized society men are not allowed to abandon women after giving her children because the interests of children are paramount over the interests of men and even of women. Similarly the USA (being a democracy) should understand that the interest of Indians are paramount over the interest of merely the Government of India or even the State of India and its various organs. In a nutshell, India should clearly tell the USA that after disseminating & fertilizing ‘liberal Western democracy’ throughout the world through the UN (which India adopted to best of its capacity & competence) now the USA can’t be allowed to renege on it especially when the ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’ has started flexing its muscles in Indian subcontinent.

(2)- First of all India should start allying with ‘Americanism' and not so much with merely ‘Americans' (including in US-administration and US-Congress). This can easily be done by constraining the USA to work through rule-of-law (international, through the UN which was sponsored by the USA having its head office at the soil of the USA in New York of which India has been a member since 1945 even before its independence in 1947). India (including and especially its media) should clearly tell the USA that because of the derelictions of the USA regarding enforcement of relevant international laws through the UN,  India is facing problems at Sino-Af-Pak fronts hence the USA should do the following.

(3)- The USA through the UN should ensure that there should be plebiscite in united J&K [as mandated not only by 1948 UN resolution but also by 1947 Instrument of Accession (IoA) of J&K to India by getting united J&K free from outsiders] and plebiscite in Balochistan too (who’s IoA was taken in 1948 by Pakistan under military pressure despite contrary resolution by Parliament / Jirga of Balochistan).

(4)- The USA through the UN should ensure that there is  ‘dual-citizenship’ for about 80 million (about 20 % of present population of Pakistan and Bangladesh) forcibly displaced and descendants of such forcibly displaced Hindus / Sikhs (the USA should know that there was no provision of population transfer in ‘Indian Independence Act 1947’). The USA should further ensure (under military pressure of the UN) proper law & order in present Pakistan & Bangladesh for these Hindus (Punjabis, Bengalis and Sindhis) who will go over there (after dual-citizenship) in their motherland as their citizens either for living over there or for touring or for doing business over there or for purchasing properties over there (similarly for Muslims forcibly displaced from India).

[This illegal forced population transfer has thoroughly communalized the Indian subcontinent (also due to the fact that about 20% Hindu population was forced out from each of Pakistan & Bangladesh but Muslim population remained same rather increased little to about 15% in India and even more if illegal immigrants mainly from Bangladesh are taken into consideration). This illegal forced population transfer was the main cause of many military conflicts in this region in the past and will be for many more in future if not reversed, through dual-citizenship].

(5)-  The USA through the UN should resolve the Indo-China border dispute. The Indo-China border dispute is legal unlike the dispute with Pakistan, which is political. Hence it can easily be resolved by the ‘UN Judicial Commission’ which China can’t refuse being a permanent member of the UN. If China opposes it through veto etc then the USA should dissolve the UN and launch another world body (in the interest of ‘liberal Western democracy’ against ‘authoritarian Chinese democracy’).

(6)- India should immediately come out of QUAD and tell the USA that because maritime dispute resolution is the responsibility of the UN and not of its individual member country, hence the USA should not expect India to take this global responsibility. 

(7)- India should tell the USA that India (being the leader of SAARC) is aware of it’s responsibility of bringing peace & stability in its member Afghanistan and does not expect the USA to give more lives, blood and money in Afghanistan. But at the same time the USA should know that the USA (and its allies including NATO) went militarily in Afghanistan in 2001 post 9/11 under the mandate of the UN which is still in force. Because due to US-withdrawal from Afghanistan, presently there is a raging civil war in Afghanistan hence India expects the USA to root out the main reasons of failure of the UN in Afghanistan, which are Islamic theocracy in Afghanistan (which is the main cause of rise of militant Jihadis like Taliban and some others) and opium illegal trade which gave huge extortion-funds to Taliban. India should tell the USA that India will provide any number of personnel (military and civilians on its own or through SAARC) to the UN if the USA constrains the UN to further constrain the government of Afghanistan to adopt secular constitution and to establish comprehensive & elaborate mechanism for stopping drug (opium) trafficking from Afghanistan.

(8)- India can achieve considerable economic progress (crucial for military power too, as has been the case with present impressive military power of China due to its impressive economic progress) if the GoI recovers the huge State-capital (Income tax) of Rs about 1,000 Lakh Crore (Trillion) from about one million fake farmers. as mentioned at https://english.newsnationtv.com/article/121125-news-nation-disclosure-on-blackmoney-kharabpati-farmers-take-agriculture-route-t.html  and https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/Prominent-people-hiding-taxable-income-Jaitley/articleshow/51408323.cms. But the GoI is not doing it due to pressure of these politically powerful fake farmers. Hence the USA through the UN should constrain the Goi to do it as per the demands of the ‘United Nations Convention Against Corruption’.

It is hoped that India (especially its media including Ajai Shukla, ‘The Wire’, ‘Business Standard’) will ensure that India stops dealing merely with 'Americans' and instead immediately start relying on 'Americanism' by rule-of-law (international, through US-sponsored UN) in order to solve, as mentioned above, its problems on the economic front and more importantly on Sino-AF-Pak fronts. 

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