US-Palestinians should be happy not fooled by ceasefire rather should mobilize bi-partisan support for ‘one-State-solution’ with 'right of return'. By Hem Raj Jain


No doubt it is good news when unnecessary loss of lives, blood and properties have stopped after 11 days of senseless periodic (after every few years) fighting when Israel and Hamas agreed a ceasefire on Friday in a truce, mediated by Egypt. But people will be living in fool’s paradise if they think that it has solved the chronic & gory Israel-Palestine problem. Rather world community (including Muslim world) is highly likely to send this dispute in cold-storage again.

If there is one community which is best placed to bring permanent solution with JUSTICE (which is the only guaranteed for permanent peace) then it is Palestinian community in the USA because now the root cause of this problem is two-States-solution which is supported by misguided world community (including most of the Muslim world which now do practically nothing effective to solve the disease and merely confines itself to addressing the symptoms of the disease).

One hopes that US-Palestinians care for their  extended family members and other Palestinians in Israel-Palestine and out of it who are living as registered refugees with the UN or otherwise and who were cursed to forcefully leave their motherland or normal place of habitat in the face of daunting violence. Hence US-Palestinians should utilize whatever period of fragile peace they get through this truce to achieve permanent peace through one-State-solution with right of return as given below:-

(1)- First and foremost the US-Palestinians should not be misled or overwhelmed  by the false propaganda unleashed so far by Israel and its supporters in the West led by the USA that the Jews have some inherent right to live in Israel.  Because now in the USA itself there is a majority (if properly mobilized) which will even express the contrary view in many ways (including by public demonstration) in various parts of the USA. 

(2)- When the USA recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Prime Minister Netanyahu on December 10, 2017 said during his visit to France that Jerusalem has been the capital not only of Jewish State of Israel but also of Jews for the last 3,000 years. As far as the history of 3,000 years, as per ‘Old Testament’ Israel does not belong to Jews (rather Jews were taken out from Egypt by Prophet Moses and were asked to capture this ‘Promised Land’ of Israel). By brazenly violating the terms of Balfour Declaration of 1917 (and other League of Nation's subsequent promises regarding Trusteeship), the present day Israel (from where Palestinians have been summarily driven out by force), has been justified mainly in the name of holocaust in which ~ 6 million Jews were allegedly butchered in Europe during World War II. In other words the Christian West led by the USA (instead of punishing the Christians responsible for holocaust) unnecessarily punished the Muslims (Palestinians) for holocaust though Palestinians had nothing to do with holocaust.

(3)-Moreover in modern world if some country or people are militarily strong and more powerful (by themselves or by aligning with some militarily powerful country) then they can conquer / get a territory and rule over there but the natives of the land can’t be forced out from such conquered / acquired territory. But such wrong & objectionable policy was adopted by Israel and its allies of West led by the USA [as was done during the same period by Muslims also in West and East Pakistan (present day Pakistan and Bangladesh ) where about 20% Hindus were forced out from each due to partition-violence by Muslims (though Hindus also indulged in violence but to much lesser degree) hence Muslims remained same rather increased a little in India to about 15% and even more if illegal immigrants mainly from Bangladesh are counted].

(4)- Also the world community expects UN member countries to have their citizens from different religions. The USA, the leader of the free world is especially more in the wrong when in this 21 st century of secularism the USA is supporting a theocratic Jewish State of Israel (therefore Two-State-solution based on religion should be discarded in favor of a secular democratic one State for Jews and Palestinians). Specially the leader of free world the USA should understand one more reality of contemporary world that whenever communal forces indulge in violence (including in communal riots or massacres) to expel the natives from their motherland or from their normal area of residence and if such victims are not rehabilitated in their original place then such communal / sectarian forces get emboldened which is not good for rule-of-law (whether national or international).

(5)- In 2021 the population of Palestinians around the world is about 14 million as explained at . Out of these, a maximum of 6.286 million are in Arab countries, 5.208 million are in the West Bank & Gaza Strip, 1.68 million are in Israel and 0.826 million are in foreign countries. Of-course all of these Palestinians did not flee their motherland from 1917 onwards due to violence by Jews and their allies of the West led by the USA (especially after World War II) but certainly the majority of them have. Moreover when people talk about right of return for Palestinians in their mother land then it does not mean that every Palestinian living out of Israel-Palestine will go over there and will start living over there. It only means that these Palestinians will have dual citizenship by way of which even if they are living out of Israel-Palestine, will be entitled to go to one-State of Israel-Palestine and to live over there or to do business over there or to purchase properties over there etc etc.

(6)- Therefore the US-Palestinians through some Human Rights NGOs should start mobilizing (as per the laws of the USA) bi-partisan support (in US-Congress & administration, political parties specially Democrats & Republicans, media, academicians, think tanks, political commentators, human rights NGOs etc) and at the same time by carrying out demonstrations regularly in various parts of the USA for one-State-solution with right of return.

(7)-  Thus backed by substantial  bipartisan support, the US-Palestinians will have to be prepared for a peace-march for rehabilitation of Palestinians in one State of Israel-Palestine as per ‘right of return’. Because unless Palestinians (along with other volunteers of said human rights NGOs) reach at the borders of Israel-Palestine (which is under control of security forces of Israel) for offering arrest in presence of international media for the rehabilitation of these about 14 million Palestinians in their motherland, nothing concrete can be expected to come out of meaningless & ineffective noises (from rest of the world including Muslim world in favor of Palestinians) and merely from bi-partisan support of the USA for one State of Israel-Palestine as per ‘right of return’.

Therefore it is hoped that though the US-Palestinians while be happy but will not be fooled by ceasefire rather will start mobilizing bi-partisan support for ‘One-State-solution’ with right of return and even by getting prepared for peace-march of mainly Palestinians for rehabilitating displaced Palestinians in their motherland.

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